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Thod III - Sharing Worlds
Author: Seph Submitted: 23rd September, 2004 Favourites:1
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 289

Edited By Seph on 9/24/2004

Although Larfor was defeated, the events of Thod II led to disaster. The two worlds merged together, becoming once, and the hero, Fudd, drowned in the ocean of his home world.

And so Thod III begins. Fudd awakens in the spirit world, an afterlife reserved for wizards who accomplished great things in their lives. Fudd is greeted into this new afterlife by the four great wizards of Jert, who explain to Fudd that the two merged worlds have been taken over by Ein No Yami, the guardian of the barrier that origionally seperated the two dimensions.

Helpless in the spirit world, Fudd decides he must still find a way to escape from death and return to the living worlds, and save his friends... and the entire population of the multiverse.


This point and click adventure game sees you guiding Fudd on his adventure, through both living and dead worlds in his efforts.
Puzzles, Humour, Extremist hippie wizards amongst other random characters, the game has it all.

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Posted by Assault Andy 23rd September, 2004

Very nice, but is there no way to skip people's slow talking? I managed to skip the intro with Esc but I can't skip the chat, they talk really slow.
Posted by Noyb 24th September, 2004

Yay! It's out! :D Gotta love those point & click adventures.
Posted by Phredreeke 24th September, 2004
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yay! I'm downloading right now, I loved the previous installments!
Posted by Joshua M. 25th September, 2004

You made this in TGF! With what did you make the graphics?!@$
Posted by Phredreeke 25th September, 2004
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I've finished it now! It's great, just like the previous two!
Posted by Seph 25th September, 2004

Graphics were hand drawn, coloured in MS paint and smoothed using Photostudio
Posted by Nuklear41 25th September, 2004

good job. I like it!
Posted by Nick Heffner 25th September, 2004

every time i try to grab the biscuits the game freezes...and how do you save? if you don't tell me then i say your game blows.
Posted by Noyb 26th September, 2004

Nick:If you read the readme file, you'd know that "Enter" brings you to a save screen. DTD: Looks like somebody is too ignorant to appreciate adventure games. :P Adventure games aren't supposed to be immediately completed. If you get stuck, take a break and come back later. Seph: I just beat the game. Great job! Keep the adventure game genre alive!
Posted by Seph 26th September, 2004

Thanks for the reviews guys ^_^ Noyb, the bug with KAt's talkig animation flickering, I'm aware of that one, I just forgot to mention it in the readme :) It was an error I made when colouring the sprites, and saved them before I realised what had gone wrong :/
Posted by Joshua M. 26th September, 2004

That's soo cool, seph, I should do that too!
Posted by 醤油の兵士 4th October, 2004

very cool, only thing is they need to be longer, I beat all three in a dayXD I'm too good at adventure games:P I've only had trouble beating shivers...
Posted by Nothing, Ok? 29th October, 2004

Iv'e found a bug with the movement. If u click in one direction there he can't go, he will slowly go there anyway... U can also go up against walls in the the same way.
Posted by Phredreeke 24th May, 2010
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