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Evasion Extreme
Author: Strange Culture Submitted: 20th August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Sport Downloads: 157

Edited By Strange Culture on 10/23/2002

The best way to describe Evasion Extreme is a cross between hardcore wrestling, rollerball and soccer (football). There are 8 different match types all unique with different objectives. You charge around an arena trying to beat the hell out of each other with big heavy balls while trying to avoid them yourself. You can also select obstacles like trashcans, wooden crates, tables, gravity mines, corner springs, barb wire and glass windows to use on your opponents You can also smash other players through the crowd barriers and fight in the crowd. You can even select how many balls to play with and how many defenders to have in the arena. Evasion Extreme is a remix of a game called dbx. The graphics have been fixed, the bugs fixed and extra match types added. This is a 3 player game which is really easy to pick up and play.

Match Types Include

1 - Normal Match
2 - Freeroam Match
3 - Barb Wire Match
4 - Steel Cage Match
5 - Street Match
6 - Ladder match
7 - Fire Table Match
8 - Goal Match

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Posted by Gibson 20th August, 2002

Is this a sorta sports game?
Posted by temporary1357 20th August, 2002

This is a very simple game but it rules. There are a lot of modes but they really don't get too much variety because of the simplistic nature of the game. But still awesome, and for once, a party game has single player(the Look at ball bounce movement works fine here).
Posted by Zi-Xiao 20th August, 2002

pretty cool game, kinda reminds me of the extreme dodgeball games
Posted by ReXX 21st August, 2002

So, its like violent dodgeball? I'll give it a try...
Posted by Strange Culture 21st August, 2002

Thanks Guys, Whats everyone favourite and least favourite match type. My best is freeroam and worse is street match
Posted by Richard Wells 12th November, 2004

the setup dosen't work





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