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Crash Bowling 3 Demo
Author: Strange Culture Submitted: 23rd December, 2005 Favourites:0
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Edited By Strange Culture on 12/23/2005

Edited By Strange Culture on 12/23/2005

Crash Bowling-3

I've never been one to release demoís of half finished games but I have decided to play test this before I go on any further.

Crash Bowling-3 keeps basically the same kind of control system and concept as Crash Bowling-2 but incorporates enough changes to merit it being called a sequel as apposed to an update. This first "MAJOR" change is the graphics, which are vastly improved. (All original and no rips) They look more realistic than the cartoonist style I used for the last game. The ways the pins react is also more realistic. You can now select which way you want the pinís to fall. I'm not going into all the changes in detail, as it would be simpler to read the instructions.

This Demo features Single Bowl, 2 Players VS each other, 3 different characters to play as, 1 bowling ally and a scoreboard for single bowl.

Hopefully the full game will include -

10 different characters
5 - 6 different bowling allyís
1 Player Vs Computer
2 player team co op mode
"And most importantly" 10 Player Season mode

The game engine is almost finished and most of the really hard programming is done so all that remains now is some minor programming, putting in the graphics and fixing any bugs.

Feedback, Reviews, Comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Posted by Teapot 26th December, 2005

Man I want to download this, but I'll have to wait. I reviewed the last one, woo!
Posted by Flava 26th December, 2005

Its good - although the arrow which moves is very buggy. Or is it meant to be like that? Its very annoying either way..
Posted by en kerro 27th December, 2005

NOO!!! Geocities!





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