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Another World / Out of this World (Test Engine)
Author: Strange Culture Submitted: 1st July, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 299

This is a project I’ve been working on for a month or so based on the classic game “Another World” & its lame ass sequel that no one has seemed to of ever played “Heart of the Alien” for the Sega Mega CD. I have attempted to recreate the animation’s and control style of the original game but tried not to do a straight out copy of it so I’ve added some of my own elements to game play. This is a quite early unchecked version of the game so there may be bugs in game play but it still shows the engine quite well.

I have not really created a story for the game yet but if I do create the game it will focus on a rescue mission sent in to investigate Lester Knight’s (scientist from the original game) disappearance into the alien dimension

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Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 1st July, 2006

looks very nice

Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 1st July, 2006

simple, yet good looking graphics
Posted by Robbert 2nd July, 2006

reminds me of this game, something like Shadow of Darkness it was called
Posted by Strange Culture 2nd July, 2006

Never heard of that Robbert i will have to check it out.
Posted by DaVince 2nd July, 2006

@Robbert: that's Heart Of Darkness, and it was based on Out Of This World too.
Posted by 2nd July, 2006

Posted by AndyUK 2nd July, 2006


i bet this does'nt use vectors eh?
Posted by NeoHunter 2nd July, 2006

As a long time fan of Out of this Worl(Another World), I gotta say, this is fantastic. You really did nail down the style and look, but at the same time, managed to keep it your own.

Excellent work!
Posted by Bibin 2nd July, 2006

Nice, but according to screenshot 2 you gave the dude boobs.
Posted by Strange Culture 3rd July, 2006

thanks Neo, lol Bibin i did say it had a few bugs.
Posted by Robbert 3rd July, 2006

Yep, that's it daVince.
Posted by 3rd July, 2006

Thats some great adventure/action game you got there.
Posted by Nudlez 3rd July, 2006

I have always been a fan of Another World. If you ask me, your idea of a story is a lot better then the one in the official sequel; the heart of the alien. Keep up the good work!
Posted by Greasy 3rd July, 2006

Army of Darkness is the funniest movie.
Posted by Mruqe 3rd July, 2006

You haven't seen Peter Jackson's 'Braindead', have you?
Posted by Strange Culture 3rd July, 2006

I have seen Braindead Mruqe. Infact I was just thinking whether I should replace the machine gun with a lawnmower.
Posted by Mruqe 3rd July, 2006

Rotfl I just love the expression on Lionels face when he enters the house full of zombies with a running lawnmower in front of him. It almost beats Ash in the Evil Dead series with his chainsaw arm and 'Hail to the king!'/'Gimme some sugar baby...' routine. Almost I love Evil Dead. I think it's the best zombie series ever made. I just think Braindead is funnier

Enough. About the engine. Once again you brought back many beautiful memories. Another World was the second game ever that succesfully transfered my mind into a strange, beautiful alien world (the first was Metal Mutant by Silmarils software - but I never got to finish it). When I completed it for the first time, I had the feeling like I just finished watching a great Sci-Fi movie. It had a wonderfull story, great, detailed graphics (it used vectors, so it looked very unique and ran well even on PC-AT systems), astounding intro and even more astounding outro... Man! This game had everything. This little engine here - as far from perfection as it is - manages to do the most important thing. It captures the unique alien feeling. The graphics are really nicely done, the dangers seem to be everywhere...

Congratulations, SC. I hope you manage to finish this one. Soon.

Thumbs WAAAY UP!
Posted by Del Duio 4th July, 2006

I think the lawnmower was from Dead Alive wasn't it?

The hero's best line after he beats the crap out of the zombified baby while the people look on with horror: "Hyperactive."
Posted by Daymian T 4th July, 2006

Braindead & Dead Alive are the same movie. Just had a different title depending on what country it was released...I think. I do know it's the same movie tho. Goriest movie ever. Awesome!
Posted by Daymian T 4th July, 2006

Oh...and great game by the way! I loved the Out of This World, Flashback games. Brings back good memories.
Posted by Strange Culture 4th July, 2006

Bruce Campbell's a legend he should of won an Oscar for Evil Dead.
Posted by Del Duio 4th July, 2006

Yeah really, I like how they made ASh transform from a wuss in Evil Dead, to a raging psycho by the time Army of Darkness hit. You also have to love how the girl was different in the cabin in the beginning, and that the ending of Evil Dead 2 was nowhere to be found in Army of Darkness.

"HEY! huh? Ya' want some hot chocolate?! HAHAHA! AHHHHH!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!"
Posted by markno2 5th July, 2006

Army of Darkness, hail to the king baby.
Posted by Jimbob 5th July, 2006

Heart of the Alien?
Wasn't it called Flashback? It didn't seem to be a direct sequel but Delphine made it (like Another World).
Flashback was an awesome game and although it was more focused on fighting than set sequences it still was inventive from start to finish.

This looks intriguing, either way...
Posted by Mruqe 5th July, 2006

<mode smartass="on">

Heart of the Alien was the sequel to Another World. It continued the story of Lester Knight and his alien companion. It was never released for the PC, though. And it was kind of too hard and not much fun to play.

Flashback was a separate game, following a different storyline, featuring a new hero (Conrad), new world and a far more dangerous enemy. The story of Flashback was continued a few years later with a decent third person perspective thiller, called Fade to Black. It was done in 3D.

So, as you can see, Flashback wasn't really a sequel to Another World. Many people called it that, though, because it was made by the same developer and used pretty much the same presentation and gameplay.

Posted by Kalle T 5th July, 2006

Hey!!! this is cool i love another world!! but why didn´t u use the real weapon system with laser pistol?? i have also made something like this look att bottom of my site there is a pic!!
those laser guns works exactlly like in another world with shield and everything! maybe i can help u! if u want
Posted by Jimbob 5th July, 2006

Mruqe, I did know that Flashback wasn't a direct sequel and that there was a followup to that story line in Fade to Black. Was this Heart of the Alien only released on the Sega CD then?

And if people are interested, the original creator of Another World has backed a porting to the GBA:

and he himself has also remade the original for modern computers here:

This engine is impressive. but running is very awkward...especially as it's the same button as fire. But the way everything is animated and setup is perfect.

Posted by Mruqe 5th July, 2006

As far as I know, yes, it was only available for Sega CD.
You can find it on HOTU:

I didn't asume you didn't know all this - I just wanted to sort things out.
Posted by Strange Culture 5th July, 2006

It was only for the Sega CD and the original creator of Another World wanted nothing to do with it as he though the story of Lester and the Alien ended perfectly and that it should be left open. Boy was he right… The only good thing about Heart of the Alien was the opening sequence when it shows you how your alien friend got caught and what he got up to in another world while he wasn’t on screen. But the fact that you could die on nearly every screen, a crap story and the fact that Lester gets killed nearly half way through (in a really lame way) oh also the fact that no one bought a Sega CD meant this game was a disaster.

I’ve heard about the remake the creators doing and the game boy version that will be cool although he’s only improving the graphics. There’s also a rumor he wants to do a complete remake of Another World using 3d technology.

Posted by Bartman 6th July, 2006

The GBA version was finished, and though I've never really played the original one, pretty enjoyable.

Running is kinda awkward, but I'm sure thats how it was originally. If you were up to it, a new kind of game like this would be great.
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 6th July, 2006

I love Another World so I'm very curious about this. I even made a hommage memory game for Another World. Check my "portfolio" if interested.
Posted by Strange Culture 6th July, 2006

I remember you Lachie & still have your game on my pc. I IMed you after you released it.

Posted by jpSoul 6th July, 2006

good but a lot of bugs... it's not very simple to control the character and i have the impression that he doesn't respond very well...
Posted by Leon101 7th July, 2006

Another game that used this game style was Blackthorn, I think that was what it was called ,and of course the playstation games Oddworld.
Posted by ben mercer 7th July, 2006

The controls were terrible, you really need to sort them out. The running thing didn't work properly for me, and anyway its a bad idea to use the same button for two unrelated things like running and shooting. Getting the hero to respond was like getting blood out of a stone.

On the other hand the animations were good, and the game looks interesting, so keep at it.
Posted by Mruqe 7th July, 2006

One button for running and shooting is just the same solution that was used in the original Another World. It worked fine there, I'm sure it will work here, eventually.
Posted by Kalle T 7th July, 2006

I have found a game similar to another world and flashback! this is made by some hungarian guys......and it´s free to download.
Posted by Strange Culture 8th July, 2006

The running is flawed I will admit that and it will be improved greatly however using only two buttons even if its for two different actions is better and adds to the simplicity of the game. They only used two action buttons in the original game. I have also been toying with the idea of a two player co op mode so I want to use as few buttons as possible.
Posted by MasterM 9th July, 2006

it's great finally somebody did that since I LOVE out of this world
going to download this one
btw i remember strange culture from the "are there any other females" thread on the dc
Posted by MasterM 9th July, 2006

i think the running is crap and i would fix it
you can only run for like 10 pixels and then he stops
thats 1) not the way you run in the original game (thank god) 2) annoying and frustrating like hell

i think it would also be good if you could shoot up so you could shoot things that are on the ceiling
Posted by renkin 9th July, 2006

George Bush, you're wrong. If you just tap shift once while walking, the guy starts running continously. It's still not the way you run in Another World, though, and it's a bit annoying.

Anyway, Strange Culture, I hope you continue working on this, both because I love Another World, and because I think you have a nice concept here, with a main character and a second character that you need to bring with you. It makes room for many interesting puzzles/obstacles of the kind we saw in Another World.

However, I would like the movement to be slightly quicker, and running would (in my opinion) be better as it was in the original game (as already mentioned). Also, maybe trying to turn while ducking shouldn't make the guy stand up, but instead turn him the other way, still ducking (even thought this isn't how it was in the original).

I haven't finished the demo yet, so I guess I should do that before I comment any further.
Posted by Tomssuli 17th July, 2006

Wow, great! I loved Another world ant your graphics style is very similar to the original. The movement system (sadly) is also as hard as in the original and the game seems as hard from the beginning as the original... Nice work anyway! ...Waiting for the full version
Posted by deadeye 22nd August, 2006

Awesome... the look and feel of the game is very close to Out of this World. I hope you decide to make a full game out of this...





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