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Author: Strange Culture Submitted: 15th August, 2002 Favourites:0
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Spin is a simple 3 player game based around the rules of Russian Roulette (Not the Casino Version) The rules of Russian Roulette are as follows. 1 Bullet is loaded into a 6 chamber gun and the chamber is then spun at random so no one knows which chamber the bullets in. 5 People then take it in turns to put the gun to their head and pull the trigger. Obviously someone will eventually be killed. When someone dies the gun is reloaded and the process starts again with 1 less player. The last man standing gets to live. In this version you take bets on who's gonna die next and on who will be the last man standing. You can place bets of either 25, 50 or 100. If you guess who's gonna be the last man standing and are correct you gain an extra 850. You can also choose from 10 different movie stars to take part in the game. Spin is a very simple game which really involves luck and nerve rather than skill. Buts it's worth a download just to see the very first ever Russian Roulette click game.

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Posted by Dustin 15th August, 2002

Sounds... disturbing. Any chance of getting a screenshot?
Posted by gustav 15th August, 2002

didnt you post this a while ago?
Posted by Mindstorms 15th August, 2002

yah.....i remember this a few weeks ago
Posted by HiredGun 15th August, 2002

...What casinos run Russian Roulette?
Posted by Strange Culture 16th August, 2002

Theres a game in Casino called Russian Roulette but its a totaly different game to do with cards i think.
Posted by Lew 16th August, 2002

Hehe fun! Add a wierd japanese guy saying 'place yor bets..NOW!' and you could call it banzai! Nice gameplay, nice graphics!
Posted by Strange Culture 16th August, 2002

lol lew. Thats actually quite a good idea. A betting game with loads of different events. Although i wouldent call it Banzai.





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