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Bruce Lee Returns
Author: Strange Culture Submitted: 8th August, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 110

Bruce Lee Returns (DEMO VERSION)


In Bruce Lee you will experience the power and the glory of Brice Lee, one of the greatest masters of the martial arts. As Bruce Lee, you will confront a barrage of vicious foes. You must penetrate the fortress of the Evil Wizard and claim his fortunes. Destroying the Wizard will earn you immortality and infinite wealth! As you enter one of the many secret chambers deep within the fortress, you are pursued by two of your most feeless enemies: the Ninja, a skilful fighter, and his partner, the massive Green Yamo, who can deliver bone crushing blows. Added threats aware you in the Evil Wizard's chambers where you become the target of the wizardís deadly booby traps and various hazards. Only you possess the strength and ability to conquer these enemies and survive. Now you too can experience the excitement of Bruce Lee... The legend still lives on.

For anyone who doesn't know or care or wasn't alive at the time in 1984 Ocean released one of if not the greatest ZX Spectrum games ever called Bruce Lee. Now 22 years later I am recreating it screen for screen with much improved graphics, harder games settings, improved A.I, music & sound effects and more game play options. While the game has been updated it still keeps the same type of game play style and feel as the original. Hopefully this game will bring back memories to owners of Speccy & Commadore 64 owners who had or played the game and introduce young people to this classic for the first time.

This is only the demo but all of the programming is done and all remains is graphics so the full game wonít take very long to complete.

The concept of the game is fairly simple run around the various screens collecting the lanterns and engaging in combat with the ninja and the sumo while avoiding various hazards.


Cursors - Controls Bruce
Fire 1 - ( While stopped) Punch
Fire 1 - ( While running) Flying kick
Fire 2 - (Jump)
Esc - Return to main menu

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Posted by Nothing, Ok? 8th August, 2006

Looks good.
I'll download later. ^^
Posted by Del Duio 8th August, 2006

Why don't you take a .45 and BANG, settle it.

Just tell me that the big boss from the end of Enter the Dragon is in it, the one with the removable fist / claw / etc. And Bolo, you gotta' have him in it lol.
Posted by Antonio Barra 8th August, 2006

Eh nothing to come back to besides the pretty graphics. This game looks so cool but doesn't play half as good as the C64 version. Too bad.
Posted by Lelle 9th August, 2006

Okej, this was... wierd.
"Run from the evil dudes 'caus they will just respawn if you kill them - the game"
The engine was very stiff and lame.

Good Critics:
But still, i like the grafics. It's different.
Good work to that.
Just polish the engine, a bunch.
Posted by steve 9th August, 2006

Sigh, I was really looking forward to this!!!!!!!

I was a HUGE fan of the original Bruce Lee on the C64.

This remake is awful. Sorry but it needs to be said.

*DEFAULT MOVEMENT used: Juddery, gets stuck, erratic jumping off ladders, etc.

*Default Sound Effects from TGF "Kung Fu" (!?)

*Terrible hit detection (I dont know how you programmed it... but it's diabolical) Did you just copy and paste the code from "kung fu" tutorial!? Often times I did a flying kick and it sailed straight through both enemies. Does not have the fantastic impact of the original game.

*AI not as good as original C64 version. Does not have any of the mysterious atmosphere either.

I didnt like the animations for the characters; the flying kick looks really lame.

The only good thing I can say about this is the graphics (when still) and title screen/presentation.

I've said this before to other people who attempt to make fighting games: The collisions are the most important thing, without good impacts and detection the game is worthless.

Posted by Strange Culture 9th August, 2006

First off sounds are not taken from TGF they were recorded from Dragon the Bruce Lee story on the snes.

The commodore 64 version was way too easy, you could get through the whole game in 9 minutes without throwing a punch. Iíve set the collision engine like it is on purpose so not every hit connects. This means you are required to engage in combat more rather than just run or jump past the enemies. On the C64 version you just kept flying kicking them until they died and they could not defend themselves.

This is not based on the C64 version its based on the ZX spectrum version which had a more jerky and slow moving feel to it. May be a lot of people played the C64 version which in my opinion sucked compared to the Speccy version but your entitled to your own opinion and I will take into account what you said.

Posted by steve 9th August, 2006

"Iíve set the collision engine like it is on purpose so not every hit connects"

oh man.. we have alot of work to do here

I noticed this same system was used for collecting the lanterns also? One of the fun things in the original game was jumping along and collecting lots of items really fast. In this version the crash detection seemed to turn on and off at random (lol)
meaning you sail straight through objects without collecting them!

Posted by Matt Boothman 9th August, 2006

I believe it's spelt Bluce Ree.
Posted by Strange Culture 9th August, 2006

lol noodle, "I noticed this same system was used for collecting the lanterns" that is incorrect. Itís been set so you can only collect lanterns when the jump animation is playing not the falling animation. Once again purposely done to make the hard harder.
Posted by MasterM 9th August, 2006

i remember i have played the C64 many times- it was a lot of fun but after level 2 it just got annoying
Posted by TPK 9th August, 2006

Strange Culture: "Itís been set so you can only collect lanterns when the jump animation is playing not the falling animation. Once again purposely done to make the hard harder."

It's good to make a game challenging to the player, but in some ways you're kind of punishing the player for even trying to fight or collect lanterns. So far you've done an amazing job of recreating the game, but please don't use cheap methods to increase the difficulty. You could simply make Bruce have some sort of fatigue counter, so you can't constantly do the flying-kick (maybe that's what the red bars were?). Also, in most platform games you collect an item when you touch it, whether or not you are jumping. Try to come up with clever ways to increase the difficulty.

Again, great job so far, but you may want to take my advice. It might make the game more fun.

- Trevor Collins
Posted by Antonio Barra 9th August, 2006

If you want to make the game more challenging, make the enemies smarter or make other enemies appear in the later levels. Don't just give the player stupid controls and awful collision detection and claim that you made it on purpose to make the game harder.
Plus, the music gets really annoying very fast, and the fact that it restarts in every screen doesn't help any.
Posted by alperoz49 9th August, 2006

OMG how dare you use Bruce Lee's name in a game i hope it is a good game dloding
Posted by Daymian T 9th August, 2006

Oooh! Pretty! The backgrounds and buildings look especially good. Well done!
Posted by DaVince 10th August, 2006

Your sitesled account is going to be deleted this way... They're a WEBSITE host, remember that!
Posted by ]Alpha[ 10th August, 2006

I totally agree with Antonio Barra.
There are a lot of smarter ideas to make an hard game than just give the player some not working controls.

I'm sorry but I really don't like this game and I suggest you to fix the controls and the collisions.

Anyway... Nice graphic
I like that particular style
Posted by Strange Culture 10th August, 2006

Ok points taken especially yours TPK. No one gets it right first time thatís what Demos are for right. So the engine sucks! And there are some stupid ideas on my part that were put in. Guess I will start making a custom engine from scratch. Back to the drawing board.
Posted by Stian B. 10th August, 2006

I never tried the original game.But this gameplay was not good,like mention before.And the graphics on the main character and enemies need to be alot better (face?) And more combos are needed to Bruce Lee.
"Made in Japan" music did not suit the game
Good its only a demo !

Posted by Lukas Hšgg 10th August, 2006

I agree with previous posters.

I'm not familiar with either the C64 or SNES original of the game, so I don't know wether you've stayed true to the old level design and stuff or not, but I'll give you my thoughts about it.

Having the enemies chase after the player all the time triggers a natural reflex in the players mind "escape". Since the enemies comes back even though you defeat them the player will, eventually, stop thinking about them and ignoring them to get the lanterns instead (which may have been the original idea, i dunno 'bout that) and at the same time the players attacks randomly connects and the same goes for the lanterns apparently. This will build up frustration with the player, since it's not his fault that he failed. That's a general rule "If the player fails, he must feel it was his own fault. If he doesn't it's bad design"

Instead of having the enemies constantly chase after mr Lee, have one of them do that and the other could be placed in strategical points on the levels to block the path to more lanterns or whatever.

And the flying kick... It looks more like a Cancan kick than a karate move

Looks neat otherwise.
Posted by TPK 10th August, 2006

It's nice to see someone who can take constructive critisism well. Don't get discouraged, you're definitely on the right track. I'm looking forward to the new version!

- Trevor Collins





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