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HoogHaar Beer
Author: Jenswa Submitted: 31st August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 276

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Actually I should have posted this one before the xl.

But it has a bad shooting system.

Fun is it has a door system.

And a bad platform system.

It's the only hooghaar game ever finshed.

But it's not the best.

Try it out I would say.

Gfx are 256 colour.

Edit on 28/3/2013: Changed the download link.

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Posted by David Evans 31st August, 2002

Bad shooting system, Bad platform system, Wow! I'll download It right now!
Posted by Mark 31st August, 2002

Serouisly, i downloaded this off his site earlier and didn't stop till I completed it which was about a hour after. Very addictive, fun game. I prefer this one to the Xl Demo by a long way, and the snow levels in this are especially cool. More HoogHaar. Now:) Johan, I hope you know that in the space of one day, you have turned me into Hooghaars biggest fan lol
Posted by Lavos_core 31st August, 2002

But must it always be in small window with black background ? The 0 cm sized game window is rather ugly :(
Posted by Lavos_core 31st August, 2002

oops, it had to be 10 cm :)
Posted by Poke & Gravy 31st August, 2002

I'm a HoogHaar fan too. The games are really cool.
Posted by Poke & Gravy 31st August, 2002

Oh yeah and I also prefer this to the other one, which doesn't mean the other one is bad, because they are both really great!! I don't think the platform engine is too bad in this.
Posted by Mark 1st September, 2002

I'm confused, fishead 2 game, is it made by Johan or what?
Posted by Jenswa 1st September, 2002

Nope. It's made by a friend of mine, we started both with klik&play, mainly watching each others games and then create better. :D
Posted by Mark 2nd September, 2002

Ahhh i see
Posted by James Whitehead 2nd September, 2002

should upload this to that KlikXP site ive seen you on
Posted by Jenswa 3rd September, 2002

klikxp ? could you give me the adress ? :)
Posted by James Whitehead 7th September, 2002

im sure ive seen this on KlikXP. its even in the downloads section!






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