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Snake (html5)
Author: Jenswa Submitted: 25th May, 2010 Favourites:1
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 146

Edited By Jenswa on 31/07/2014

Edited By Jenswa on 12/24/2013

This is a very little and easy game everyone knows really well: snake. Only this time it's made in html5 with the new canvas element, which isn't supported yet on internet explorer, so please use firefox 3.5+, a chrome variant or safari to play this game.

The snake is controlled with the arrow keys. Have fun, while hanging on the front page of my site. Since I haven't moved to game to another permanent space.

Edited by Jenswa on 2011-01-30: changed the game to a more permanent location and updated the screenshot.

2013-12-24 fixed the download and screenshot link

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Posted by OMC 25th May, 2010

Nifty. Don't think I've ever played a wraparound version.

Posted by Simon Czentnár 25th May, 2010

200+ points. Great!!! Keep on programming in html5!
Comment edited by Simon Czentnár on 5/25/2010
Posted by Hayo 25th May, 2010
Rated :

Nice job, now go make a Hooghaar game in this
Posted by PotatoCannon 26th May, 2010

awhh i want swf exporter :/
Posted by Jenswa 26th May, 2010

Glad you guys like it. Don't you mean the *new* fictional canvas exporter, superpower1?
Posted by UrbanMonk 26th May, 2010

This is javascript baby!
Posted by DaVince 2nd June, 2010
Rated :

Nice. I should start messing around with Canvas too, it's nifty.

I mean heck, someone recently made a Flash to HTML5/JS exporter called Smokescreen... Hella impressive.





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