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Author: Jenswa Submitted: 14th April, 2010 Favourites:2
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BernardMapDemo is little 2D platformer demo starring Bernard from Bernard&Hank.
It's an improved port in java from the gba version which itself is an attempt
to recreate the windows game for the gba.

The demo has a resolution of 240x160 just like the gba has, so be prepared for
a small game window. You need at least Java Runtime Environment 1.5 to be able
to run this demo.

The graphics and sounds are the same as in Bernard&Hank, although the graphics
have been adjusted a little bit for this demo.

The demo has one level for Bernard to walk through. LEFT or RIGHT makes him move
to the left or right, Z is used to let him jump and X is used to shoot a bullet.
You can shoot liberals or jump on them and you can collect coins for your own fun.

This engine will be a starting point for a new hooghaar game in java, which will
be based on an unfinished and never released old one.

This demo is released under the New BSD License, more technically the engine only
since the graphics are copyright by Hayo and me.

For inexperienced java users here is a little explanation:
- download the jar file from the link
- in windows double click on it and it should run
- if not, you might not have the JRE installed and you should install that first

A jar file is like and archive file and in this jar file you can find the readme,
the full license details and the source code for this demo.

Copyright 2010

09/08/2013 Removed the webstart link
09/08/2013 Fixed the download link
09/08/2013 Changed the screenshot link
2013-12-24 changed the screenshot link

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Posted by Hayo 14th April, 2010
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Posted by ~Matt Esch~ 14th April, 2010
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This is neat little demo. I wish more clickers would try this. I'm running this on Windows 7 Pro x64 using a 64bit version of Java 1.6 (update 19). I might take a better look at the code soon. It looks like you're using the standard JFrame approach, using a hardware based back buffer for drawing (a very sensible way to do it). If you're interested there are some other approaches you might want to consider. I am pretty interested in LWJGL.

If I remember rightly, this has provisions for direct input devices so you can use your pc hand controller or joystick.

Maybe worth a look, but this really is quite nice, well done.
Posted by UrbanMonk 15th April, 2010
Rated :


It's too fast on my machine, and a bit boring.

Good job on the engine though, I'd love to pop this onto my flash cart when it's done!
Posted by kksonwhowho 15th April, 2010
Rated :

it is fast for me too

i like it though

nice job
Posted by Dave C 15th April, 2010

84kb, nice
like others said, it runs way too fast though.
Posted by Hayo 15th April, 2010
Rated :

I don't think it actually runs too fast (64fps-ish?), it has a really fast movement. Especially the jumping.
Doesn't really matter as this is just a demo to showcase a map and paralaxing in Java, not a platform movement.
Posted by Hayo 15th April, 2010
Rated :

(btw an admin should fix the screenshot?)
Posted by UrbanMonk 15th April, 2010
Rated :

Like an admin that knows how to code?

the thumbnail generating script must be busted.

An easy way to fix it yourself is to just change the name of the file, then the thumbnail will force update.
Posted by The Chris Street 15th April, 2010

Theres a GBA version in the works? First I heard of this! Anyway, downloading.
Posted by Hayo 16th April, 2010
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The GBA version is from 2004, it's on his site.
Posted by Jenswa 16th April, 2010

The gba version came before the java version, you can find it here:
Posted by Rikus 20th April, 2010

Fixed the screenie, it also would not work on our own server, so i just re-saved it as a jpg
Posted by Hayo 20th April, 2010
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Posted by Jenswa 24th December, 2013

About the screenie: the probleem seems to be the https hyperlink, but http works fine.





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