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DTV Boxes
Author: Jenswa Submitted: 28th July, 2014 Favourites:1
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 138

Edited By Jenswa on 28/07/2014

DTV Boxes: A sokoban clone

Written in html5 with javascript and canvas2D. Any modern browser (including mobile ones) should support this game today.

In DTV Boxes you control a player which is lost in a dungeon and in order to continue to the next level of the dungeon, the stones need to be put onto the right tiles.

Because of the small sprite size (16x16) you might want to press zoom in by pressing 1, 2, 3 or 4 on your keyboard.
However: please keep in mind that most browsers at this moment can't scale pixelart very well!

Use the arrow keys to move the player around and use R to reload the current level when you're stuck. Use ENTER on the menu for choosing the selected level.

On-screen buttons also exist, so you can try this game on your mobile device.

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Posted by Hayo 29th July, 2014
Rated :

The last level is a bitch!
Posted by The_Antisony 30th July, 2014
Rated :

The scaling slows the game down dramatically, but I got to level 9 on my first play-through so it was interesting enough to keep my attention for a while. Nice solid html5 engine!

On a seperate note, it's nice to see tDC getting an update. Hope there are more to come.
Comment edited by GrimFusion on 30/07/2014
Posted by Hayo 30th July, 2014
Rated :

Press "F" to make the game even better
Posted by Jenswa 30th July, 2014

Not sure what causes your slowndown GrimFusion.

I've got it running smoothly in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 11. My laptop has an i3 cpu from almost 5 years ago.

Press "H" to undo Hayo's change

Posted by Simon Czentnár 30th July, 2014
Rated :

I like it very much. Thanks for making this simple and entertaining game.
And: pressing "F" is crazy! I am sure this would be only available via an in-app purchase if it was a mobile game...

Posted by Jenswa 31st July, 2014

Darn, don't worry, these is a secret bill coming your way for that in-app purchase ...
Posted by AndyUK 2nd August, 2014

A new game from Jenswa!
I'm not a fan of these types of game to be honest with you.
Posted by Simon Czentnár 5th August, 2014
Rated :

Posted by Airflow 29th December, 2015
Rated :

that level 10 grr





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