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Wrong Road
Author: Jenswa Submitted: 27th May, 2010 Favourites:1
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Edited By Jenswa on 12/24/2013

Wrong Road is a little arcade game where you've switch driving lanes in order to avoid upcoming traffic. This may or may not come as a surprise, it's a port from my java version, which is a port from Hayo's version.

The ENTER key will start the game, the LEFT key will move your racecar to the left and the RIGHT key will move your racecar to the right.

I've also created on iphone version for this game with two large buttons for moving left and right. iphone version tested and touches work, only ogg sound and text isn't supported. Don't forget to touch the titlescreen for starting the game.

The game is made with html5, the canvas element and javascript. Unless the snake game, this game has audio and uses images for sprites. And the iphone version is controlled with the mouse instead of the keyboard. Internet Explorer doesn't support canvas yet, but all new versions of Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari do.

All right back to work and by work I mean Hooghaar Classic of course! Who knows if it will be using this technology.

2013-12-24 changed the download and screenshot links

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Posted by Hayo 28th May, 2010
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Hey, I made this! Oh wait..
Posted by Jenswa 1st June, 2010

Yes, you did, didn't I mention that somewhere ...





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