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DungeonTV Demo (html5)
Author: Jenswa Submitted: 28th December, 2010 Favourites:1
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You all might be familiar with the Dungeon TV series and we're working on an new episode of this puzzle game.

This demo is a port of the first level made in html5, canvas and javascript. To showcase it's potential. Plus developing in javascript is pretty fast and it can be played on different platforms since it runs entirely in the browser. Too bad Internet Explorer doesn't support canvas yet, though I would recommend Chrome anyways. Opera should work decent too, just like Firefox, although I am not sure of that. Safari works either, except for the sounds, since that browser doesn't support ogg and will introduce some lag.

Original intent was to have it playable on mobile devices with a touchscreen. But I haven't been able to get it decently working, so you'll just have to use the arrow keys to move and the "S" key to switch from character. Also you might want to use the double sized version from the demo by pressing the "2" on your keyboard.

Walk Hooghaar and Fishhead to the red and green switches to open the double door and walk through the door to end the game. Try to avoid all dangerous objects and enemies in the game. Keep one eye one the time, since you've got two minutes to finish this demo level.

Have fun playing while waiting for the new Dungeon TV game.

2013-12-24 fixed the screenshot link

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Posted by Hayo 28th December, 2010
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Posted by Duncan 28th December, 2010
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This is the future!
Posted by Alonso Martin 31st December, 2010
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This looks great!
Posted by Ski 7th January, 2011

The gameplay is too slow.





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