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Deadly Tournament 1.2
Author: [HTS]HetH Submitted: 17th December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 970
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DT is probably my biggest project so far. I gathered my best friends to create it. We wanted to make a clone of the well-known MORTAL KOMBAT and I think we did quite a good job on this. Like in MK we filmed everyone with a camcorder. That means my friends and me performed every single move in front of the camera. After the recording time we implemented the single animations into the game-engine. After five to six months of hard work, we came up with the first version of Deadly Tournament. Back then it was a 60 MB download. It already got some good reviews at that time but most of the people complained about the huge file-size and some very annoying bugs. So I took another month to increase the filesize and bugfixing the game as good as possible. I then came up with this current version. 40 MB, almost all serious bugs removed and really fun to play! If you have a friend at your side get this game and beat the crap out of each other. If not, the impressive A.I. of the CPU opponents will give you some learning lessons regarding pain! To give you a brief description of what awaits you: DT features a very cool techno / metal soundtrack, nice speech effects, smashing sounds and a very violant game play. You have the possibility to kill your opponent at the end of the fight just like in Mortal Kombat. Also there are some secrets that can be unlocked by beating the game in the different difficulty levels. Each of the characters has his own ending sequence.

This is a new version with the never before released 2 minutes full motion video intro!

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Posted by Prototailz 17th December, 2002

Oh, I ment 5 minutes in 20%.
Posted by Jason Orme 17th December, 2002

Im sure i played this before! A few months back,
Posted by CYS 17th December, 2002

i couldn't download before because i don't have a fast and unlimited connection..but now it's different! I can download it. :D I think that this game is quite of the best klik fighting games! and it is made of real human!
Posted by Death Reaper X 17th December, 2002

I remember playing it before (and I got shitty 56k) it was fun :)
Posted by Heriberto Valle Martinez 17th December, 2002

cool, nice idea.
Posted by Mr Saturn 17th December, 2002

I got this a while ago. It is ok but the AI is not really that good. I am sure they worked hard on it but it is just to easy for a gamer like me I suppose.
Posted by Muz 17th December, 2002

Ouch...40 MB. Think ya can release a "mini" version of the game? I mean, maybe take out some music, movies, anything that's too big...
Posted by Pete Nattress 17th December, 2002

why is it so huge? i'm not going to download this, it's way too big. surely you can make a smaller version, coz it looks pretty cool and a lotta 56k users are going to miss out.
Posted by Chrille Blomqvist 17th December, 2002

Hehe, very cool and fun game, if not a bit easy. The characters don't look very "deadly" though :P
Posted by JJ45 17th December, 2002

Do you look deadly, lol? I think the game was pretty good, you just need more combos and turn on the antializing with the characters ;). Then it's prefect.
Posted by Rik 17th December, 2002

I have a 56k modem, and my connection is annoyingly slow even for 56k, but I'm downloading this anyway. I must be mad.
Posted by Rik 17th December, 2002

AGH! I got 19% but then it stopped and wouldn't resume :(
Posted by [HTS]HetH 17th December, 2002

Sorry for the inconvenience, later tonight there will be a mirror up and running which supports resuming, so you can download the file with d/l manager like go!zilla or getright. Just use the normal download link above to head over to our site and watch out for the mirror link in the game details. And thanks to all of your comments so far, glad most of you like the game!
Posted by Rik 17th December, 2002

oh ok thanks, yeah i'm using gozilla :) the game looks cool, if it didnt i wouldn't be downloading a 40mb file!
Posted by lars 17th December, 2002

Cool game!!! :)
Posted by Yikes 17th December, 2002

I know why it's so big... It's because of the graphics... Real people and stuff takes more megabytes that cartoony people! By the way... Cool game! It must have been very much work to make this game! When you get the pictures on the computer, do you draw everything around the people away, or do you have a program that does it? When I use real graphics, I always have to draw away walls and other stuff behind them! IT'S ANNOYING! FANCY GAME! :)
Posted by Ecstazy 17th December, 2002

Are all the players your friends or something?
Posted by Simdrone052 17th December, 2002

Posted by [HTS]HetH 17th December, 2002

Hey guys, first of, the download mirror with file resuming is up and running now, just use the link above and then select Mirror1 from the game details. And to Eiko, yeah actually I did cut out each character frame by frame from the captured videos. Today I have much better programs and would most likely go for bluescreening and then just key out the background Iīd do such a game again. Thatīs also why the characters are a bit on the "edgy" side. And yes all of the guys in that game are friends of mine that were nice enough to dedicate their spare time and act in front of the camera and for the intro video. We sure had a lot of fun making this game, but yes, it was some hard work. But Iīm glad you guys like it, that tells me our hard work back then has payed off. :)
Posted by Lucas 17th December, 2002

Its soooo annoying to get real peeps into games (unless you have certain programs or use certain technics) So i know how much work it must of took to create this. My freind once tryed to make a platformer with himself, but since he took individual still pics of himself, on difrent days, he ended up changing size/cloths colours everytime he moved x)
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 17th December, 2002

Why do people complain about big downloads? It's hard to make a game look good without it being a large file size Get a download resumer, set it off downloading then do something else while it downloads. 40 Meg on a 56k is a few hours.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 17th December, 2002

This is cool, must've taken ages.
Posted by Ashman 17th December, 2002

Sorry I would love to download it, but with a 56k and a life span of about 80 years at will be my grandchildren playing this by the time it's done...Screw that! I'm not even gonna give em lollies let alone this!
Posted by SoftWarewolf 18th December, 2002

lol cool i had a idea to make something like this also :P il download it when i get home ps. do you have a larger better version? a couple houndred meg wont hurt me ;)
Posted by JJ45 18th December, 2002

why do you want a bigger version? to fill your computer with just a few games then tell daddy/mommy "my computer duzent work it says "out of memory" or something buy me a new better comp ive tried evertyhing.. oh and that new computer must have, hmm... 500000 gb hd, sound blaster 8600000 ultra surround..."......... .....jk ;)
Posted by The-Three-Klikateers 18th December, 2002

Hey Heth are you the guy that made the game Syndicate?
Posted by Sly 18th December, 2002

I can't download it, it cut's off all the time. =/
Posted by Sly 18th December, 2002

(meant to put this in) Couldn't you use the animations of your friends, and simply edit them into cartoon-styled characters?
Posted by Gus Stevenson 18th December, 2002

Cool! Your friends must be proud to be in a video game. You should write an article about using live action animation in games (i.e. suggestions for what programs to use, fixing problems you might encounter, etc.)
Posted by [HTS]HetH 19th December, 2002

@TP Randall: Yes I made Syndicate 2049, itīs also available at @Sly: Why should I make them cartoony characters? The purpose of this game was to have digitized ral life persons in it, otherwise I wouldnīt have gone through the pain of digitizing them all for the game. @Gus Stevenson: Well I might consider writing an artical about that, though Iīm not sure will have use for it, but itīs worth a try I guess.
Posted by [HTS]HetH 19th December, 2002

Oh, and Sly, have you tried the Mirror1 Link on the clickcorps page? That one should work well and it also supports resuming.
Posted by 19th December, 2002

Posted by AsparagusTrevor 19th December, 2002

You tell em, Lucas010
Posted by Wendell 19th December, 2002

It's been stuck on the: You are downloading: Deadly Tournament 1.2 (40 MB) Contacting Download Site... screen for about 10min now!!!
Posted by Wendell 19th December, 2002

Posted by HaMSteRtAiL 20th December, 2002

is those guys in the game some of your friends?
Posted by Rik 22nd December, 2002

This game's quite good, although I find doing special moves extremely difficult.. also I think it would have been cooler if the characters weren't just wearing every day clothes! Not quite worth the filesize in my opinion, but good nonetheless. HaMSteRtAil..... WTF? If you read the game description it says "my friends and me performed every single move in front of the camera", and then Ecstazy says "Are all the players your friends or something?" and HetH replies "And yes all of the guys in that game are friends of mine " so how come you are STILL asking the same question?!?!?!?!?!?1111 GAHH
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 31st December, 2002

looks great!!! i never new you could do that with the camera?? very cool.
Posted by robby 3rd January, 2003

downloading now on 56k... its gonna take ages but graphcs r what matters -most of the time. anyway i use mozilla ( and its got a built in resumer but dap is better. what program did u use 4 the graphics or was it mmf? oh and do u know a free decent midi program that can do drums,bass,guitar + voacls which has a tab interface? great work all the same. oh and wendell, zipping it wouldn't make much of a different- a few minutes at the most.
Posted by AfterStar 4th January, 2003

I think i got something,the program is called "Dance EJay 2"!U can do pretty much things! Don't ask me where to find it thought... Downloading now on 64k...Hope its worth it!
Posted by TS Team 4th January, 2003

Need to put more feeling into the videos...
Posted by Smeggy 30th January, 2003

downloaded it........Not much of a Mk clone................jumps are crap and shumi (whatever ur real name is) look a total w**ker in the video LOL 'ahem' - plus its desent moves like freeze fireballz etc..................Killer instinct would be easier and better to clone!!
Posted by Smeggy 30th January, 2003

I spoke with Ed boon--my dad did some of the mk music for midway and acclaim........... and he said this comes nowhere near the mk games in style but for a fan game by teenagers HE WAS IMPRESSED
Posted by Corlan 23rd March, 2003

Nice concept man...when I first looked at the screens i laughed =P
Posted by 30th April, 2003

This will take me about 2 days to download. Cause I have a slow modem :(
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 21st May, 2003

wowoowoowowwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! 30kb/sek?! Oh my god, thatīs my record and i have ADSL!!!!
Posted by Sean Sader 27th May, 2003

Large game indeed! Well there are some pretty simple solutions to this still having this game be great. If your using 800x600 size of screen that is really going to take a lot of space. i suggest about half that size. This als will make your graphics look a lot sharper. Make sure to delete unsused things. hmm that should help some i don't know lol
Posted by Silveraura 17th August, 2003

Are the samples compressed? That really clowers the size! Plus don't use big object names, every letter inlcuding spaces are 1 btye! Alot of objects with big names can really add up in size! Also, you can zip it, most times bigger files zip smaller then small files do. ;-)
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 19th April, 2004

A very good game. I'm going to review it.
Posted by moren11 1st December, 2008

screw this site, links broken again...






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