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Fishhead R demo
Author: Hayo Submitted: 13th January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Racing Downloads: 665

Edited By Fishhead on 7/22/2003

Edited By Fishhead on 1/13/2003

little one-track demo of Fishhead R.
it is a racing game based on rock&roll racing, a good old SNES game.

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Posted by bigdave 13th January, 2003

absolutely amazing. amazing graphics, amazing engine, just amazing. How did you do the graphics? This car handles like a true car. Great stuff.
Posted by bigdave 13th January, 2003

i advise you to do a screenshot because you want to show off these graphics
Posted by Hayo 13th January, 2003

uploaded screenshot (:
Posted by Hayo 13th January, 2003

the most graphics were done in the picture editor of tgf, and the cars and the audience were done in 3dstudiomax
Posted by bigdave 13th January, 2003

class. when's the full game coming out?
Posted by ZeroTau 13th January, 2003

How did you manage to get the same comment AFTER another one?
Posted by ZeroTau 13th January, 2003

Posted by Tomatoman (SUMGOO) 13th January, 2003

thats becouse the system sucks, thats all
Posted by Tomatoman (SUMGOO) 13th January, 2003

but I like the game very much! Good graphs, excellent is really entertaining!
Posted by Jason Orme 13th January, 2003

Woah! This game is GREAT! Nice engine,nice graphics and overall nice presentation. Heh, noticed you even used the music from R&R Racing
Posted by HOSJ 13th January, 2003

Posted by Joint(jgi) 13th January, 2003

lol this game is awsome!!!!!! the gfx the gamplay the music this game is commercial quality!!!
Posted by Chace 13th January, 2003

Sounds cool, im downloading now. I'll write a review for it soon.
Posted by Shme (Stupid Liar) 13th January, 2003

khm...this game is f*** great except for one thing; collisions suck. Big time. why should my car slow down if it's hit from behind.
Posted by -Oka- 13th January, 2003

This sure is cool! Shme, I think it's the easiest way to make collisions with this engine :P
Posted by Pete Nattress 13th January, 2003

great game, even though its a demo. spot on! when's the full version coming out?
Posted by bigdave 13th January, 2003

when is an admin gonna put it on the front page?
Posted by bigdave 13th January, 2003

Posted by -_darkman_- 13th January, 2003

theres a review for you Fishhead. That makes 9 reviews for me over the last three days,whew!
Posted by TomH 13th January, 2003

davSter: Admins are slow at putting things on the front page. Broomie: You are correct in saying that GOTW excludes Demos, even thought some of them make it in if the name of the games doesnt include "demo" in it.
Posted by bigdave 14th January, 2003

i reckon it should be up to fishhead r whether he goes up for gotw or not coz i reckon this could win but if this wins then we can't have the full version winning again. If you see what i meen
Posted by TomH 14th January, 2003

quite, but this is a Demo so it wont be in the GOTw untill he releases a final version
Posted by Shme (Stupid Liar) 14th January, 2003

this is the best racing game i've seen so far here, but I still think it didn't solve some of the main problems like collisons , etc. This game isn't as good as you people say. GFx great, SFX great, Presentation Great but gameplay is weak. er, i Should write a review.
Posted by The Chris Street 14th January, 2003

This probably wont be going on the front page, as theres so little information about it.
Posted by bigdave 14th January, 2003

go on, fishhead. write more description and you'll get on the front page... can i be your agent?!
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 14th January, 2003

I think they've stopped disallowing demos in GOTW, as there's been loads over the past few weeks. Anyway, this game is shaping up to be realy cool. The engine is great. Should have a little pause before the race starts though, you can't tell when it's gonna start. You probably knew that already though.
Posted by ruffles 14th January, 2003

hey VERY good game! great graphics and gameplay. and the music is Highway Star by Deep Purple. can't wait for teh full version
Posted by Pixel Bro 14th January, 2003

CIRCY doesnt want to post this front page coz it out classes everything he has ever done. lol, sad.
Posted by Hayo 14th January, 2003

i ll write some more information on it when i have finsished the full version.
Posted by Pete Nattress 14th January, 2003

dave, you're being quite sad. "can i be your agent?!". that's sad, bordering on very sad.
Posted by -_darkman_- 14th January, 2003

Posted by Ashman 14th January, 2003

FISHHEAD DOES IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Buddy!!! Heheheheheh you've come along way from being Rycons graphic lackie eh?
Posted by Hagar 15th January, 2003

Yeah that games Quality!!!!!! Go Fishhead! Wheres ol' Rycon anyway?
Posted by Hayo 15th January, 2003

i always see him being online on msn, but he never answers...but what the f*#*k do you mean with "rycons graphic lackie"? i was already klikkin' when he wasnt even born
Posted by Hagar 15th January, 2003

I mailed him about Neos new site and No answer. I hope he hasnt give up klikking.
Posted by Hagar 15th January, 2003

Ive got an review of this ill post it when i get back. ;-)
Posted by bigdave 15th January, 2003

nattress, i was fucking joking because i've been trying to persuade circy to put it on the front page. Maybe it wasn't as funny as the office but i've never heard a joke you've actually made up yourself!
Posted by bigdave 15th January, 2003

man, i like to swear. makes me feel like a man. Don't worry, i won't go over the top, shadowcaster :)
Posted by Muggus 15th January, 2003

This is amazing! SOOOO groin grabbingly good...very professsional! Not many games of this quality come from Clickers...great work!
Posted by Ashman 15th January, 2003

I was talking to Rycon the other day, he still does the odd bit of klikking but he has a job now!! Probably thinks he's a big shot or something :P LOL Fishhead, Future Klik Tech remember?
Posted by The Chris Street 16th January, 2003

..and the insults just keep coming :o PixelBro, Im talking about you.
Posted by Hayo 17th January, 2003

i cant remember..
Posted by Alex Scobell 24th March, 2003

Uh I think this is just the default car movement. Cool game anyways.
Posted by Hayo 31st May, 2003

its custom






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