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Dungeon TV Easter Special
Author: Hayo Submitted: 7th April, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 269
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Edited By Hayo on 8/8/2009

This is a little topdown puzzle game by the Peasants (or what's left of it), its about Fishhead and Highhair who are trapped in a dungeon. This dungeon is actually a tv-studio owned by Tomatoman Entertainment Network (TEN). People at home will be able to watch the ways of Fishhead & Highhair in the reality struggle "Dungeon TV".

The screensize of this game is very small at 160x144 pixels, and runs at a 256 colour palette. The goal of the game is to open the gate to the next level, which is done by pressing the red and green button at the same time. Fishhead and Highhair have to work together in order to complete a level.

The game was originally made for the 05 TDC Xmas compo, but it was full of bugs, this is just a fixed version with a different theme. If you already finished the Xmas version this might not be too interesting.

Johan Jansen: Coding, concept
Matt Esch: Music
Hayo van Reek: Graphics, coding, sound effects, level design

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Posted by Smeggy 7th April, 2006

It's actually quite addictive, but i'm not all that fond of the screen size unfortunately.
Posted by 7th April, 2006

Booorrring, I didnt even touch a enemy on the 1st level and I kept on getting killed! It must be a bug or somthing.. anyway's Thumbs down.
Posted by Hayo 7th April, 2006

Yeah thanks, thats called a tile based engine by the way. *Adds Brandon to buddylist*
Posted by Reno 7th April, 2006

no comment
Posted by Reno 7th April, 2006

actually... I DO! I hated this game. the tile engine sucks and was no fun playing. the two people thing was just plain stupid. you could have done better without it.
Posted by Hayo 7th April, 2006

Posted by Mr. Esch 7th April, 2006

Such a fucking bunch of n00bs
Posted by Mr. Esch 7th April, 2006

wow a non-n00b, thanks phizzy
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 7th April, 2006

This is decent, but like I said in the comments for the Christmas version, not a whole lot is made of the "two characters" feature - it's often possible to get through a whole level with Fishfood and then just guide Hooghaar to the end behind him, rather than having to switch between the two.

It doesn't deserve to be getting the comments above. =/
Posted by Hayo 7th April, 2006

Actually I do deserve those comments, I called Brandon n00b once, and I kicked Reno from my msn list..or at least I think I did.

I did not make this game alone tho, I am just part of this team. The other Peasants members indeed don't deserve comments like that, they did a good job.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 7th April, 2006

I just noticed that I called Fishhead "fishfood" above. I must have been thinking about the ZZT community a bit too much.
Posted by steve 7th April, 2006

Its good, nice concept (similar to the classic Head-Over Heals on the spectrum)
I would prefer the characters to maybe move a bit faster though. Thumbs up.
Posted by Hayo 7th April, 2006

Heheh, you actually gave me a great idea
Posted by steve 7th April, 2006

I did?
Posted by Hayo 7th April, 2006

Uh, actually Wong did, but the characters will sure be walking faster in the next DTV
Posted by Liquixcat 7th April, 2006

The collision detection is somehow odd. I died 3 times certain I wasn't touching the enemy. I like the team thing, but generally lots of work still needs to be done to deserve a thumbs up.
Posted by Blake 7th April, 2006

Good idea, decent engine, really easy puzzles, slow paced and really boring though.
Posted by Smeggy 7th April, 2006

Do not allow the above to discourage you Hayo. The game is good and is presented well, it just lacks difficulty among other things. Still, that said I find it most addictive and would probably enjoy it more so if the small majority of issues were ironed out as such.
Posted by Hayo 7th April, 2006

Heh, no it won't discourage me. It would if this was a big project we worked on for a year, but this is just a minigame. We are working on a bigger version now, in a normal resolution and less simple coding, of course we will use the feedback on this game.
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 8th April, 2006

*thumbs up*
It's a great little game, that is fairly enjoyable.
The only problem is with the movement of the tomato people when moving onto a new tile in their animation one or two pixels cross over two platforms and causing you to die if you move onto the one with a pixel foot on.

But all in all, great job!
Posted by Dustin Gunn 8th April, 2006

go play the lost vikings then come back and give your 2 guys unique abilities
Posted by 8th April, 2006

This game isnt as bad.. but it is rather annoying.
If you give this a chance and keep playing it and can get fun!
Posted by 8th April, 2006

The engine could of been better but this game is nice. The story is weired though. Muah ha ha ha
Posted by Hayo 8th April, 2006

I actually played lost vikings alot when I was a young boy. No reason to make a LV ripoff tho, they don't have unique abilities, but they can do unique stuff in the environment.
Posted by Jenswa 8th April, 2006

Yeah, let's create a Lost Vikings Clone, that's original, just like windows ...
Posted by Hayo 8th April, 2006

@Jonny: Nah it's not really a blockpusher, you have to push blocks but it's not the goal of the game. It's quite standard and small of course, we made this in 2 weeks or so.
Posted by Hayo 8th April, 2006

yeah the original idea was to make it like a TV show, which the next one will be (we take our time now), it will include commercial breaks as bonus levels and stuff.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 8th April, 2006

Holy crap...up until now I thought that your group was called the Pheasants.

I feel REALLY retarded.

Anyway, me likey game long time.
Posted by Peblo 9th April, 2006

Too easy, sometimes seems like the second character isn't needed. I eventually got used to the tile movement so that I didn't die by non-touching tomatoes. Was a good 10 minute time waster though, looking forward to number 2.
Posted by Hayo 9th April, 2006

hmm number 3 I guess, tho this is just a less retarded version of the first one.
Posted by Stixdude 11th April, 2006

The game has good grpahics and the gameplay is above average. But it was kinda boring... Still, awesome game!
Posted by Mruqe 11th April, 2006

Good game. Voted for it GOTW poll. Still - while beeing a decent work - this game lacks some gameplay... And could you PLEASE invent some new characters?
Posted by Hayo 11th April, 2006

I did, they are called Bernard and Hank
Posted by Chris Macadam 17th April, 2006

I diddnt dowload the game beacause my computer suks and is slow but it looks good and i wouldnt let anyone get you down... i bet they couldnt make a game half as good as this one looked..
Posted by Chris Macadam 17th April, 2006 gunna try and download....hope my computer doesnt blow!!!....
Posted by Chris Macadam 17th April, 2006 min. later...100%...yay
Posted by Chris Macadam 18th April, 2006

fun game! defently thumbs up...the only thing I found rather annoying was when your guy died when the ememy was like 3 spaces away...and why does the one guy have a fish for a head...kinda weird other than that a great game and addictive hope you make another one
Posted by 20th April, 2006

It's nice. I like most of the graphics. Yet, the fact that the "!" marks randomly kill you and that the cell-based movement is very hard to adapt to makes this boring to play after several tries. If you really wanted to stick to the cell-based movement, you should've made the characters' sprites utilize an entire cell.
Posted by Hayo 21st April, 2006

The "!" marks don't randomly kill them. The red ones kill the green guy and the green ones kill the red guy.
Posted by Hauptmann_086 21st May, 2006

Uh, how do you finish the level with the giant duck that spits crap at you?
Posted by 18th July, 2006

This game is absolutely awesome.







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