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Fishhead: World tour (abandoned)
Author: Hayo Submitted: 11th December, 2004 Favourites:1
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 422

Edited By Hayo on 8/8/2009

Edited By Hayo on 24/03/2006

I stopped working on this game a year ago, when I started working on Bernard & Hank, but people keep mailing me about this, so here it is: Fishhead: World tour.

This is not like Fishhead 2 or 3, its more adventure-ish, and you carry a guitar instead of a gun. You have to play songs on it to defeat your enemies. All the GFX and sound effects are original, and the music, played by me and my "band" is based on the song "Cortez the killer" by Neil Young.

I have many reasons not to work on this game anymore.

1. It isn't going anywhere. So far its only walking and shooting the same pothead over and over. The gameplay is pretty slow and playing songs to attack enemies takes a lot of time.

2. I don't like the gfx. Since I started working on BnH I have only been doing pure pixel art. Most of the gfx of FHWT where done in tgf, but a lot of them with dirty tranparancy overlay tricks.

3. People complained about the game when I only started it. "guitar music doesn't suit the game" and "this needs work". This was kinda odd cuz the game is full of guitars.

4. This game would take too much time, which I don't have cuz of my job.

Anyway, this doesn't mean there isn't gonna be a Fishhead 4, I might think about a new Fishhead game after BnH is released.

Have fun with this 10% of Fishhead: World tour.

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Posted by Cazra 11th December, 2004

I don't see why you think the graphics are bad. I think they're awesome. If you aren't going to finish this game though, it may be a good idea to use some of the gfx in a later project. It'd be a pity to see such good graphics go to waste.
Posted by Silveraura 11th December, 2004

Soon as I heard news that this was being dumbed, I wasnt happy at all, its like Sega dumping down Sonic & such, but you know, Bernard & Hank looks good from what I saw on your site Fishhead (I donno why, but even after you changed your DC name, I still have a nasty habbit of calling you Fishhead, Fishhead.:-)) Anyway, if you want, I can finish Fishhead 4, for ya. :-D Well, maybe not, but it still is a petty to see Fishhead 4 in ruins. :-(
Posted by Wormware 12th December, 2004

Well, I was really looking forward to this game, It seemed it had more than the other Fishhead games (which were pretty good).. But thanks for giving us something of FH4. Good luck with the other projects.. PS. Het is echt beter dan FH3..
Posted by Blackgaze 12th December, 2004

Although I still like this, somehow I enjoyed the beta more (different music, smaller resolution)
Posted by Joshua M. 12th December, 2004

That looks so cool, I'm gonna download this for sure! @Jonathan: FuriKuri rocks!!! :P
Posted by Joshua M. 12th December, 2004

Hmm, aah too bad that you're not continueing this man! It's great! And the graphics rock! Hmm... how do you record your guitar sounds except for the music? I try it all the time but it won't work.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 12th December, 2004

I thought I was gonna like this, I liked the other Fishhead games, but the guitar thing, although a sweet idea, is really frustrating and spoils the game, it's just too much of a chore killing things. Oh well, it's abandoned anyway, still looking forward to Bernard & Hank.
Posted by Joey Drasal 12th December, 2004

I have to say I agree with everyones comments but for people who dont like the guitar....they suck.The guitar is what makes the game interesting. Finish this game dont go to another fishead game with a gun finish this! It is a great game. P.S. I love the guitar!
Posted by Weston L 12th December, 2004

The guitar idea is great, but maybe there's some other way to imploment it to make it more fun... With that aside, I love the graphics as well. Bravo.
Posted by Kris 12th December, 2004

great fun, but the camera keeps hopping around. Headache :/
Posted by AS Filipowski 12th December, 2004

Any saxophones?
Posted by steve 12th December, 2004

EXCELLENT work I liked everything about this especially the LOOM/ZELDA inspired guitar novelty. The graphics are great.
Posted by Assault Andy 12th December, 2004

Oh well, good luck with your upcoming games.
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 13th December, 2004

:( abandoned???
Posted by Satansboss 13th December, 2004

:( y abandoned its a good game.
Posted by Christodoulou Apps 13th December, 2004

Well man, youMUST complete this game!!! It's too f***ing cool!!!! I loved it! Beautiful gfx and music; the best gfx in a click-platformer ever in my opinion! It is very bad that you decided to abandon it. I hope you'll reconsider that. 8)
Posted by Smeggy 13th December, 2004

I suggest the person who voted thumbs down seeks medical attention.
Posted by Pete Nattress 13th December, 2004

i agree that the guitar is a pain in the arse.
Posted by Hayo 13th December, 2004

the guy who voted thumbs down was bromios, when i was reuploading the file cuz it didn't include bass.dll.
Posted by Joey Drasal 13th December, 2004

All yall suck for those who say they have a problem with the game this game is the best one yet u should complete it i like the whole game u will just make everything go to waste!!!!! At least let someone else finish it if ur dumb self won't!! Iam sry and all it is just i love this guitar game!
Posted by Joey Drasal 13th December, 2004

I cant finish ur game Idont even know how to design one but i know a good game when i see one.
Posted by Pete Nattress 13th December, 2004

i voted thumbs down to annoy everyone ^.^
Posted by Silveraura 13th December, 2004

Well I just gave me dibs of Thumbs up, I forgot to do so before, so...
Posted by steve 13th December, 2004

lol the stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me, how many times have we witnessed someone give a game a "thumbs down" because THEY couldnt get it to load!? RATE a game once you've PLAYED it! Surely that is obvious?
Posted by Superfunk 13th December, 2004

I trust this was made with Multimedia Fusion, so I'll bite: How did you get that 3D scale of the world (to rotate) on the main menu?
Posted by Pete Nattress 14th December, 2004

i imagine he did it in 3DSmax or similar and then exported the animation.
Posted by Klikmaster 14th December, 2004

it looks like the mode7 extension to me
Posted by Hayo 14th December, 2004

yeah thats mode 7
Posted by Jimbob 14th December, 2004

Nothing really to this. Nice idea though. The music track is the best feature :P I've added a little acoustic guitar piece to my own upcoming game now...
Posted by vortex2 14th December, 2004

Great game, solid engine, eye pleasing graphics. Wish you would finish it! The guitar IMHO was a cool aspect, I liked it. It gave it some orginality over just another Mario game.
Posted by - Yelnek - 15th December, 2004

The guitar was KICK ASS!!! And the grfxs... YOU SUCK MAN!!! :BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA: YOU SUCK EGGS!!!!!! ::WEEP: ::WEEP:: :CRY: /slapsyouwithfishhead'sfishhead Continue it... Fishhead is amazing.. all the small details... I'm sorry to say that BnH is a gay name and the grfxs are also too non-Hayo like... its sad... Bring back Fishhead... Please... I will pay you money for it...not alot but some SOrry you don't suck ( much :( ) but don't give up on our fishhead...
Posted by Hayo 15th December, 2004

after BnH i will form a new group to work on a new fishhead. not only because charlotte told me to....really.
Posted by Djfuego 15th December, 2004

Yeah you should have finished that one off. Shame on you! A lot of hard work went into it as well and it would have been soo much better completely finished.
Posted by Smeggy 15th December, 2004

I suggest those who put Bernard and Hank down seek medical attention also.
Posted by Superfunk 15th December, 2004

Where can I get the mode7 add on? I want to try it out myself!
Posted by - Yelnek - 16th December, 2004

I got medical attention and now... BnH looks sweet...just not like Fishead :( Its like Mario...nuting like Sonic... I mean not even on the same platform!
Posted by 16th December, 2004

it's strange that even abandoned games get a high percent.
Posted by Galaxy613 16th December, 2004

The download isn't working for me, it only gets up to around 356k and says it's done... :(
Posted by 17th December, 2004

Sorry, I didn't like it that much. Not much changes have been made and the music bores people are listening to it for 5 mins.
Posted by B÷­var PÚtur ŮorgrÝmsson 17th December, 2004

This game is G-R-E-A-T!!!!!!!You MUST finish it. It vas really fun onc I figured out the menu (Forgt the previous ones).But, okay, you can, no, you MUST finish this after that Bernand and Hank game...
Posted by B÷­var PÚtur ŮorgrÝmsson 17th December, 2004

Som problems with the E on the kyboard...
Posted by hey hey shoe 18th December, 2004

is it supposed to crash after leaving T-town?
Posted by 18th December, 2004

it didn't in mine
Posted by B÷­var PÚtur ŮorgrÝmsson 18th December, 2004

It did in min...
Posted by Hayo 18th December, 2004

crash? it just stops right there.
Posted by awesomeanimator 20th December, 2004

what the FUCK are you saying at the end of that song?
Posted by Eric P 21st December, 2004

Not like you need to hear this from another person (or maybe you do), but it's too bad you're letting this game go. The guitar thing was unique and a nice touch, and the graphics were very good. Oh well...
Posted by Hayo 21st December, 2004

I am forming a team for a new fishhead game now, dont worry. @ awesomeanimator: at the end of the song somebody is asking "did that get on the tape? then I say "uhh...dunno". In dutch that is.
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 8th January, 2005

Wee i'm in the game lol... Though i'm just very fat... and wear glasses...and i'm over 60 years old... but besides that, it's me allright :)
Posted by Bob Pakoe 19th June, 2005






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