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Author: MIG2 Submitted: 17th August, 2003 Favourites:0
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Edited By MIG2 on 01/05/2006

NINJA DENSETSU 2 is an action game created with TGF in 1999

graphics are NO RIPPED so you can't crush me because of that.(like in lost valley and silver katana)

first.. when you enter the game that one can be abnormally slow .don't
panic. that allow you to choose playing with the keyboard
or with the joystick (default option is keyboard)

enter -- -(application)--(joueurs)---(players) option and choose joystick
or ----clavier----(keyboard)

keybord default keys are --0 (num) button 1
--. (num) button 2
go to "plein ecran" fullscreen or press alt+enter for the game speed become normal

you and your friend yamato must destroy the evil demon wich entered EDO castle.
you can throw shurikens ,and thanks to the bonuses your power will increase.but becarfull when you get damages your weapon level decrease.
use the MARUKICHI to destroy all the ennemies up+button 1

good luck

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     (3500kb )

Posted by mrEkli 18th August, 2003

I guess I'll try this out... But I gotta say. WTF is up with all these Ninja games?
Posted by Wormware 18th August, 2003

Really nice game! I had a few problems with finding the right buttons. But I managed to fix them. The game would be better with a story or some extras! The graphics are really good! But the fights are a bit boring because of the shooting. I hoped to see sword fights like in Prince of Persia. But the great amount of (different) enemies is totally awesome! Good work! BTW why can I choose levels?
Posted by Kristofor Durrschmidt 18th August, 2003

I dont know ( about all the ninja games) I was thinking the same thing. Ninja games Rock. LOL This looks pretty cool. I guess Ill hold onto DNS 2 a bit longer then till the ninja thing dies out a bit.
Posted by Zi-Xiao 18th August, 2003

you did the graphics yourself this time :)!
Posted by Zi-Xiao 18th August, 2003

Ahhh!! for some reason i cant switch to windowed mode!!!
Posted by TUGAgames 18th August, 2003

that guy is humping the tree :)
Posted by MIG2 19th August, 2003

ohh yes that week can be named NINJA's WEEK (but this game is different try it :) . wormware : at start screen press : 1 for stage 2 2 for stage 3 etc.... 6 for stage 7 .
Posted by Jason Orme 20th August, 2003

The games fun Its Hard But Fun I remember trying to download this from your site along time ago... didnt work then.. but im glad it works now.... i noticed one problem.. that it starts up in fullscreen, i shrunk the screen and then it ran fast.. which was good... i managed to get to level 2.. not bad for my first go... i dont think
Posted by Jub 21st August, 2003

This very cool. I'll download when I get home...
Posted by Jub 21st August, 2003

This very cool. I'll download when I get home...
Posted by Astral_86 24th August, 2003

NOT RIPPED??? OMG you're a master of painting MIG2 you make excellent games god bless you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Evil Monkey 24th August, 2003

Robin, what's so bad about ripped graphics? I don't use them, but come on, they aren't that bad.
Posted by The Chris Street 10th September, 2003

It looks good, but I didn't really like the gameplay. It was far too slow on my comp
Posted by Astral_86 13th September, 2003

Voodoo Yoshi: When did I say I thought bad about ripped graphics? :P
Posted by Astral_86 13th September, 2003

I'm with [|--CIRCY--|], I didn't quite like the gameplay either, and it ran far too slow on my comp too. :P But except that, GR8 GFX !!!!!!! :D
Posted by Spram 23rd October, 2003

It moves too slowly in my computer too and I dont know why since my comp is pretty fast. But still, the graphics are GREAT. And the gameplay looks like it could be fun if only it moved faster.
Posted by MIG2 31st October, 2003

In order to play with normal speed, you must press alt+enter or choose in the options "plein ecran" fullscreen in french. You can play with a joypad if you go at "joueurs"(players).
Posted by M@ Alexander 29th March, 2004

LOL Thats great, it's like the earlier genesis days! Kinda reminds me of Kaze Kuri for PC-Engine





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