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Author: MIG2 Submitted: 14th February, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 790
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Edited By MIG2 on 01/05/2006

LAST DEFENDER Is a 1 player shoot 'em up.
Built with MMF 1.5
It can either be played with a Joypad or the keyboard.
4 buttons on the joypad are used thanks to the MMF JOYPAD extension.

--windowed-- For full screen press Alt + enter

Game's keys are explained in the game.

Main features:

- 4 buttons on the joypad available.
- multi parrallax scrolling.
- homemade graphics.
- You can steal and use enemies weapons.
- 4 main weapons (4 levels each) and 24 subweapons (stolen from enemies).
- 7 stages of more action.
- A lot of hidden options.

7026 A.C Human space colony Terra-8.
The Bio Computer Aegis controlling every machine on the Planet, became defective.
Then the disaster started. Machines attacked the humans, and a mysterious parasite plant
destroyed everything in his way.
Only the battleship DEFENDER A-7 can confront and destroy Aegis...

You can choose between 4 difficulty setings. After finishing the game, special options
will be unlocked, depending on the difficulty chosen.

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Posted by Dr. James MD 15th February, 2004

nice inclusion of the Turrican 2 'dragon fight' music in there too ;)
Posted by Strife 15th February, 2004

MIG2 strikes again! :D This game looks 10 times better (and 10 times more playable) than your other games. Downloading now...
Posted by ben_02 15th February, 2004

Are the graphics ripped, partially ripped, or all yours?
Posted by ben_02 15th February, 2004

Alright ripped or not (and most looks like its not ripped), its pretty good. Except, like most of your games, the sound. Deliberately retro or not, they are aweful.
Posted by Astral_86 15th February, 2004

I sadly enough MUST agree with ben_02. The sounds isn't that good... the main weapon sound in this game is the same sound as when you strike in Lost Valley, and it takes place in ALL migs games, and it's not that best sound. :( Another thing about the sound is that it needs "multisamples" set to ON because you only hear one sound at a time. But that isn't that biga' deal anyway. :) This is great!
Posted by Cazra 16th February, 2004

pretty kool.Some of the graphics don't look original, but they're good anyways. On controller mode my screensaver turned on and killed me.
Posted by Strife 16th February, 2004

Then turn the screen saver off before playing. ;) Sweet! This is one of your finest creations, MIG2. But there's one thing I want to ask you: Why do you always use such awful sound effects for your games? You should REALLY consider adding some decent sound effects to your games. If you can't find any, check out the Multimedia Fusion CD. By the way, how do I run the game in windowed mode instead of Full Screen? I tried adding "-NOF" to the end of the shortcut and it still doesn't work.
Posted by Mr Coffee 16th February, 2004

This is seriously a contender for game of the year. If I hooked up a Super Nes controller and plugged my computer into my TV people would think I was playing s Super Nes game. Best click side scrolling shooter to date, easily. It is very hardcore, so if you don't like hard games you probably won't like this. It's not perfect, but I will talk more about that in the review, which I will write after I complete the game.
Posted by Kris 16th February, 2004

looks like someone used 'stretch to screen' {ponder} runs at about 10fps on my 1280x1024 pixel desktop
Posted by MIG2 16th February, 2004

Hello !! sorry i was busy :( Some GFX are "inspired" of decors and sprites belonging to professionals games (thunder force 3,etc..) but they AREN'T RIPPED!!!!!!!!! The light and shadow effects are very easy do do with tools like paint shop pro 4. Astral your messages were intresting because you're talking about bugs i didn't knew - fuzzy colours .. I'm not sure ,but maybe it's due to WINDOWS XP - The lag effect if the pad isn't plugged ??? .It's true i tried it maybe a bug of the joypad object.But i think it will happen only if a gamepad is programmed but no detected. Strife i don't know how to enter the windowed mode but why do you need that ?
Posted by The Chris Street 16th February, 2004

Excellent game. You really do have amazing talent.
Posted by Spram 16th February, 2004

Totally awesome. MIG2 has an unique style of making games and I admire him for it. Keep it going and give us Lost Valley 2. Just kidding. Actually no.. Give us Lost Valley 2. Really. :D
Posted by Astral_86 16th February, 2004

TRUE words there Spram :)
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 16th February, 2004

I find it hard to believe that you didn't rip the graphics, or at least edited ripped ones... well done if you didn't. You make very high quality games in very short spaces of time. It makes me wonder... Anyway, good job, as usual. I look forward to your next game.
Posted by Dark One 17th February, 2004

Well some people can code in click products faster than others AME, I must say this is an awesome game, and I hope you get GOTW
Posted by MIG2 17th February, 2004

1 i just uploaded LAST DEFENDER without the "possible" joypad's lag bug. 2 thank you all It seems a lot of peoples think that i create long and complex games in a little time. I don't I needed 2 years to create LOST VALLEY and 4 month for LAST DEFENDER. Haunted Castle 2 was created in 1998 Ninja densetsu 2 in 1999 and Silver katana in 2001.Theses games are "ressurected games" not new games. I will soon release neutopia 4 (1999) and Haunted castle 3 (2000) both are adventure games. I need a beta tester for thems because the texts are a complete disaster.mail me if you are interested. ;) Spram LOST VALLEY 2 arghhh... if i start now i'll need at least 4 years for finishing it. (If i make the entire gfx) so don't be too hurried ;)
Posted by chrilley 17th February, 2004

Aegis is the name of a Gundam :)
Posted by Teapot 17th February, 2004

w00t i've been waiting for this, dl when i get home
Posted by Strife 17th February, 2004

Good idea Mig. You should recruit Beta Testers to iron out all the bugs in your games. There's nothing more satisfying than a "clean", nearly bug-less game. And while you're at it, take the time to add some decent SOUND to those games. ;)
Posted by Astral_86 18th February, 2004

Wowsh. I've been playing to Stage 6 now. This IS hard!! My patience is pretty good but when I play this too long I just loses it. :P Has ANYONE got to the end of this game? Lost Valley is nearly the only game made by MIG2 that is able to beat...but they're very good. Just hard. :) Jay white Arc was deleted by the author, by unknown reason.
Posted by Strife 18th February, 2004

I've reviewed this game. :) I hope I wasn't too goody-two-shoes about it, though... Yeah, it's tough, but not impossible. A game is never impossible unless the creator intended it to be. ;)
Posted by Strife 18th February, 2004

By the way, I think we should be able to configure the keyboard controls. I have to place my fingers in awkward positions to access all the buttons. That's why I use my joystick instead, which is much easier. Still, it would be nice if I could edit the keys...
Posted by Dr. James MD 18th February, 2004

i think its more of an Amiga/C64 game rather than Snes. the colours dont say Snes to me. This is more like R-Type 2 (microcomputer) than 3 (Snes)... ill be quiet now XD
Posted by Astral_86 19th February, 2004

YES I FINISHED THIS GAME NOW!!!!!!!!!!! :D W00t stage 5 was harder than both stage 6 and 7 AND the last boss XD at least I think... It's time for a wonderful review :)
Posted by Astral_86 19th February, 2004

I'm not able to review this game O_O WOOTAGE!
Posted by Strife 19th February, 2004

See? I told you it was possible. ;) Now try to beat it on Normal/Hard/True Hero mode. O_o By the way, I noticed a minor bug. If you die while playing Easy mode (unlimited continues), you can't select "Give Up" on the continue screen.
Posted by Strife 20th February, 2004

Well, in The Daily Click, there's no such thing as an "Undo Review" button. Let's just say that a 10/10 review will attract more people to download the game. :) *mumble* Stupid SKS... *mumble*
Posted by Zerion 21st February, 2004

Otherwise excellent game, but since I have a finnish keyboard, I can't use the hunters...
Posted by AfterStar 21st February, 2004

Incredible graphics,downloading it NOW! Let's see about the gameplay... I would really love to see a tutorial of yours about HOW TO MAKE GREAT GFXs or SHADOWS n LIGHTING with PSP4 or in MMF/TGF!!!
Posted by Teapot 21st February, 2004

I love this, if it wasn't so freaking hard it would be a really great game, maybe 2 diffuclty modes (revised edition)
Posted by JackNtheBox 22nd February, 2004

This is a very nice shooter. The hunter concept was a nice touch. Too bad you don't have infinite of them. The only thing I had problems with was lag. The game would lag from time to time. I assume b/c of all the objects on the screen. That's cool until there are many bullets to dodge and the player skips a little bit which makes it difficult. Other than that I really enjoyed it. I got to Stage 5. I will play again later and try to beat it. Wish there was a stage select so I don't have to play from stage 1 all over again. I would like to ask about how you got the joypad to recognize 4 buttons. I can only get it to recognize the standard 2. Plus, the game even works with my Saitek P150 game pad, which is really nice. J/c b/c I'd like to incorporate 4 buttons into my games and have had to economize everything down to just 2 which can be awkward at times. Thanks. Is it an advanced gamepad in MMF? J/c. Nice sprites btw, although some of them look like they came right from R-Type. Especially the second boss.
Posted by MIG2 22nd February, 2004

JackNtheBox : You can use 32 buttons on the gamepad , for that you need the MMF joypad extension download it on any click site wich offers MMF extensions. There are many hidden (??????) options in the game in order to unlock them you must finish the game. easy mode --- nothing normal mode --- tips for **unlimited hunters** **sound test** hard mode ------tips for **unlimited hunters** **sound test** **true hero mode** **unlimited subweapons** true hero ------tips for **unlimited hunters** **sound test** **true hero mode** **unlimited subweapons** **stage select** **choose default subweapon (that is very fun)** If someone is frustaded by the game i can give him the tips ( by mail) :) Afterstar it's hard to, explain how to draw that depend of each person and it's experience. I made the ligtn shadow effect with PSP4 with the "retouch option" You can also lower the intensity of your paint brush in MMF that will create good effects.
Posted by Pixalatio 22nd February, 2004

that is one amazing game! i havent played games of this quality since r-type 3 on the snes :D you must have lots of free time to make such great games
Posted by Dr. James MD 22nd February, 2004

i still havnt experienced any lag and im using my keyboard
Posted by Strife 23rd February, 2004

It depends on the computer. The game works fine on some computers, and lags on others. I played the game on my friend's computer the other day. His computer is more advanced than mine, but it ran very slow. Odd. :/ That's why I wanted to know how to run the game in a small window rather than full-screen, which may fix the problem.
Posted by speedball 24th February, 2004

that game kick ass :):):) yeeeeaaaahhhh...
Posted by Dr. James MD 25th February, 2004

yea got lag before, was playing on my fairly weak laptop :) cant get passed level 3... still... :)
Posted by RPG4Lif3 25th February, 2004

MIG2 is a legendary game maker...anyone else agree? if so, press 111...lolz...BTW bada*s game, i like it..
Posted by Astral_86 26th February, 2004

You're right RPG4Lif3!!! This game just entered the best games list :) It deserves it really! :D
Posted by GoMoogles 26th February, 2004

One word: wow. Just wow. One look at the screenshots and already enticed to download.
Posted by MIG2 29th February, 2004

The game is updated :) it now runs on windowed screen (for full screen press alt + enter)
Posted by Dr. James MD 9th March, 2004

hey Mig, what games (if any) did you use for inspiration? just that im picking up bits of U.N. Squadron and R-Type in there :)
Posted by MIG2 9th March, 2004

Mainly thunder force ( III and IV) for the sprites .Also last resort on Neo Geo .The aliens/machines mixing was inspired of R-Type.(I'm not sure but i think it was the first time that aliens and machines were mixed in the same game.Before R'Type enemie's force were composed of aliens or machines but never of both ).
Posted by Strife 11th March, 2004

YES!! I completed the game!! Man, i'm good. :D I feel like I just beat the hardest PC game in the known universe. ;) Now I gotta beat it on Normal mode... But, i'm surprised. Only TWO people have reviewed Last Defender. C'mon, people!
Posted by Dr. James MD 16th April, 2004

Ive been playing this a bit longer now and i really like it, definately one of the best click shmups released (eagerly awaits Biax's TE2). id probably give it 8/10 in a review now after playing for much longer.
Posted by clwe 17th May, 2004

Wow. This is an amazing shoot-em-up. I downloaded it, thinking 'Ill just play it for a little while, then move on to other things'...and it hooks me until I complete it on Easy. I think that says it all :). It's fun just using hunters on all the different enemies, to see what weapons they have. Fear my 'bullet B'! The difficulty does ramp up fairly quick, but it has that addictive 'one more go' quality. You know you can get past that level, it's just a case of getting it right. Knowing which enemies you can get certain subweapons/shields from helps greatly, too. Methinks some people have lost their twitch-reflex actions over the years ;) Great game.
Posted by Beppo 24th May, 2004

Who is the sick criminal that tested the difficulties of this game?? Impossible without auto-shooting joypad, impossible anyway after the third mission. I want cheats!!
Posted by sayajjin 29th July, 2004

this is the best most proffessional click game ive ever played.Really impressed. I have a problem with full screen mode however- when i press Alt+Enter to go to full screen the small mabye 320/200 screen stays about the same size the colors in the game go funny (like the MMF xor ink effect ) and the rest of the screen goes black. Id love to play it full screen, because its awesome.
Posted by Strife 1st August, 2004

That's an odd problem, sayajjin. Try running it on a friend's computer and see if you get the same results. Well, the 100th "Ultimate GOTW" award is coming soon. When it goes underway, vote for Last Defender. :)
Posted by ChasetheCheese 24th August, 2004

Really good game, but a hard Gradius-a-like Style :) Keep up the good work! Oh and btw, I bet you have a french keyboard (AZERTY etc.) hehe, The * key is totally located elsewhere on QWERTY ones :)






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