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Spyro Pig\Waldo Widget Abandonware
Author: Retired Kliker Lazarus Submitted: 7th November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 204

These are too old games I found while digging through my zip disk...Spyro Pig, a game from 2002 that I forgot about, is about a pig who's friends were abducted by killer chickens. Make your way through two levels and collect all the keys in order to unlock the exit. It uses the engine from my upcoming game: Vampire Boy. Not the best, but its not bad.

Waldo Widget: This was made in games factory two years ago about a wizard. And then a game called 'Harry Potter' fell into my hands, and I scrapped it because it was eerily similer. Just get the mail, learn one spell, and find all the secrets and the exit. Thats it. (Note: Use mouse to use wand, and have it scroll with you). Shoot by clicking the left side of the mouse. Warning: This game isn't very good graphics wise, so don't be disipointed.


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Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 7th November, 2003

Just so everyone knows...Vampire Boy is going to be waaaaaay better than this! :D But still, its pretty good!
Posted by Karnage [Ragnarok Games] 7th November, 2003

Seems pretty cool. But can someone answer me this: What the heck is abandonware? All I know about is freeware and shareware.
Posted by Muggus 7th November, 2003

Hahaha that pig looks so cool!
Posted by Teapot 7th November, 2003

abandonware is just any game that will not be finished
Posted by Teapot 7th November, 2003

that pig is the coolest thing in a click game ever, tops on the other hand isn't
Posted by Karnage [Ragnarok Games] 8th November, 2003

Yeah, that pig is badass! and thanks for answering me damien
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 8th November, 2003

Thanks! :D
Posted by AndyUK 8th November, 2003

"that pig is the coolest thing in a click game ever, tops on the other hand isn't" there was no need for that damien.:( but what a name for a game.
Posted by Teapot 8th November, 2003

sorry andyuk, ill make it up to you, here have a trophy
Posted by AndyUK 9th November, 2003

2 games i see now ive tried them. im guessing this is the first attempt at a custom engine not bad all
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 9th November, 2003

umm great game...*cough*not*cough*
Posted by -_darkman_- 10th November, 2003

show Tops some respect. He's one badass pig with those boxing gloves!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 10th November, 2003

I really do like tops the pig. Its cool! And Jonas...Do you have a cold or something?
Posted by The Chris Street 10th November, 2003

Actually, Tops is a cool pig. I'm quite looking forward to Tops 3, because I've seen much of the source, and its pretty good fun. It'd need polishing up a bit though. As for this, havent played it. But the sky in the screenshot looks cool.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 11th November, 2003

Andyuk... Um, is Tops 3 coming out soon? I must play it! :)
Posted by -_darkman_- 13th November, 2003

he has a demo out of it
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 5th December, 2003

:D :D :D Heck with the demo, the full version just came out! :D :D :D





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