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Elf World Engine Debug
Author: Retired Kliker Lazarus Submitted: 21st May, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 413

Edited By Lazarus (CapriceVision Games) on 5/21/2005

Edited By Lazarus (CapriceVision Games) on 5/21/2005

I've been working on a re-make of Elf World (the first game I ever released). It's been a good 6 months of work (not much for some of you, but I don't stay commited for that long. )
Anyway, I re-made the engine today because the old one was far to 'airy' (you'll see what I mean). The second one is buggy, but I just started working on it, and I'd like some feedback, and I'd like some advice on how to improve.

Old Engine- to can I fix?
New Engine- in it's infancy, so it's buggy. Help!

Please, don't rip me a part here, I just want to make this a good game, so I'm working hard on getting the engine to be perfect.


Engine 1: Up- Jump
Arrows- move

Engine 2: Shift- Jump
Arrows- Move

Note: On the second engine, the gems can't be collected.

Other stuff:
* Are the graphics okay?
* Is there anything out of place?
* What do you like and/or dislike?
* What could be improved/how can it be improved?
Game Info:

(X= Not inculded in this version, 'cause it's just the engine, foo.)

Elf World is a game about an Elf named Spak who must retrieve all 6 pieces of a magic staff that will return the kingdom of Elf Land back to normal.

*6 huge worlds X
*Totally original graphics X
*New improved engine (working on it)
*Tons of Easter Eggs and secret games X
*Several power-ups (like double jump, fire spell and more!)X
*Lots of baddies and difficult bosses X
*A new save system (thanks to Jambo)X
*Two modes of play X
*Deathmatch Mode X
Also, I plan to make extensions and bonus packs to add on to the game.
I already have a few beta testers, but if anyone else wants to help, give me a DC mail.
P.S. Can anyone tell me why the heck this is a 4.18meg game? It's only a short demo! O_o

Review This Download (4.18mb )

Posted by Ski 21st May, 2005

its weird. He bounced all over the place, stuck to walls, killed an elf with a red cap when he jumped up in stead of down on him, and automatically stuck himself to the blue moving platform when i jumped next to it. Quite buggy in my opinion... and the elf character gets lost with all the other graphics due to him being quite small... but other than that its good!
Posted by The Chris Street 21st May, 2005

The first engine was a bit rubbish. A bit like bouncing around in a pinball machine. Spak was a nightmare to control. The second engine was noticeably better, although he didn't jump all the time and often didn't land on the ground properly. The second one already though is much better than the first, you just need to evolve it a bit.
Posted by DaVince 21st May, 2005

Um... I was supposed to be a beta tester? :'(
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 21st May, 2005

wow, that first engine was out of control. Was that the engine I gave you forever ago? Bah, NM, the second engine is much better, still some problems, but not nearly as bad as the first.
Posted by clwe 21st May, 2005

There are a few things that can bloat the filesize of an application: 1) Colour depth. By default it's set to 16 million colours (I think), but that's a waste unless you plan to use that many. For the majority of games, 32768 or 256 colours are fine. This will cut down the filesize a lot *and* make your game run better for those with less capable computers. 2) Wave sounds. Of course, you have to use them...but keep in mind that good quality samples (i.e. stereo, 44100Khz) can take up space rather quickly. 3) Unneded active objects. This doesn't affect filesize that much (unless you use big ones), but don't use actives unless you need to, basially.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 21st May, 2005

DaVince: You're still the beta tester. This is a public beta. ;)
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 21st May, 2005

And thank you for the constructive critisim! :)
Posted by thinlikenate 21st May, 2005

This game is rubbish. Even if there were no bugs in it, rubbish. An elf with no arms or legs pretends to be Mario? No thanks.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 21st May, 2005

Congratulations, you are now on my black list.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 21st May, 2005

And how about giving me some constructive critisim so that I can improve on the bad? Thank-you to everyone else, though. :)
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 21st May, 2005

I doubt he even knows how to use CT software. He sounds like a random idiot trying to compensate something to me.
Posted by Cazra 21st May, 2005

Not too many bugs platform-wise, but the movement is pretty hard to control. At one point though, I fell through the floor next to one of the mushroom backdrops and got stuck.
Posted by Jason Dudie 21st May, 2005

the movement is really hard but the graphics are great
Posted by The Chris Street 21st May, 2005

"even if there were no bugs in it, rubbish." It's a beta, you turd! Give the guy some decent feedback (aka: constructive critisism).
Posted by ben mercer 21st May, 2005

"you turd!" Hear Hear :-)
Posted by AndyUK 21st May, 2005

1st engine: Try making it possible to change your momentum in mid-air. And make sure the mushrooms doesnt go in front of the floor, it will cause problems. (look at the one at the start) 2nd engine: find out why the character doesn't always land on the floor rather 4 to 5 pixels above it. And i think the character is way too small for that window size.
Posted by thinlikenate 22nd May, 2005

holy crap, i'm on his blacklist! i hope that means he forbids me from playing his games. gasp! anyways, my constructive criticism is: we don't want another game like mario. be more original.
Posted by The Chris Street 22nd May, 2005

I agree with Phizzy. You can only speak for yourself, not for others. I'd be quite happy with another Marioish game - as long as it's not another blasted fangame. Thinlikenate, advice: Think before you speak.
Posted by Phredreeke 22nd May, 2005

How do I switch engines?
Posted by Phredreeke 22nd May, 2005

Sorry about that... (first time I finished it, I went past the arrow sign and fell off screen) First engine is hard as **** to control. Second is a bit better.
Posted by AndyUK 22nd May, 2005

The jumping is like bubsy bobcat where you can't change your momentum in mid air, however in bubsy you can move a little, in this you can't move at all unless you're on the floor.
Posted by thinlikenate 22nd May, 2005

I'm just being honest. You know as well as I do that this game is going to be terrible. If you really want to help the guy out, tell him to stop making watered down recycled crap. Run, collect the coins, jump on the bad guy's head. Boring, boring, boring. If you're still not convinced, at least try to add some kind of new twist to it. Chris Street / Circy, advice: Don't be such a tool.
Posted by thinlikenate 22nd May, 2005

Yup. You got it. Have you played ULTRA REALISM II: TURBO yet? It's awesome. It's just like Mario, but here's the twist: Mario is an ELF, and it sucks. It's awesome.
Posted by hop 22nd May, 2005

It's fine to say some constructive criticism, but if you haven't even made one game yet you can't say someone else's game sucks (even though you probably shouldn't anyway).
Posted by thinlikenate 23rd May, 2005

Why not? I'm pretty sure every one is entitled to an opinion. Have you ever seen a movie you didn't like and while walking out the theatre, said to yourself: "Wow, that really sucked. I can't believe I wasted my time on that." I bet you have.
Posted by The Chris Street 23rd May, 2005

Talk to me like that again, thinlikenate and you're off DC.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 23rd May, 2005

Thanks everyone, I'm working on it. :) @thinlikenate: 1)You've played one level out of Elf World. I try not to judge a game by one level. 2)I haven't seen you post a single game, and until you understand the work that it takes to make a game, you should keep your trap shut. I'm bound to school until summer, so I can only work on it once in a while. As you can see, I haven't posted any game for a couple months, and this is due to the fact that I go to school. So please, don't judge this game until you've played something other then the beta. And if the download still works, check out the old version of Elf World, and you will see improvement.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 24th May, 2005

Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 24th May, 2005

I don't see what I did wrong...? Defending my beta test isn't a crime, is it? :(
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 24th May, 2005

Makes sense. ;)
Posted by Zethell 21st January, 2006

Posted by thinlikenate - "we don't want another game like mario. be more original."

Please don't talk for others, you don't know shit about what WE want.

I LOVE Mario! Its a classic and it still pawns!





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