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Evil Kitty's Khristmas Wish!
Author: Retired Kliker Lazarus Submitted: 1st January, 2009 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 226

Edited By Lazarus [GameMine Resurrected] on 1/1/2009

Edited By Lazarus [GameMine Resurrected] on 1/1/2009

Edited By Original Recipe Lazarus on 1/1/2009

Ho-Ho-Horrible! It's Evil Kitty's Khristmas Wish, the most heart-warming Yule Time Yarn you've ever smelled. We here at Gamemine Resurrected wanted to make a game not only bad for your physical being, but for your immortal soul as well. What could be more soul destroying than a game involving horrible, rapacious hobos, nudist Santa Clause, Jesus contraceptive puppets, the hunting of the mentally challenged, and an evil plot by a soon-to-be offended group *name withheld for plot twist reasons!!!*?

From the ReadMe file...

"Background Info
Evil Kitty was a little parasite who pestered the community back in 2005. He released a
series of awful games under the company name of Gamemine, including the mememorable
"Shoot Peach" (a game in which you shot Peach from the Mario universe), and its equally
astounding sequals. Long ago, I decided it would be a funny idea to make a game about
this silly little kid.

I announced that Evil Kitty - Teh Awesomest Adventure Evar, was my latest project sometime
in August 07. And Kitty didn't like it. My PM box was flooded with messages like:

"I dont think its very nice that you make fun of me in a game plus ITS ILLEGAL TO USE ME IN GAME WITOUT PERMISSION!!"


"My online alias is copyright because i thought it up. Anything you think up is copyrighted, although youd need to get a law firm to do anythin about it.

So I say agen, change ur game!"

This only made me want to make it more.
Well, I'm not one who can commit to long-term projects, and so Evil Kitty - Teh Awesomest
Adventure Evar, was abandoned in the beginning of 08, after some frustration over coding. (I'm not the
greatest coder evar). And all of my other projects went on a long hiatus, because I became
sick and tired of Klik, because I could never make products that I was proud of.

And then, at the beginning of December 08, I became interested in Klik again. I pulled out
my barely-used copy of MMF2, and decided to make a game, just for me, something that I would
enjoy making. I didn't want to stress over how well it was recieved, I just wanted
to have fun. And so, Evil Kitty's Khristmas Wish was spawned, created over the course of three
days and many little half-hour and hour sessions.

It's not the best game ever made. It's not innovative. I made it because I like making games.
I hope some folks in the Klik Community can look past its many imperfections and just enjoy it.
Because in the end, I feel like the reason why the Klik Community is shrinking is because
people have forgotten how to have fun with Clickteam products. They weren't intitally made
for commercial use, but for home use, so that little kids like Evil Kitty and idiots like Nuklear
could make games for themselves, maybe inspire them to go on and make a career out of it.

So, yeah, that's my spheel. My New Years resolution is to finish Elf World. Haha."


Evil Kitty is tired of his hillbilly parents' fighting. And so, he gets advice from a homosexual
star, who tells him to wish to Santa Clause. During his travels to Santa's Castle, Kitty
must avoid pedophiles that roam the night, in the guises of kindly old St. Nicks and Jesus'.
In the end, EK will uncover a grand conspiracy against Santa, led by an old Klik Community foe,
and her organization of power-hungry deviants...

-4 Fun, platforming levels.
-Like, 4 kinds of baddies and stuff.
-2 mini games that can be unlocked by collecting all of the Star Points.
-A half-way decent engine, that includes double jumps, springs, and more.
-One really, really bad boss level.
-All sorts of obstacles, including spikes, cannons, mobile platforms, switches and doors.
-Cut scenes "drawed" by Evil Kitty.
-Actual Evil Kitty videos interjected badly into the poorly-thought-out plot.


Another note: I swear, I can draw. The cutscenes were done cheaply and quickly, and it makes it funnier anyway. Or cheap. Maybe a healthy mix.

*Some objects rearrange themselves on the screens sometimes. I have yet to discover what the cause is. Moved over lines and lines of code, but to know avail. I'll probably end up contacting Clickteam, as this is pissing me off.
*Sound problems; when a track overlaps another, it pauses the game briefly. This only happened on one of the four computers I tested it on.

There are more. Seriously, there are a lot more.

So, yeah, I hope some people find this game amusing/enjoyable. It's not groundbreaking, it's not great, but I loved making it, and that's all I really care about.

Have a great New Year everyone! This community is awesome; may it live well until the world ends in 2012!

P.S. I apologise for the Freewebs link. But it's all I could find on short notice. Go get slammed, why don't you? It's the New Year!

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Posted by easyname 1st January, 2009

I downloaded (You should use something other than freewebs, freewebs is sloooow) But when I tried to run it it just came up with a black screen :/
Posted by W3R3W00F 1st January, 2009

Press enter. I was wondering why it did that too.
Posted by W3R3W00F 1st January, 2009

LOL I think Phizzy should have been the main bad guy. >_<
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 2nd January, 2009

Hmmm...did you install it to the C:\Program Files\EKC folder? If not, the videos won't work.
Posted by Demon Lizardman 2nd January, 2009

Yay, it's released!
Posted by AndyUK 4th January, 2009

It looks like a pretty decent game but with a few pretty bad problems.

First of all when you go down to collect stars right near the start of the first level you can't get back up to the top again. So the whole area must be avoided. I hope that isn't intentional.

When I died once I came back completely invincible.

I fell off the bottom of the level on more than one occasion and the window scrolled to the top left and stopped.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 5th January, 2009

Woaaah. I didn't have any of them problems when I ran it through beta testing.

1)For the stars, which section exactly has the falling off the map problem?

2)I don't know why the hell you're invincible when you die. Maybe because Kitty believes in Jesus. I looked at the code, and it should set shit back to the way it was.

Yeah. It's not a great game. It's a work in progress. Fixing stuff now.
Posted by AndyUK 8th January, 2009

1. um i got it at the end of level 1 and near the start of level 1. I think i was inside a hidden wall place when it first happened.

2. could be some rare occurance that causes it.
Posted by DaVince 10th July, 2010

I wonder where my music went.





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