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Glob Episode 1 ::UPDATE: BUGS FIXED::
Author: Retired Kliker Lazarus Submitted: 31st December, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 205

Edited By Lazarus (CapriceVision) on 3/28/2004

I've been on the Daily Click for about five months, and I have NEVER posted a finished game. Until now...
Story: Glob is the story of a mad scientist by the name of Dr. Lucifer who has a crazy world domanation plot.

He has made millions of Slime Monsters, known as Glops. They have many special abilities, all useful for DESTRUCTION. But deep in the Slime Sewers at the bottom of Luciferís lab is GLOB, the forgotten proto-type of the Glops. It was a disappointment for Lucifer. It did GOOD things! What good is that for an evil genius trying to take over the world? Anyway, he thought he had rid himself of the good little Glob by putting him in the Slime sewers, but oh so wrong he was! Glob now knows of the Doctorís evil plot, and he sets out to stop him!

Even though GLOB is good, he has a BAD attitude! Heíll kill anyone and anything that gets in his way. He will have to fight his way through robots, Glops, Monsters, and other unpleasant things to get from the Slime Sewers to the top of Luciferís Lab!

In this first installment, Glob must make it out of the Sewers. From there he must make it too floor one.

UPDATE: This is verison 1.3 of Glob. He goes faster, the slow transtions are gone, and more!

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Posted by Mkingy 1st January, 2004

dl. I was looking forward to this after a read the preveiw. :)
Posted by Mkingy 1st January, 2004

mkingy, its mkingy. the game is alrite, good graphics, but i found it really hard. Is it just me? Oh yeah, you really need to sort out the black hole thats just off the screen.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 1st January, 2004

Hmmm..Yes I see that black hole thingy. I don't know what that is! But it is supposed to be a hard game. Its short, so I tried to make it harder so people playing it wouldn't race right through it. But thanks for the comments!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 1st January, 2004

Sorry about the typo mkingy.
Posted by Mkingy 2nd January, 2004

no worries. i mean, wen you disappear off the edge of the screen
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 2nd January, 2004

It quite obvious the guy who wrote that review had no idea what he was talking about. It looks like he just wanted DC Points! I mean, its just the same thing over...and over...and over. Its not even about my game! Burn, Mill Kenny, burn!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 12th January, 2004

Jeeze I need a new host! They've cut off ALL my screen shots!





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