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Spyro Pig: Pig of Revenge Engine Test #
Author: Retired Kliker Lazarus Submitted: 6th April, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 326

All right, this is my second attempt at a good "Spyro Pig: Pig of Revenge" Engine. In this engine/demo thingy you'll find three engine tests: the first is from the original (un-released) Spyro game: Meat Factory Run. The second is from Spyro Pig Abandonware. The third is the newest. Here's the movements:
Left curser: Move left
Right Curser: Move Right
Hold down Space: Run
Shift: Jump
Shift+Up: Double, triple, quadruple jump!
Known bugs:
-Stomping is a bit buggy, and I'm working on it.
-For some reason, when you leave the play area, it doesn't restart. I'm working with this, too.

*This will not be the level design for the game. That would suck.

This is mainly so that you can see how the engines progressed. I hope I improved! Anyway, enjoy, and give me feedback, please!


It will inculde:
-4 giant worlds!
-3 huge levels in each world, with a grand total of 12 levels!
-Lots of baddies, guns, and more!
-Special abbilties like high jump, running, and more!
-Secret levels and areas!
-And much more!
Release date unknown.

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Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 6th April, 2004

God, I never noticed how SLOW my new host is. :P
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 6th April, 2004

holy crap, it doesn't even start downloading.
Posted by AndyUK 6th April, 2004

i got it at 75k/s but it was steadily going down. luckily this is a small file
Posted by vortex2 6th April, 2004

Seemed to download ok for me. Graphics arent bad, but the engine is pretty strange. The player is too slow to jump, the player also needs to be slightly invincible at the very start so the enemy doesnt kill you right away. ALSO you need to make it so when you just start the level you can shoot. oh and also, you need more lives or something you die to fast :S
Posted by AndyUK 6th April, 2004

you are right about the third engine being the best and about the jump on head move being buggy. (in the readme) the spring wont work first time though it always does after a few tries. i could make you a good engine with these faetures if you want.
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 6th April, 2004

hmm, it doesn't even start for me, fweeking cable.
Posted by Philipe (Phil-Con Games) 6th April, 2004

the game looks like it would be a lot of fun, but the glitches make it hard to tell. I personally think this is gonna turn out pretty good. I think i might be able to help with the stomping bug were u die on stompamicating the enemy. Im not sure how you designed his movement (with detectors and X/Y stuff OR normal platform movement with a few events applied) and how u make him stomp the enemy (with the bottom detector (if any detectors) or another detector placed beneath that one), but i think i might know how to fix it (this is an annoying mistake that i make all the time and you might know better than to make this error, though im not sure and i probably should be). You might have made the detectors overlap (if any) and if youve programed it to were if you're touched on a side detector (once again if any) and you die, than the side ones could be touching the enemy first OR the pig could continue moving barely enough to touch the enemy with your side detector(s) after squishing one, which might be why they sometimes die at the same time you die. You might think this is stupid advice if you know better, but I do this ALL THE FREAKING TIME AND IT TICKS ME OFF, so I'm pretty careless myself. Im sorry if saying this is presumptuous or anything :(
Posted by Philipe (Phil-Con Games) 6th April, 2004

I forgot to mention, i dunno how to leave this :( . I have to ctrl+alt+delete my way out. (or at least i dont know how to quit anyways)
Posted by Simen 7th April, 2004

how 'bout alt+F4?
Posted by Cazra 7th April, 2004

yup, Alt+F4 works for me. The new engine moves left and right kind of slow though. I can't get past the first spring because of Spyro's speed.
Posted by Teapot 7th April, 2004

121ks per second, really fast for my broadband.
Posted by Teapot 7th April, 2004

Why is it so hard to make a good engine? I made a near-perfect one on my first try!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 7th April, 2004

Well, thanks everyone for the advice. :) @ Echisketch(SGG): God, I know. The only reason why I have this webhost is because its a small improvement from downloadz. I'll work on my own site, (I'm becoming my own webhost, I have everything set up ;).) @Andyuk: That would be appreciated if you made me an engine. :) I'll put your company name on it with Neonair and CapriceVision. :) @Philipe: Thank you very much. :) And ya, I used detectors, Alternet Vaules, ect. The stomping is just "SPYRO collides with BADDIE + SPYRO Animation "Falling" is playing." It can be VERY buggy. :( @Snerlin: Ya, he moves extreamly slow. But hold down space to run. :) @Teapot: Make silence! XD No, kidding. I just don't have a knack for making stealler engines. :( Again, I thank everyone for everything! :)
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 7th April, 2004

My God, that's a lot of smilies. :P
Posted by AndyUK 7th April, 2004

and a lot of letters.
Posted by Tongs 7th April, 2004

And alot of pointless comments. Nice little game you got going here. The engine is shaping up nicely. Keep it up!
Posted by vortex2 8th April, 2004

I feel left out :(.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 8th April, 2004

I just got Andyuk's Spyro Enigne. I'll update it soon so everyone can see. :) And Vortex, a Sprint guy just came a few hours ago and gave me two lines, so I'll be able to self-host. Then you can download it! :)
Posted by vortex2 8th April, 2004

hmm? I already DID download it, you just didnt seem to see my comment which made me feel left out :P oh well.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 9th April, 2004

Thanks, JonWog. :) And Vortex- Sorry. I didn't mean to leave you out. The jumping is EXTREAMLY slow. I'll try to fix it. I just thought you could'nt download it. Sorry again. :)
Posted by Tom Alder 24th May, 2004

keep it up ;) {laugh}





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