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Mario Forever
Author: BUZIOL Submitted: 7th March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 513

Edited By BUZIOL on 3/8/2004

Edited By BUZIOL on 3/8/2004

Edited By BUZIOL on 3/7/2004

Edited By BUZIOL on 3/7/2004

Wanna play a fantastic, ultimate Mario clone from Buziol Games garage ? Yes? You can do that now! Enjoy!

- 8 different worlds (about 40 levels)!
- Fight with Kuppa, and his new slaves!
- Ultra, hiper platform algoritms
- Smart enemies (hammer turtle, Kuppa)!
- Many secrets, hide passages!
- New extra bonuses!
- Ultimate graphics!
- Save game, at end of any world.
- You can change controls.
- 2 languages (English, Polish)
- Animations.
- Fantastic music background.
- Nice instruction (include enemy lists, bonuses, help topics).
- 0% Gore, 100% fun!
- And more....

What are you waiting for?

Download, Download, Download....
Play, play, play....
Fun, fun, fun!

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  (15.6mb )

Posted by BUZIOL 7th March, 2004

Who first complete this game :) ? I'm waiting ;)
Posted by Zimtower 8th March, 2004

whoa i love the lava, cant wait to play to see how good the engine is.
Posted by Zimtower 8th March, 2004

looks like it is based on mario bros. 3(my favorite game)
Posted by Zimtower 8th March, 2004

If you want positive comments i suggest fixing the download before we all go crazy.
Posted by Dr. James MD 8th March, 2004

ouch 15mb... :( this looks awesome too
Posted by The Chris Street 8th March, 2004

These graphics surely can't be original. Looks great, dloading.
Posted by BUZIOL 8th March, 2004

to download game go to : and select right link from list :)
Posted by Killerjedi 8th March, 2004

This game looks amazing, I can't wait until it finishes downloading.
Posted by Killerjedi 8th March, 2004

Ahhh! The installer doesn't work... *sob*
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 8th March, 2004

Doesn't work for me either.
Posted by BUZIOL 8th March, 2004

hmmm, ill try to upload file again.. be patient, :)
Posted by Zimtower 8th March, 2004

i told you to fix it
Posted by Bastian 8th March, 2004

15 megabytes, are you kidding...
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 8th March, 2004

Hooray for my high-speed connection. (The download link still doesn't work, though. Going to the site gives a circular reference to here.)
Posted by 8th March, 2004

fix the link quick! This game could be really sucessful if someone could download it!!!!!
Posted by 8th March, 2004

you just linked it back to here wtf???
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 8th March, 2004

ah crap why does a mario fan game have to come along evry time I release something im cursed CURSED I TELL YOU!!!!!!!! oh and id just like to congratulate shigeru Myamoto and his team for the lovely graphics
Posted by Killerjedi 8th March, 2004

Wow. I didn't realize you were an asshole, Blueemu. *Shakes head*
Posted by Evil Monkey 8th March, 2004

I can't download the game. Why? Because the download link you gave goes to your site, and the link there is the link I just followed, which takes me to the same site, so there is absolutely no way to download the game! Please fix it!
Posted by Maddie 8th March, 2004

Fix it. Lookin forward.
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 8th March, 2004

hey I was only giving credit were credit is due I just as a rule dont really like fan games eapecilly ones with ripped graphics is that really a crime
Posted by Maddie 8th March, 2004

Those aren't ripped. What are you talking about?
Posted by ripthor 8th March, 2004

The link to the game is Had to mess with the adress a bit to find it...
Posted by Evil Monkey 8th March, 2004

The installer says, "This installer contains invalid data." Try recompiling the installer.
Posted by ripthor 8th March, 2004

Yeah, just tried it and got the error.
Posted by Maddie 8th March, 2004

You better fix this, there are people that have to spend hours downloading this game.
Posted by 8th March, 2004

how are your ratings on this so good? it seems that no ones played it yet.
Posted by BUZIOL 8th March, 2004

Ok, i fix the link, you can download file now. Buford T Justice, you will find the answer, when you download mario and play it!
Posted by DuckTape 9th March, 2004

Over all a nice game BUT! What’s with the scrolling? Noticed jerky scrolling on first playing the game.You have an option for smooth scrolling, Can’t tell any difference? If you had smooth scrolling it would be Great! Still gets a Thumb's-Up from me. :)
Posted by The Chris Street 9th March, 2004

This is brilliant. Best Mario fan game I can remember playing. If you find a more stable host and download link, I might add it to the front page.
Posted by BullDozer 9th March, 2004

The name of this game sounds like its a tribute to all original mario games, so why should recreate the gfx? He didnt want to reinvent mario, did he? Looks like a fine ass game to me! But i dont think i´ll download it------>56k xD Sorry....
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 9th March, 2004

im not saying its a bad game im just saying if i wanted to play a mario game id actually play one not download someones elses 'tribute' to it
Posted by Killerjedi 9th March, 2004

Wow, this is really great. I'm gonna review it later once I beat it. Right now I haven't got much of a chance to play, so I've only barely passed the first stage.
Posted by The Chris Street 9th March, 2004

Bah, the first castle stage is impossible. The third or forth gap I just cannot jump over without plopping into the lava.
Posted by Smeggy 9th March, 2004

10/10? - it may be a good fan game but it certainly does NOT deserve that score..
Posted by Maddie 9th March, 2004

Just awesome. It deserves the 10 all the way. Don't be jealous Jon!
Posted by Smeggy 9th March, 2004

How am I being Jealous, giving my own opinion?
Posted by Kirby Smith 9th March, 2004

Slow server... 33KB/Sec on a cable modem. Game looks cool tho.
Posted by Dr. James MD 9th March, 2004

this is awesome. love pretty much everything about it. nice how it has a Mario Bros 1 style engine/powerups but Mario World and Yoshis Island music. only gripe i have is the engine is a little shoddy, namely jumping at blocks. but thats like 3% of the game... so it gets 97% XD
Posted by Smeggy 9th March, 2004

It has flaws therefore it doesn't get a perfect 10, BUT it is greatly impressive so I'd give it a 9.5..
Posted by BUZIOL 9th March, 2004

CIRCY use sometimes "z" button(run) ;)
Posted by Kirby Smith 9th March, 2004

Nice game. Reviewed.
Posted by 9th March, 2004

anyone find the castle secret? jump up those invisible blocks, that helped me.
Posted by Tongs 9th March, 2004

Whoa, looks great! *downloads*
Posted by Tongs 9th March, 2004

Awesome game... very well done! :)
Posted by Killerjedi 9th March, 2004

Yay! You can run by holding Z! Now the game is possible. *Grins*
Posted by A.C. software© 10th March, 2004

niiiiceeee game
Posted by Zimtower 10th March, 2004

If you want this game on the front page say "I"
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 10th March, 2004

There's nothing I hate as much as ripped graphics.
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 10th March, 2004

Because there doesn't seem to be an EDIT-button; Even though it's a fan game I think you should make your own graphics. You learn from it and alot more people will be interested/less annoyed by the game. There's a bad habit going around where many people completely ignore games that have ripped graphics.
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 10th March, 2004

Very well programmed though.
Posted by The Chris Street 10th March, 2004

ah, a Z button! I dont remember seeing any of that in any help menu or documentation...
Posted by Airflow 10th March, 2004

lol, I had been working on a super mario world engin.(Attempting to make a half decent fan game) Looks like you beat me to it! :) Excellent graphics. But 15mb!? How abouts a smaller cut down version? 3mb mabye?
Posted by Spram 10th March, 2004

I really liked it but here are my two main complaints: 1. The graphics in the maps and menu are so great, why not use something similar in the levels? 2. The game is too similar to the first Super Mario Bros. Maybe new enemies or different types of levels? Anyway, I love the bowser boss fights and the music. It's fun. I'll keep on playing later once I have the time.
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 10th March, 2004

How the hell are you people getting it to work? Everytime I download it says 'invalid data.'
Posted by Maddie 10th March, 2004

Clear your cache and delete temp internet files. It will work.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 10th March, 2004

Did you say this was a MARIO CLONE? Because this must be the best mario clone ever! :D The game play is cool, the AI is great! I likes it! But it is one huge game. I had to download it over night! Downsize it a bit! ;)
Posted by Smeggy 10th March, 2004

Buziol, submit this game here:
Posted by =FrAgGy9100= 10th March, 2004

World's BEST MARIO CLONE AWARD FROM ME!!! By the way, have you tested Matrix-Mario yet? I maked it! :):):) Im really pleased if someone writes a review of it :D
Posted by BullDozer 10th March, 2004

Hey fraggy, youre starting to get on my nerves! 1. Learn to speak/write proper english "i maked it" <--wtf?? 2. Your friggin "Matrix-Mario" is the first matrix mario clone completely without matrix powers <--wtf?? ... You wont get anyone to download your stuff THAT way....
Posted by BullDozer 10th March, 2004

Where are you from anyway? Germany? If so send me a dcmail ;-)
Posted by Smeggy 10th March, 2004

Meh, he's a foreign newbie, so what do you expect..
Posted by Cazra 10th March, 2004

slow server. It's downloading at 17kbps and I've got cable. What the heck though, I can wait. :)
Posted by steve 10th March, 2004

i'm not sure why people are reviewing a copy of somebody else's game; doesnt make sense to me. I liked your other game, BUZIOL (even though it had a very bad platform engine) but I dont see the point in downloading a clone of a game I already have on console, sorry.
Posted by Cazra 10th March, 2004

This game wasn't really as good as I expected. At some points, the engine acts funky. For example, when bouncing off those bouncy things, you have to press shift right when you land on them to bounce high. Some collisions seem weird, too. Other than that, nice game.
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 10th March, 2004

Isn't that the way it is in Mario? That you have to press jump?
Posted by Cazra 10th March, 2004

Yes, but it's annoying considering how quickly you have to press it.
Posted by Zimtower 10th March, 2004

hmmmmmm....,I have to say that the engine for scrolling needs to be rewritten cause it is annoying, and i suggest using better sound fx cause they sound bold.Those are my complaints otherwise this is better than the real game!
Posted by Rhys D 11th March, 2004

turn nice scrolling on in the options menu
Posted by Killerjedi 11th March, 2004

Those graphics aren't ripped. Try zooming in on a screenshot in MS Paint, then you tell ME if they're ripped.
Posted by Smeggy 11th March, 2004

Looks to me like they were ripped from a Snes Emulator using Kreeds Super Eagle mode..
Posted by Kris 12th March, 2004

looks like that to me too. still, as far as fan games go, it looks good, so i think i'll get it
Posted by Death Reaper X 12th March, 2004

its the fact it feels like mario and all the details...being able to kick the turle into other enemies, jump on it and stop it..hit the bricks from underneath to get the goombas etc. Really nice work :)
Posted by MATAY 12th March, 2004

this is the best mario game ever
Posted by Smeggy 12th March, 2004

Best Mario fan game ;)
Posted by =FrAgGy9100= 13th March, 2004

I'm from Finland, i showed this to my friends, and ONLY because it's from Buziol, they got this text to you: HIM is cool, maybe rocks. But mario clone like this is better than HIM! 10/10 !!
Posted by Imadjinn 13th March, 2004

Thumbs Up is not enough! This is the best game on this site bar NONE! I love you!
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 13th March, 2004

The graphics are ripped, but as stated, some visual effect has altered the sprites to look smoother.
Posted by Bartman 13th March, 2004

Nothing wrong with ripped graphics in my opinion. This is a very well programmed fan game. I dont really see anything wrong with it. Well, some of the sound effects dont match with each other and theres a little bit of gramatical errors in the English text mode, but the fact that it has 2 different languages is still pretty cool.
Posted by =FrAgGy9100= 15th March, 2004

Hmm...maybe you can make this to Super Mario Bros. 3 ? The Mario can fly in that. Make a same type! I can't wait for that: My NES is broken, so i cant play Mario 3! Maybe its Mario Forever 2 ?
Posted by UF Comtec 16th March, 2004

The spelling in this game is horrible. XD
Posted by =FrAgGy9100= 19th March, 2004

You're speaking truth. BUZIOL should use a translator to spell his game. And why he didn't do it with Word? It includes automatic correcting XD
Posted by =FrAgGy9100= 21st March, 2004

*Speaks english 24/7 hours while playing CS* But you know that i haven't got time to learn! I have to make Death By The Threat all the time, visit in TDC, go to buy food etc.
Posted by enix128 21st March, 2004

GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT !!! AWESOME GAME BUZIOL !!! I like plataform games and think your engine cool !!! Sorry my bad english... i an Brazilian and my connection is 56k... lol! Tchau amigos! =)
Posted by BUZIOL 22nd March, 2004

I wonder why my game(Mario Forever) not appear in "tdc gotw"? :|
Posted by David22 10th April, 2004

where did you get the mario sprites and the backrounds?
Posted by Brainstew 26th April, 2004

Great work!
Posted by sudu 26th May, 2004

Plz give me the correct link to download this game.
Posted by Phredreeke 31st May, 2004

This game is great, my only complaint is that it requires directsound enabled, which seems to screw up any other klik game I play, as well as dos games. Unfortunately I didn't have time to play beyond the first world.
Posted by Flaxo 17th June, 2004

The game look really cool but the link doesn't work!
Posted by Blackstorm 6th July, 2004

To all of you "ripped graphics suck" people out there... You guys always need something to whine about, don't you? :P I'm downloading this now on a 56k... Estimated Time: 1 hour... I hope it's worth the wait!
Posted by Blackstorm 7th July, 2004

Ok, there are about 67 links here... Which one should I choose? :P
Posted by Flaxo 13th July, 2004

DEAD LINK!!!! DEAD LINK!!!! DEAD LINK!!!! DEAD LINK!!!! DEAD LINK!!!! Blackstorm: These 67 links is a 'dead link', they say that the page requested is not existing! This page is a sort of SEARCH MOTOR. So the link is dead! You have wait 1 hour for only a stupid page of 'dead link'! Did you read my post just before yours? I say that the link doesn't work! BUZIOL: PLEASE!!! I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME BUT THE LINK DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! DEAD LINK! DEAD LINK! DEAD LINK! IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Hugo B. 1st December, 2004

Try going to their site I was able to download the game there with 100 kb/s!
Posted by Hugo B. 1st December, 2004

Excellent work by the way. Too bad it's not original, but in The Netherlands we say it's better to steal something good, than to think of something that sucks by yourself..
Posted by 12th March, 2005

Best Mario Fangame you could find on the net.
Posted by Airflow 22nd March, 2005

Hey! The ending is broken! It says to press enter but nothing happens! (and I can see a black counter in the bottom left hand corner) Other than that, it was awesome!






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