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Lila Nightmare
Author: Tomssuli Submitted: 14th June, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 155

Edited By Tomssuli on 29/07/2021

Edited By Tomssuli on 3/18/2010

This is a game I made using TGF a couple of years ago... Quite playable, but very hard =/

update log:
18.9.2005 Little bit boosted with sounds and some effect additions and bug fixes..
8.1.2006: Added 360 degrees turning and shooting
15.1.2006: Added landmines and fixed minigunbug (the clips kept appearing too often in about 200 kills)
30.1.2006: cluster grenade launcher added
24.5.2006: for the request from the audience, adjustable turn rates for both players
3.12.2006: Separated mines to be thrirdiary(?) weapon
18.4.2007: Again the audience is asked for it and I made separate scores for team and single player (with a new scores system that should work properly on every computer), fixed getting out of play arena bug, made joypad compatibility.
27.4.2007 Added sound effects... This game has been missing them for ages.

Lila nightmare
This is a simple 1 or 2 player Phobia clone.

1.What's the idea in this?
-If possible, you find a friend to play with you.
-You start the game.
-You eliminate as many aliens you can before your death.
-You get your name(s) and scores on the hall of fame.
-You can compete with others!

2.Start menu keys
enter = start
shift = switch 1p and 2p -modes
F1 = High scores
T + up = increase player's turn rate
T + Down = decrease player's turn rate


player 1
arrow keys to move
shift = shoot rifle
control = shoot secondary
- = change secondary
numpad 0 =lay mine
numpad ,= change mine

player 2
E = move forward
D = move backward
S = turn left
F = turn right
tab = shoot rifle
§ = shoot secondary
1 = Change weapon
Q = Lay mine
W = Change mine

an assault rifle with unlimited ammo

Clusterbomb (explodes when fire2 released)


Ammo for secondary weapons

restores 25% of normal health

graphics & other work: Tomssuli
Musics and sound effects from:
-The internet
-The Games Factory CD

Lila Nightmare -logo in screenshot: Koala

Tomssuli greets:
Scoutgirls around the world
All Other people who make games

And all the other friends here in Finland I didn't mention!

BBB ee
B B e e
B B e
BBB ee
-BlackEnter Software (Unreg.)

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Posted by Tomssuli 14th June, 2004

A little blood splattering fun... Gets soon pretty tough though, but otherwise it wouldn't be a nightmare, would it. >=) The original idea was from a game named "alien phobia 2" ...I think it still is greatest game in this category! =)
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 14th June, 2004

Finland, Finland, Finland the country where I want to be-he eating breakfast or dinner... Sorry, I love Monty Python. XD Downloading!
Posted by Muggus 15th June, 2004

Nice! Another wicked game from you. :D Although, again, probably could do with some sound effects.
Posted by Tomssuli 15th June, 2004

How much kills do you get in this? My best score was 855! :D
Posted by Tomssuli 15th June, 2004

after about 75 kills you're gonna get the minigun... Then the game begins to be insane fun! :)
Posted by 19th June, 2004

Really great, though i only got 34 kills.. Keep up the great work, Tomssuli! =)
Posted by Toni Lähdekorpi 7th December, 2004

Kato Suomesta prkl ;)
Posted by Tomssuli 18th September, 2005

It Works! The download works again!!! :)
Posted by Toni Lähdekorpi 24th September, 2005

Nice work... What did you use to make that "creature" on the first screenshot?
Posted by Tomssuli 25th September, 2005

Hmm... The picture's made by the other half of Blackenter Software, that would be my friend, Koala... I think he uses Adobe Photoshop to make graphics.
Posted by Tomssuli 8th January, 2006

Yey! My first 360 degree turning system in use on this old game!!





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