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Shrink and Destroy
Author: Tomssuli Submitted: 29th July, 2021 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 71

Edited By Tomssuli on 02/11/2021


Shrink and Destroy is a fast action platformer-shooter that features voice acted cutscenes, difficulty levels, bosses and online scores for speedrunners.

Doctor Szalinski has built a miniaturization bomb that he is threatening to destroy the world with.

Use a combat walker outfitted with a miniaturization device to hunt down the doctor and stop him from using the bomb.

- Move: WASD
- L Click: Fire your weapon
- R Click: Use melee weapon
- Numbers 1-4: Select your weapon
- Space: Jump and skip cutscenes
- Escape: Quit the game

- The machine gun is fast firing and good for mowing down lots of enemies.
- Rockets are good for destroying tough enemies or firing around walls since they track your mouse.
- Your laser is for killing many enemies in front of you at once. Hold to charge it and release to fire.
- If you run out of ammo you can jump on weakest enemies or use your melee attack to kill them.
- Pick up collectibles for more ammo and to repair your walker.
- The game records your play time. After completing all 3 levels, your time is sent to High Score list (not on casual or story mode though)
- Speedrun mode automatically skips cutscenes

Online Scores
- Normal Mode:
- Challenge Mode:
- Hardcore Mode:

Coding & Team Lead: Tomssuli
Graphics and art: Matte, Ducks, Gilbbari
Level Design: SilentLegion
Sound Effects: Saana
Level and Title Music: A-pelimies
Voice Overs: Saana & SilentLegion
Credits Song: Taival (the band exists on Spotify)

This is a finished Advanced Edition of our Ludum Dare 48 gamejam Entry. Jam's theme was "Deeper and Deeper"


- Version 1.03: Increased player weapons damage for casual and normal modes (05.08.2021)
- Version 1.04: Nerfed the increased missile damage not to include bossfights (05.08.2021)
- Version 1.05: Get your playthrough time posted also in story mode (1.11.2021)

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  (30 mkb )

Posted by Jankoleti 15th August, 2021

This was a very enjoyable game, Its really creative! The rap song was good, like mayonnaise
Posted by Tomssuli 27th August, 2021

Thanks for the praise!

I hope people would give more comments and critique about the game.

Also there's been 17 downloads so far and no new speedrun times.

I wonder if the game is not clear enough for how you get your time to the high scores... or is it too hard to play through or too easy/uninteresting to bother a speedrun?





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