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Panzer Wagon
Author: Tomssuli Submitted: 18th September, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 87

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Panzer Wagon

You are a panzer wagon commander!
Destroy all the buildings and drive away from the area, that is the mission! Watch out for enemy panzers!

arrow keys to move
shift to shoot

you get score by killing enemy soldiers

5 levels
1 weapon
2 colours
easy controls
challenging gameplay
you can desrtoy everything!

the rest:
you can't rest until you have went through this nice little arcade style game

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Posted by Assault Andy 18th September, 2005

It's really hard, the tanks always seem to 'know' when I am behind them, it's very hard to outshoot them.
Posted by Liquixcat 18th September, 2005

technically it's no colors. lol
Posted by Assault Andy 19th September, 2005

If that was a novel, I'd buy it.
Posted by Tomssuli 19th September, 2005

I made the enemy tanks shoot so slowly that if you are swift enough, you can shoot them after evading the first shot.
Posted by Tomssuli 19th September, 2005

I don't know if it's considered rude to advertise your other games in your own game's comments... But I'd still like to tell you people to try the updated versions of Lila Nightmare and Bazooka Challenge! There are lots of changes and I even added SFX to them :) ...what a sneaky bastard I am, shame on me :D
Posted by Aptennap 19th September, 2005

amazing graphics
Posted by minotauro 20th September, 2005

this game rules.
Posted by Hempuli 22nd September, 2005

Jonathan Smeby: And had saying that, a barrage of unceasing klik-comps based around no-color games ensued. And everyone died. THE END. Assault Andy: If that was a novel, I'd buy it. HA HA HA! What a nice joke! :D:D:D Good game. :) Really. :D
Posted by MasterM 28th September, 2005

well i had a game like that for my game boy and it was fun. i like those c64 graphics you gave it. sadly its a bit too hard for me. what i would fix is that you can move outside the screen.
Posted by Sir_Nokkis 28th September, 2005

Suomalainen? Anyway, good game. I especially like the graphics.
Posted by Tomssuli 28th September, 2005

Nokkis: Juu, suomalainen it is... or I am :D MasterM: I thought myself I could fix that same thing... forgot it though... I'll do it. Thanks for telling =)
Posted by Tomssuli 29th September, 2005

Fixed the moving outside the screen :)





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