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Volatile Witchcraft
Author: Tomssuli Submitted: 2nd November, 2021 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 171

Edited By Tomssuli on 02/11/2021

A little late for the halloween-compo (because I forgot to post it here), but we present you a game where the moods of the witches will change like day and night. Also the game starts from day and ends to night .

Also, the game was made only in 72 hours for ludum dare 49 that happened to occur inside the boundaries of halloween compo time.



The three witches have forgotten to take their medicine. Your task is to give it to them and cure their mental instability before they destroy the world.


* Move: WASD
* L Click/shift: Use your weapon
* Numbers 1-3/Scroll wheel: Select your weapon
* Space: Jump/Double jump and skip cutscenes
* Escape: Quit the game
* Backspace: Restart level

* Throw medicine at witches to cure their insanity.
* The first witch's rain attack will destroy three blocks underneath it and damage you as well.
* When the rain falls it raises the water level which can make you drown.
* Fireballs explode dealing damage and burning away blocks near them.
* Use summoned ice blocks to jump higher or even reset your jump mid air.
* Moon monsters will eat all the cheese they run into unless you kill them with a fireball.

- Coding & Team Lead: Tomssuli
- Game and level design: Silentlegion
- Art and graphics: Ducks
- Sound effects: Saana
- Music: Dasnukki and A4po
- Credits song: Taival (

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 (30 mkb )

Posted by Joshtek 28th November, 2021

Thanks for sharing. The review I posted at is as follows: This game has some fun with the Clickteam Fusion 2.5 physics engine to make a dynamic platformer which makes good use of the double jump mechanic. The controls and objectives are not immediately clear if you donít read the TDC entry, but the gameplay is well thought through with a good amount of signposting for what is going to happen to impact the world and it builds up both the weapons and the threats in a gradual manner to prevent the player from getting overwhelmed. This means the game is about situational awareness rather than simply luck or fast reaction times, although the procedural generation does sometimes mean you are at the mercy of the randomness of the game, waiting around for a while with nothing obvious to do to progress the game (especially in the first level before you get more of the weapons which provide more options). I like how you simply lose life when you touch water instead of it being instadeath. In some cases the level seemed to get harder the longer it went on, and so it seemed easier to die and start again. I think this game could be made even better if there were more Ďlittle winsí you could be getting while there is nothing else to do, like items to collect that pop every now and again to give you extra lives. The game closed (crashed?) after I completed the second level, so Iíve not played the third level which appears in the gameplay video. Fun graphics, gameplay and music combine to make a nice little game and the fact it was made in only 72 hours is impressive.
Comment edited by Joshtek on 28/11/2021





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