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Whiplash: 3D Snowboarding
Author: yuyu Submitted: 28th January, 2005 Favourites:1
Genre: Sport Downloads: 407
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Edited By Chris Street / Circy on 1/28/2005

Its finally done
I've wasted a fair chunk of my Summer holidays. It was fun at first but nearer the end all these glitches with MMF made it very hard to get this game done. Its not what I had planned but I think its nearly as good so theres not much point me complaining.

Whiplash is as you've probably already figured out by the name, a 3d snowboarding game. I was gonna just leave it at that but I figured i should make it more involving and interesting so here I am five weeks later with a nice little game.
The snowboarding is at the centre of this game so It had to be more than button mashing and dodging trees.
I did my best to make it interesting with smooth 2 dimension spins, 5 tricks plus special manouvres, ramps and a helicopter that tows you making you go faster and jump higher. The 3d engine is the best I've ever done with Up Down Camera Movement and it looks great. The Snowboarder is definitely a highlight. Never have I seen the 3d Sprite object look so good. It feels really 3d on full detail and plays alot like Tony Hawkes. There is an adrenaline meter, when full it allows you to pull of much crazier stuff like Roastbeefs and Methods. Also by Holding W+S and a direction key you can pull off an extra spin. This allows you to do some very nutter tricks. 1080 + Double Backflip + Method???
It may sound a little complicated right now. Thats what I put the tutorial and help in for.
In the options you can change your boarders skin and change the detail mode. On lowest it looks stupid but I wanted to make this game compatible on most PC's. I also wanted to make it as small as humanly possible and 3meg is very good for a game like this. If I hadnt of used all the External Files it woulda been about 10 meg .
Theres alot more to this game than snowboarding too. Its based around a comp that lasts 5 days (A working week). The scoring is done by the crowd so theres no stupid judges. You have to impress the crowd with big tricks and such. You dont just get their rating by doing well in comps though! theres a bloke called Ernie that lives near the resort and he gives you jobs every now and then like Taking out dero tobogganers or driving a snowball around in your comby van.

So that the game doesnt lose its appeal the first time you finish it I added a nice little trick. Every time you win the game gets harder. You can reset it if you cant be stuffed going for big scores in the options though.
I think I've said everything. Due to the use of external files its also possible to mod the game to some point. Change the skins, trees, ramps, most of the gfx in the game are external BMP's.
Theres also afew nice home made midis (not external) that I made for this game. On the computer I made it they sound really pumpt and good but when I played it on another they sounded really bad. Sorry if your midi player makes them sound bad but its outta my hands so dont complain to me.
Cant think of much else to say apart from that I hope you enjoy this game because Alot of effort went into making it enjoyable. I normally make games to be unique but this ones for you to enjoy


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Posted by chrisgray1337 28th January, 2005

cool! downloading
Posted by Drunking Clicker 28th January, 2005

Nice i think i remeber Reading the Preview for this
Posted by realvictory 28th January, 2005

Slightly dodgy presentation, but it is stylish, nonetheless! It would be a lot better if there was more to the courses. This is from what I've played so far...
Posted by Kirby Smith 28th January, 2005

All I get when trying to play it is a black screen with "critical error" written in red text. A second later the progam closes itself.
Posted by Kirby Smith 28th January, 2005

Does it on both of my computers. Downloaded the file again as well to make sure it wasn't corrupted in the transfer, and that didn't help. PM me if you want my specs or anything if you think it'll help you work the kinks out.
Posted by Chrisbo 28th January, 2005

takes some getting used to, but I was really impressed with it. Easily the best snowboarding game I've played that's made with MMF. I like how you actually used 3d models instead of sprites.
Posted by Assault Andy 28th January, 2005

I think the graphics on this game are just great, the 3D sprites make the tricks just glide. It's so much fun just to pull off a backflip.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 28th January, 2005

Ah, excellent! It's done! I'll add it to the site tomorrow, when I have the time. For now I'll download and have a bash when I finish work.
Posted by yuyu 28th January, 2005

Um Kirby, The problem there lies with the 3d sprite. It can only load models from a set sprite. meaning I cant just load straight from the 3d model in the gfx file but actually have to move it into the C directory. The problem is probably that you dodnt have a C directory or sumthin like that. Real sorry but like I said most of the glitches with MMF are out of my hands :(
Posted by Kirby Smith 28th January, 2005

I got it to work by just putting all of the files right in my c:\ directory. Impressive graphics, fun game. Thumbs up +1
Posted by JPMarkey (Jambo) 28th January, 2005

The program you are trying to run requires a current Indeo codec. To obtain a current driver that is compatible with this version of Windows, please contact the manufacturer at That's the error i get but then i can play the game
Posted by yuyu 28th January, 2005

Oh Im real sorry about that. When it said Indeo i thought it was just a renderer into avi or sumthin like that. I used that one to make the intro as small as possible. Sorry Jambo. Ive got an idea though. My internets really slow so uploading the whole thing again would run us out of hours. Replace the intro avi with another. Same name and everything. It'll play that instead :) The Intro fiile in the GFX directory :)
Posted by Joey Drasal 28th January, 2005

Nice Game! Although u could of made the frontflip a little easier to do. O and made the spin a little straiter but i see where u were going with those u tryed to make the game a little harder nice graphics u should of made the screen bigger. Great game though! :)
Posted by yuyu 29th January, 2005

The spins would have been straight but the 3d Sprite object doesnt allow for Y rotation based on the X and Y angle. If you have full adrenaline you can do frontflips of the ground with the extra flip keys.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 29th January, 2005

pretty smooth, but i cant re-enter a level after playing one?
Posted by Joshtek 29th January, 2005

Nice game! Definately see potential for a sequel I completed it on level 1. For sequel: More locations, more modes of play, more things to launch off, more tricks, more sound effect,s more minigames, more skins, etc ^_^
Posted by yuyu 29th January, 2005

Softwarewolf, thats because theres only one comp a day. Go back to the resort in the north after finishing the comp then sleep, check your rating with ernie, see if theres any jobs you can do and drive to the next comp.
Posted by Joshua M. 30th January, 2005

Wow that's so cool. That 3d sprite is simple, but it truly rocks XD
Posted by Tim* 31st January, 2005

looks alright...downloading.
Posted by yuyu 3rd February, 2005

Ohp. I was hopng people would like it but obviously theres sumthin wrong with it. 100 downloads and not 1 review. Stuff putting effort into making games. Im over it.
Posted by Joey Drasal 4th February, 2005

That is gay i am supposed to use 1500 characters to review it by the way if i reviewed it I would give u overall of 10.
Posted by KevinHaag 5th February, 2005

What's with the boarders??!! They look like they came out of a package of gummy bears... Huh???
Posted by Devernath 5th February, 2005

nice, couldve used 2 player and someone to race with, but cool anyway
Posted by Joshua M. 6th February, 2005

Darn it I wanna review but the space thing didn't help
Posted by Joshua M. 6th February, 2005

Posted by Wout 7th February, 2005

err..what are the controls?? i wanna play it but i dunt know what the controls are... help...
Posted by yuyu 9th February, 2005

Try looking in the help screen. that should... help.
Posted by DaVince 17th April, 2005

OMG so friggin' cool!
Posted by RapidFlash 16th June, 2005

The best klik (extreme) sports game I've ever played. Good job. I don't like how you have to drive to the competitions, though. It's annoying and unecessary.
Posted by Robert kleven 9th September, 2005

did you do the voices yourself? Had a little lauch there :P Verry impressive graphix, amazing gameplay, and above all, funny sound :D






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