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Gool 2
Author: yuyu Submitted: 11th January, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 143

Edited By yuyu on 1/14/2007

The Christmas Catastrophe

Frosty and his Goons have stolen all of Santa's presents and only Gool can save the day. Move through 9 difficult levels in an attempt to retrieve the presents. Helping Gool on his way are Santa's Elves. These can be used to climb on or even be picked up and thrown at the Snow Goons.
The 3d Engine uses Mode7ex and Sprites prerendered from 36 directions. Each sprite has been adjusted on each detail level allowing for compatibility on most machines.
Moving through the levels becomes progressively harder so using the Tutorial is very important.


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Posted by axel 11th January, 2007

Hmm, mode7?
Posted by AndyUK 11th January, 2007

Rather good. The main character is a bit ugly though.

Still it's very smooth, i like.
Posted by yuyu 11th January, 2007

Yea its mode 7.
Theres gonna be alot of mode7 and Open GL games comin from me in the future.
Can't believe people hardly ever use those extensions.

Does the game run alright on everyones computer?
Posted by axel 12th January, 2007

There's a very good reason why people hardly ever use those extensions, and that's because they're slow, buggy, limited and quite hard to use. I'm still waiting for the Irrlicht object to come out

But yes, it ran nicely on my comp. The game is very well put together, you've made quite good use of the mode7 object there.
Posted by Jakob37 13th January, 2007

Neither the screenshots or the link works for me.
Posted by axel 13th January, 2007

Looks like Sitesled's down... Yet again.
Posted by Silveraura 14th January, 2007

I liked it, was very well done and ran fine on my PC. Good job.
Posted by MasterM 14th January, 2007

could this be the first full 3d click game? i mean i can only remember some tests and stuff but this seems to be a full game. ill dl it later. almost 2am
Posted by yuyu 14th January, 2007

Has anyone finished it yet?
Posted by Quadralien 15th January, 2007

I've finished it, though something seems wrong with the tutorial on my computer - it didn't actually give me any instructions. Had to work out what was going on on my own.
Posted by yuyu 15th January, 2007

Really? I dunno whats going on there, I spent a long time getting that bit work right. Obviously didn't spend long enough.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 16th January, 2007

I can't say I really liked the game itself...but it's a huge accomplishment by Klik standards. Much better than Neonair Racing, the game that set the standard for all Mode7 games...
Posted by Hayo 17th January, 2007

This is pretty neat and shows the mode7 object is cool when used right.
Posted by Johnny Look 18th January, 2007

You've done a great game, considering you used mode7.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 25th February, 2007

Awesome, I thought you had stopped making games. Good to see you around.
Posted by Ted Boomerang 1st March, 2007

What amazes me the most is how well it preforms using mode 7. I've been tampering with it myself and as soon as I put more than one instance of mode 7 in the file, it went down to 10 frames a second. gwah





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