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Author: yuyu Submitted: 13th July, 2007 Favourites:0
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Edited By yuyu on 7/13/2007

Because the Dowloads sections been dead i figured i'd post this engine I started yesterday. It features 2 things I believe are definitely lacking on DC. Racing games and Mode7. I'm really just lookin for ideas though.
What racing game should I make?

Hold SHIFT for the static view


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Posted by Ski 13th July, 2007

lol, it was cool but it seems pretty hard to control the car
Posted by ben mercer 13th July, 2007

Hehehe this is pretty funny.

The problem is that you have given your car just hovercraft physics.

You need to use a combination of hi traction (car will never skid) and hovercraft physics (car is always skidding). Basically switch between the two when the car is going to skid. It is much more complicated than that really, if you want me to explain further give me a PM.

Posted by AndyUK 13th July, 2007

Nice little tech demo.

It would be nice to see some background. This looks like it's at night time.
Posted by Tim 13th July, 2007

Posted by -Liam- 13th July, 2007

Well done! Congratulations!
Posted by yuyu 13th July, 2007

I'm not worried about the racing engine. It was only made to test the 360 degree bounce engine. If i continue this I'm gonna use 4 seperate wheels all with seperate traction. It'll be abit like that Elasto mania game, only from the top.
Posted by Hempuli 14th July, 2007

Posted by Torava 14th July, 2007

STREET RACER The best game on Amiga. (almost)
Posted by nim 15th July, 2007

Heh, this is pretty good! The traction (or lack thereof) reminded me of BC Racers.
Posted by Zezard 15th July, 2007

Really cool! Do something where you can play multiplayer and shoot things!
Posted by ben mercer 15th July, 2007

"If i continue this I'm gonna use 4 seperate wheels all with seperate traction."

Wow yuyu, if you can pull that off then it will likely be the best click racing engine to date
Posted by -Nick- 15th July, 2007

You wouldn't believe the entertainment i got from just driving round and doing about ten laps.
Posted by Sphax 16th July, 2007

That's a pretty cool car engine and a nice 3D engine ! Please continue it and put a better resolution.
Posted by Sphax 16th July, 2007

Maybe you should release your engine as an opensource one.
Posted by bigredron 17th July, 2007

hey thats pretty cool, I can't wait for a wacky wheels or mario kart clone in MMF.

BUG: I somehow made the car invisible. I held down shift and did some donuts cause it looked cool and the car disapeared off the screen. When I let go of shift it zoomed into the road again and I could drive around as normal - except the car was not there!
Posted by yuyu 17th July, 2007

I did it! I've finally made a 4 wheel racing engine. Everything can be modified for each seperate tire including suspension, traction, offroad ability, turning levels and even the position relative to the engine. I'll upload it when its perfected.
Posted by AndyUK 17th July, 2007

ive played street racer for the psone, man that game was awesome.
Posted by 17th July, 2007

Rotating without moving moves you.
Posted by Sphax 18th July, 2007

I can't wait yuyu !
Do you plan to release your engine as an opensource one ?
Posted by falkon 24th July, 2007

Yes i really think i could learn from an open source. please please please make it open source.
Posted by DaVince 29th July, 2007






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