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Locked 2
Author: Rikus Submitted: 10th July, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 290

Edited By Rikus on 7/11/2005

Its 1996 in a galaxy far far away...

When the evil Wizard tries to take over the click community site silky's and brings back evil beings from games that have been submitted to the site he makes 1 mistake.. he brings MR BALL back. Now its up to you to save silky's from doom and destroy the evil wizard while you are at it.

Locked 2 was released wayyy back in 1996 yes folks that's 9 years ago. The game was made in klik&play. I found the game on my harddrive and still had fun getting to know the game all over again. The game is a puzzle/action game where you have to solve puzzles and avoid enemeys to continue on in you're quest. Give it ago even if its just to see "silky's" the "daily click" of 1996 in all its glory.

Remember lots of things have changed since 1996 but for me i still had a good time re-visiting this game.

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Posted by Cazra 11th July, 2005

Looks neat for a game with library graphics. I'll download it later when I can have the speakers on without waking anyone up.
Posted by AS Filipowski 11th July, 2005

Nice to see that red counter again, brings back memories...
Posted by DaVince 11th July, 2005

Haha, this was fun to play, surprisingly enough!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 11th July, 2005

Nice to see the old stuff coming back. :)
Posted by hop 11th July, 2005

It may be just my computer, but the installer froze for me.
Posted by Joshtek 11th July, 2005

Now that brings back memories. Hi Mr. Ball. Ball Ball, Mr., Mr...
Posted by DaVince 12th July, 2005

"Hi Mr. Ball. Ball Ball, Mr., Mr..." Um... What? :P
Posted by Wicked Studios 12th July, 2005

I think a ball is the best damn hero anyone could have. I really mean it.
Posted by hishnak 12th July, 2005

Bouncing off the walls got a little annoying but other than that cool walking safes! At least I think thats what they were.
Posted by Rikus 12th July, 2005

Thanks for the comments folks:) How about some votes and maybe a review?;) hehehe.
Posted by Chrisbo 13th July, 2005

ahhh memories :)
Posted by bhlaab 21st July, 2005

Now post bomberan man for the flipside of that coin
Posted by Tomssuli 14th December, 2005

Hey, I think I've seen a game like that (just looking at the screenshot) ...Many years ago on Amiga was a game named Rock n' roll and there was an orange ball and blue background
Posted by bakaotaku85 28th February, 2006

Any hopes of seeing some of the other Locked games, or perhapps some of your other pre-DC stuff like the Secret of the Lost Statue (wasn't there a 2?)
Posted by Rikus 18th June, 2006

Hi Baka, well there ya go just added lost 1.





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