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Locked 7 -2006 Light version-
Author: Rikus Submitted: 13th December, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 383

Edited By Rikus on 12/14/2006

Here it is, Locked 7. This game was released on cd-rom a long time ago and the source code to it has long been lost.. until recently! I found an old build that i could fix up so i could release this game as freeware for everyone to check out. This is not the same version as released on cd-rom i had to take some stuff out since a couple of things in this build where still missing but most of it is still here. Everything in this game is original from the graphics, music, sound effects, and yes it has voice overs, including my own voice. There could still be bugs in this thing so let me know if you find any, oh and i will reward 700 dc-points for the first person who can tell me whats written on the very last frame on this game.

Here is some info taking from the locked 7 page from the ap-zone back in the day:

Locked is a magical world filled with...balls! In the land of locked live balls. But no normal balls. No these balls have eye's, a mouth arms and legs. They can talk and walk and just do all the things people do on earth. Everyone is happy on that planet..until 1 day...on an evil day...A demon called: Ozark that was banned from locked land many years ago, has found a way to break free and he is not happy. No he is really mad. He wants to make all the balls his slaves so they can serve him. But only the ball with the arrow can save them. And guess who that ball is? Yes you the main character in the game: Mr. ball. Mr. ball is a young adult ball who lives with his wife in a nice house. But on that evil day he finally can leave to save the planet. To destroy ozark mr ball has to find 4 magic stones. The 4 magic stones are hidden in 4 kingdoms in locked land. Its no easy task but Mr. ball is the right ball for the job. Locked is a big game filled with many characters. You can talk to ALL the characters in the game aks things and you can even sing with some of them to complete a puzzle.

More info from the locked 7 page:

Locked started back in 1997. The game was very carefully planned. We first made a story board and our graphic artist Jack Kwakman made some sketches of the first characters. Then the drawing was scanned and colored. After that Rikus would make the 3d characters based on the original 2d character. Some of the puzzles where first planned on paper to see if they would work well in the game. Its very important to put things on paper first. Jack made more then 100 drawings on paper for locked. Most of them are used for the game. The programming in locked is also very special. We made a cool talking engine so it was possible for us to let the characters speak,move,talk and ask questions. There is also an inventory in the game. This proved to be a big challenge for the programmer Rikus Kras. The music is 100% original and made by: Rene Kras. The tunes fit the game perfectly. More then 21 songs are used in the game. The game also uses voices. This means that every character in the game has his own voice and talks. It took a while to record the voices because the game has so many different characters. The voices are really funny to listen to. Locked also used 3 cut scenes to tell the story. Most of the 3d scenes are made by: Lucas Granito a very talented person. He will be going to search for a job at in the gaming industry as a graphic artist and we at Ap-Software wish him the best of luck in his future. But he still wants to help us out a bit on our next project: So i was hoping i could do one last anim and blow peoples socks off for my exit. So if there's another project after locked 7 let me know. Locked is made by: Ap-Software. A lot of time went into the production of this game so we hope you will like the game.

User comments from a couple of years ago:

We got some user comments from the full and demo version of locked:

<[DM]-Smeech-> ya I was impressed with Locked Demo. Very Impressed. And it takes a lot to impress me. No one has made such a full all-orginal involving game before with MMF.

Christian Wiehl: Oh yeah... about Locked... Buy it everybody! It's quite a cool piece of work.

GEN_Crusa: hey Rikus, the locked demo is awesome

Eliterit: Locked demo rocks. I downloaded the locked demo. I just have to say that I laughed my @ss off. The conversations were very funny. Especially that reoccurring fish joke. The graphics were great.

Raz[DM]: rikus : great job with locked 7

CraigJ: speech is funky..

Lucas: Got it! Its really great!! The voices are really funny! Good midi wow! i beat the spidel.

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Posted by Noyb 14th December, 2006

I beat the skeleton boss of the first dungeon and I got repositioned inside the dungeon entrance and couldn't move. It also crashed when I exited the weapon trainer's hut when I didn't have enough money to train. Fun in a cheesy, retro klik way. Pity the save/load feature doesn't work.
Posted by Hempuli 14th December, 2006

ehmp.. bit too buggy.
Posted by Rikus 14th December, 2006

Hey noyb thanks for the comments, fixed the evil bug after the first boss. I put in a password system i dc-mailed you the password that brings you back to that first boss.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 14th December, 2006

The saving won't work.
Posted by Noyb 14th December, 2006

Thanks. I downloaded the new version, beat the lava dungeon, got the song. It teleported me to some kind of concert area, and kicked me out to the main menu when I left with the beach pass.
Posted by Joshtek 14th December, 2006

There was more but it got lost over in time.. but in the end Mr Ball saved everyone!

If anyone has the full cd-rom version of locked 7, then please mail me at: rikus (at) shaw (dot) ca so we can put the real ending in


Programming: Rikus Kras
Graphics: Jack Kwakman and Lucas Granito
Music: Rene Kras
Posted by Rikus 15th December, 2006

Thanks Noyb! Fixed bug number 2. I also send you another password so you can continue on. To everyone else these passwords will now be displayed once you get to a certain part in the game.

Posted by DaVince 15th December, 2006

lol, you already re-released this earlier I think...
I didn't download and play it back then though, so I will now.
Posted by Dr. James MD 15th December, 2006

Wasn't expecting this!

Posted by X_Sheep 15th December, 2006

No save feature? =|
Posted by Reno 15th December, 2006

hahahaha this game is funny
Posted by RenatoDep 15th December, 2006

this game brings so many memories back! Downloading it
Posted by Joshtek 16th December, 2006

I was one of the ~56 people who bought the original game.
Posted by nim 16th December, 2006

Hey Rikus, I have another version of this game - it appears to look for the movie files at the beginning but can't find them. I'm not sure how much else is different. Anyway, if you want it let me know.
Posted by Ecstazy 16th December, 2006

Well it's a cute game, primitive for these days but obviously that's what could be done back then.
The dubbing is hilarious, especially the guy that sells the magic powder.
Sadly I got tired of the game at the part in the arcade that you have that spinning arrow and the deadly spikey thingamabob, you should take the passwords thing seriously and let the player have them after performing a task instead of sending it to a few people that had bugs.
Posted by Rikus 16th December, 2006

Hey Ecstazy thank you so much for the comments, actually i put in 2 passwords in the game that will be displayed, one password was right after that 1 screen you where at, however the frame you where at also has a password that i put in there a long time ago, i'll dc mail it to ya and i will take your suggestion and upload a new version that gives you a password everytime you complete a big task. Thanks for the comments guys i will try to fix/improve anything that you might have a prob with.
Posted by Rikus 16th December, 2006

Hey Nim, if it does not find the movies then thats ok, we need to find a version that still contain the movies, but thanks for looking
Posted by DaVince 17th December, 2006

Lol, is it just me or does the sleeping person at the start have this horrible Dutch-english accent?

The game's ok. A bit weird and bad movement though
Posted by DaVince 17th December, 2006

Well, I suddenly appear in a bar after the lava stuff. Is it supposed to be like that?
Posted by kmhvslj™ (Your Friendly Non-Bot Clicker) 17th December, 2006

I thought just the same yesterday about that girl's Dutch accent in those English samples. Well, each in his/her own way

My patience wasn't enough to play this for long as saving/loading function is not accessible.
Posted by DaVince 17th December, 2006

Teh passwurd is lava
Posted by Ski 17th December, 2006

Who did the voice acting? Its hot.
Posted by Rikus 17th December, 2006

Hey guys uploaded a new version where the passwords are displayed at certain parts, yay

The voice acting was done by, Me, my brother, sister and a couple of friends of mine. And yes ms ball in the beginning is my sisters voice in her younger years
Posted by Ski 17th December, 2006

OMG I have a 5 gig limit a month and you expect me to download a whole 19MB again?
Posted by DaVince 18th December, 2006

lol, you have a limit?
Posted by X_Sheep 22nd December, 2006

I whant to destroy something...





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