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Dragon Master
Author: Rikus Submitted: 2nd May, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 275
189th Place     (3.18 / 5)

Edited By Rikus on 5/8/2009

Update New Version, no clouds and retry every level!

What would happen if you were to be sucked into a game machine and transformed into a dragon?

Well say hello to Dragon Master!

In the game you are sucked into a arcade machine and have to finish all 14 levels to get out alive! The game starts easy and the action will slowly build up until the final confrontation with the evil beast himself! He is the one that is keeping your soul trapped! The game was setup to have some quick "pick-up and play" fun. The game uses graphics made new for the game by Adam and also graphics made by Brian Su from the old ZOZ game (also a game made by me that got lost and that almost no1 saw) Music is made by my brother Rene.


The game was created for the arcade and this is the offline version so you can already check it out. The arcade version will have a fun highscoring system in place.

My first game since many years. hope you get some fun out of it I had a great time making it! I have included both the vitalized version for instant play but if you prefer you can still download the .exe file to. Enjoy!

Post your high scores below!

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 (3.8mb )

Posted by Jon Lambert 2nd May, 2009

A. Fireball and egg don't change direction as you turn.

B. You have a Gmail?!

C. It's okay, I guess.
Posted by Rikus 2nd May, 2009

C. Thanks!
Posted by Solgryn 2nd May, 2009
Rated :

It's really awesome graphics and it's also a nice gameplay, though I find it too hard when the shooting isnt responding
Posted by Zoglu 2nd May, 2009
Rated :

Lol, at last
Posted by W3R3W00F 2nd May, 2009
Rated :

The shooting isn't very responsive at times, and there were some glitches as well. Plus, I think the dialogue was abit cheesy.

The game itself isn't bad. It's a basic platformer yes, but I think it gets a bit boring after a while. A few ways I think could improve it would be to have something at the top of the level that shoots at you every so and so seconds, other than those evil snowball things. Maybe add a timer for Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals to make it more of a challenge and more interesting.

Posted by Rikus 2nd May, 2009

Thanks for the comments werewoof! Keep trying since new enemies are introduced every couple of levels and there are some nice twists introduced in the later levels, the game only has 14 levels so its possible to finish if you keep at it

As for bugs yes they will be there but hopefully they should not hinder the overall experience to much.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 2nd May, 2009

wow! looks very interesting =
currently downloading at 4kb's on the worst wireless connection, but i bet its worth it
Posted by Chrisbo 2nd May, 2009

Brings back memories of Eggit, nice work
Posted by Rikus 2nd May, 2009

Thanks Chris! Glad to still see you around, how are you these days?
Posted by Dark Link 2nd May, 2009
Rated :

good game.
i personally think its too boring, but then again, i think most games are too boring.

Posted by MBK 3rd May, 2009
Rated :

This is ok.
Comment edited by MBK on 5/3/2009
Posted by Mr G 3rd May, 2009
Rated :

It was nice at the start, but I got bored because of the repetition :S
Posted by erghhhhx 3rd May, 2009
Rated :

Decent game. Nice graphics!
Posted by Jon C-B 3rd May, 2009

It was alright...a bit to hard at times but the graphics were good! One thing I hope you add is being able to restart at the level you got the game over at, i was really ticked when I had to go back to level 1.
Posted by Otter 3rd May, 2009
Rated :

Not bad. I loved the graphics. The music was good. I think the reason I disliked going back to level 1 mainly was because the first 2 levels had no enemies and little challenge. So they were kinda boring. When you get to level 3 the levels finally get fun. But if you lose, it's back to level 1 again...
The way you always jump was unique, but kinda frustating. I'd like to see what it'd be like without it.
Posted by Dark Link 3rd May, 2009
Rated :

i dont know if the USHD object is vitalized yet, but you should you this extension. Like the hi-score object, but is unversial, saves all hi-scores
<br />
(USHD stands for Unversial Hiscore Database)

Also a little note, on the intro screen, sometimes the ping pong machine paddles arent where they are supposed to be
Comment edited by Dark Link on 5/3/2009
Posted by Rikus 3rd May, 2009

Thanks for the comments folks! Keep at it, the first 2 levels are more of a try out portion before you really get into things and you can finish them rather quickly. Also things are switched up every couple of levels, It is possible to finish the entire game within 30 min
Posted by Mkingy 3rd May, 2009
Rated :

I enjoyed that only played through it once but hopefully will get round to giving it another go soon
Posted by Mkingy 3rd May, 2009
Rated :

forgot to rate :']
Comment edited by Mkingy on 5/3/2009
Posted by Demon Lizardman 4th May, 2009
Rated :

I really hate how that you are at the bottom of a platform and it acts like you are on top of it. I sure die a lot that way.
Posted by Petter 6th May, 2009

The concept of you just moving left to right while timing it to when the dragon jumps is a pretty neat idea, but there were to many things bothering me to play it all the way through. First of all I think it's a real bummer that you have to restart at level one if you loose all your lives. I would probably complete it if it just restarted at the same level all the time. Also, some of the enemies were to darn hard to spot. It's really annoying being killed by an almost invisible cloud face you didn't even realize was there :/ The graphics are good though and the intro was awesome
Posted by Ski 12th May, 2009
Rated :

Not a bad game but by no means an original concept, the same repetative collect all the items to move on thing quickly became somewhat boring, and spinning red sticks for enemies? Also the mix-match of library graphics doesn't do this game any favours.
Posted by Rikus 14th May, 2009

Umm actually the game does not have any library graphics all original, new enemies will come up every couple of levels like the crazy skulls and the flying bats, the gameplay also changes every 5 levels with new things to complete to continue on to prevent it from becoming to stale. It is all there but thanks for the comment.
Comment edited by Rikus on 5/14/2009
Posted by Ski 14th May, 2009
Rated :

That doesn't matter, they're still miss-matched style wise
Posted by MBK 1st June, 2009
Rated :

This is much better now that it's been updated.

Posted by erghhhhx 3rd June, 2009
Rated :

Hum, the fireballs are bugged no? Sometimes I can shoot, sometimes I can't. Sometimes I can shoot to the right but not to the left. Hmm... =/
Posted by Rikus 3rd June, 2009

You can only shoot 1 fireball at a time in any direction. Once the fireball leaves the play area you can shoot again.

Thanks for the comments folks!
Posted by erghhhhx 9th July, 2009
Rated :


Btw, I can change the direction of the firelball after I shot it.






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