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Dc Ninja
Author: Rikus Submitted: 10th January, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 724
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Edited By Rikus on 1/16/2005

Its here its done, and i hope you will like it! Dc-Ninja!

Ps. Version 2.0 was uploaded to the wrong url so everyone was still downloading version 1.0 until now.

- Version 2.1 Fixes annoying getting stuck bug
- You can now move into any directions

In the game all the admins of the daily click are captured by "The Evil Clicker". Back at the dc head office in Japan, a Ninja warrior in service of the dc is put on the job to free all the admins so that the dc can be updated once more.

I had a 3 week gap of free time during christmas because i am starting a new job in january, since our baby will be born in April, i was thinking to myself if i ever want to create another game i have to do it now, i am almost certain that this will be the last game i make for a long time, if ever.

Because of the time limit i could not make original graphics for the game, some of you might disregard the game because of this, but i think the sprites fit what i had in mind perfectly and the gameplay does not suffer from it. For anyone who is wondering the sprites came mainly from: Shounen Ninja Sasuke an old japanese snes game. Credits where also given in the credits of the game.

The gameplay is a action/beat'm up game, like the old turtles in time and double dragon games on the snes. Its been years since i created a game and it was a joy making a new game again. The game also features cameo's from some of my old games like eggit and mr ball, so keep your eye out on those.

I also tried to keep the file size as low as i could and i think that turned out pretty well to, don't let it fool you because the game is filled with many worlds, bonus levels, and more.

This game was created for all the daily click visitors out there, i don't know how well the game will do but i had a blast making it so i hope you guys check it out.

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Posted by Sean Kelly 10th January, 2005

NoOoOoOo!!!!! I downloaded it and it was corrupted ):
Posted by Rikus 10th January, 2005

Thanks for downloading you guys! Oh btw Jason no worries i put your game on the front page right now:)
Posted by Jason Orme 10th January, 2005

Wow.. Thanks alot, :D I just ran through DC-Ninja another time, while the programming is buggy, there is a large amount of addictability to this game, and the save feature adds to that. There are some very nice ideas, and I guess if you had the time (which I understand that you dont) this could be pulled off very nicly. Scrolling beat em ups are my all time favourite genre, and to see this pulled of by somone else besides myself is great. Ack! i already want to try again.
Posted by Batchman 11th January, 2005

oh no i'm too late :)
Posted by izac 11th January, 2005

ahh this game is REEAAALLYYYYY boring:(.. i had no pleasure what so ever out of this game.. and i keep getting stuck in the graphics:(.. soz mate you put some work into this but it's just boring:(
Posted by Joshua M. 11th January, 2005

Posted by 11th January, 2005

cool, I may download.
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 11th January, 2005

I must say that the graphics are totally kick-ass! But the gameplay is not that good though. If you had focused more on programming and to bugtest it, i'm sure you would have yourself a classic game. Keep it up!
Posted by Dustin Gunn 11th January, 2005

the graphics are made by possibly dead Japanese professionals, which is why they, quote, "Kick ass." I didn't find this very good at all, thumbs down, sorry.
Posted by AndyUK 11th January, 2005

very nice graphics, but the combat is too simple.
Posted by Simon Colmer 11th January, 2005

ye sorry, and i found it very buggy as i kept getting stuck on scenes with nothing to do with people form other scenes throwing stuff at me - very nice effort though - and for 3 weeks work :O
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 11th January, 2005

Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 11th January, 2005

Nice! This reminds me of 'Battle Toads'. XD There is one really annyoing bug where I can't move. But still, nice job! :)
Posted by Fanotherpg 11th January, 2005

That "The Evil Clicker' is me ;) but don't try to cach me but download it like me ....
Posted by Silveraura 11th January, 2005

Not bad, the graphics are really good, but the game is a little buggy Rikus. Thumbs up none the less. :-)
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 11th January, 2005

The graphics are ripped from some SNES game I can't remember the name of. Rikus said so in his preview of the game.
Posted by Rikus 11th January, 2005

Hi folks, thanks for all the comments, i uploaded version 2.0 that should fix the really annoying (i'm getting stuck on the sideway and i can't get out) bug. All buggyness aside did anyone finish the game yet? I tried to make it as easy as i could and ending are always fun:) Oh what the heck i'll give 25 dc-points for anyone who can tell me what happends in the ending:) Btw if you get stuck or a bug is going on just press escape and it should restart that frame, that you are in.
Posted by Rikus 11th January, 2005

Ps, about the simple combat, i wanted to add some more cool moves, like throwing an enemey and some kicks, but there was just not enough time so i finished what i could. Still i'm wondering if anyone saw mr ball somewhere:)
Posted by Rikus 11th January, 2005

Thanks Shroomlock for the review, about your problem, in the level where you got stuck the 2 andi's say the following: -Help us! - You can destroy him, when he throws a bomb... - Don't be scared and hit that bomb, it will go up and hit him instead. When he throws the bomb down, press the shift button when its about to hit you and the bomb will move up and explode on him. Try it out, let me know if it works:) Thanks again for the review
Posted by Hill Gigas 11th January, 2005

I made a modification to my review since the level 2 bullet ninja wasn't really a glitch afterall. It didn't change the score however since that was a minor comment/complaint in the first place. I'll play again and see if I can beat it. Great work!
Posted by Rikus 12th January, 2005

ps, updated a new version that gives a hint and tip on how to destroy that boss in the level so i hope this way everyone know what to do:) Thanks again for the cool comments Shroomlock.
Posted by Rikus 12th January, 2005

Thanks for the review Jason! Well written and very helpfull to, thanks:)
Posted by Imp of Hazard Games 12th January, 2005

Very cool game, but I got stuck on the third level in a wall (glitch) and had to close the game. So unpleasant! And btw the Evil Clicker looks pretty Neat. ;)
Posted by MasterM 12th January, 2005

spiffy :-)
Posted by MasterM 12th January, 2005

okay this game makes me vomit a lot. its pretty pretty pretty buggy. i think it wasnt that shitty and buggy if you had used one of MMF's engines. so well this is one of the worst engines i have ever seen and there have been many crappy ones out there on the gaily dick. so well i have to admit the graphics dont look bad. compare that ninja guy to Mr. Ball-so did you do all those graphics yourself, Mr. Kras?
Posted by Wicked Studios 12th January, 2005

good time eh chaps
Posted by Joey Drasal 12th January, 2005

U need to fix the glitch on the first lvl with the rolling ball the ball is not moving o yea also u need to make it where there is lives and when the life bar goes down ur dead o yea and where u can use the whole gamepad cause on the my gamepad i can only move with it not punch or anything like that. o yea this is buggy but i would have to say nice game. Joey P.S. make the new version to where u dont get stuck in a punch position when u punch.
Posted by Joey Drasal 12th January, 2005

on my gampad***** i can only move with it,*
Posted by Joey Drasal 12th January, 2005

O and those things on the ground every time i do jump over them i get close to them and go all the way on the other side of the vine
Posted by Mephistex 12th January, 2005

Well, the graphics are quite good, but I have strong suspicion of sprite ripping. In any case the game seems very rush-programmed, which I guess it was. I would have expected more of you, Rikus.
Posted by -_darkman_- 12th January, 2005

Looks great and the gameplay is pretty fun so I give it a thumbs up
Posted by Noyb 12th January, 2005

Not bad, but you should have waited to fix some bugs and polish it up some more. This has a lot of potential though, but I've encountered lots of annoying bugs: jumping off the bottom edge in the first level requires restarting the game, jumping over the boulder results in your inevitable death, sometimes running quickly to the next screen results in you getting stuck motionless past the arrow, but without the screen scrolling. Also, on the fifth level, after the obstacle course minigame at the beginning, in the fighting area, when trying to trigger the second screen scroll, it twice shifts the ninja with the scrolling, and then he freezes, so I cannot complete the game. If it makes any difference, when I tried to throw a shuriken like that, it somehow spawned in the center of the screen (in the black area above the tunnel.)
Posted by Rikus 12th January, 2005

Thanks for the comments guys:) Remember the game was made in only 3 weeks, i'm working now so my free time went down to not much:) I'll try and fix the bugs you guys find, Noyb about the 1 error where you can't complete the game that seems to happen in random, when you encounter it press escape it should then restart the frame and give it another try. Please let me know if it happeneds again since it works fine from here. Joey, i tried the rolling ball level, works fine from this end. Masterm thanks for the very constructive comments i can do so much with that.. ergm.. anyhow, the game was made for fun, the custom code movement works better for the game then the standerd engine even if that custom movemement creates its own set of bugs. Anyhow thanks again for the comments i'll try and keep up and fix them, i'm still glad some of you still like it, whenever i play it i enjoy it even after all the hours i played it already:)
Posted by The Chris Street 13th January, 2005

You guys need to read the description better, regarding the graphics: "For anyone who is wondering the sprites came mainly from: Shounen Ninja Sasuke an old japanese snes game. Credits where also given in the credits of the game."
Posted by Sean Kelly 13th January, 2005

I cant Play ).:
Posted by Rikus 14th January, 2005

What do you mean Sean?
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 15th January, 2005

This game has beautiful graphics, Rikus. Are they all original? If so, you're very talented. However, apart from the rather quirky concept, that's unfortunately all the positive things I can say for this game at the moment. The coding is extremely buggy. I find it strange that when you try to move up and down whilst moving left or right, your character stops. Animations get stuck half way through. Objects such as spike pits hit you when you're not at the same depth to them. Oh, and that guy that throws bombs, you can't jump up the barrels to get to him. I have a suggestion or two for you, Rikus. When your character hits the spike pits, test for a collision with the shadow at the bottom of his feet rather than the sprite itself, because that way only when he walks on the spikes will they harm him. The reason I suggest this is when you walk downwards to avoid them, they still hit you because the top of the character's sprite touches the spike pits, even though he's walking at a different depth to them. At the moment you're forced to walk above them. The same goes for jumping on the barrels, test for the shadow on them rather than the sprite, because I can sort of get up maybe 2 times out of 5 but he gets stuck half way and then falls back down. Have a number next to the DC point meter so you can see exactly how much you have left. The 'blink' skill uses 5 DC points, but it's impossible to see if you've got 4 or 5 left, and sometimes you'll pay for trying when you've only got 4. Finally, when the character attacks, have his fists generate an invisible 'punch' object (or a visible one with suitable 'punch' effects) that only lasts for a millisecond (or however long the punch animation does) and test that for collisions against enemies rather than the character sprite when playing the animation. The reason for this is that I found when I was hitting the first boss in the Circy Forest I was also being damaged. Fix these few things and you may have a killer game on your hands!
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 15th January, 2005

[We need to be able to edit comments] Oh, I didn't read the comment about punching the guy's bombs, so ignore the jumping on barrels bit. I also didn't read the bit about the ripped graphics, but they're nice anyway!
Posted by Noyb 15th January, 2005

Rick: If your's is the last comment, just copy + paste your previous message, add what you want, then delete the previous one. Rikus: I tried two more times. The third time, two arrows appeared, and the scroller pushed and permanently froze me after leaving on the left side (for some reason the right side did nothing). Pressing ESC crashed the program, but it worked on the fourth time. Good job, though.
Posted by Rikus 15th January, 2005

Noyb, thanks for the great comments. Its seems like a mmf bug because it happends at random, i re-did half of the level so there is no way people are going to get stuck at random again. I also fixed the pressing the escape button bug that craches the mmf runtime. Thanks again and i'm glad you liked the game despite the bugs. I'll keep removing them:)
Posted by Rikus 15th January, 2005

Noyb, i made another update and i fixed the "directions stopper" You can now combine moving up,down,right and left without your character having to stop. If anyone has any other probs with the game that they did could make the game better let me know and i'll try to make it work:)
Posted by Rikus 15th January, 2005

Ps it seems like version 2.0 was uploaded in the wrong ftp url so everyone was still downloading version 1.0 Fixed that to.. Phew:)
Posted by Rikus 15th January, 2005

The experience with version 2.0 and 2.1 should be a lot better, if you have not tried it out give it a go:)
Posted by Philipe (Phil-Con Games) 18th January, 2005

lol, you got a lot of comments! I only wish the 2 games ive released so far got this many... :'( Oh well. I know you didnt make all of the music, but i love the way you used it (particularly the Act Raiser Boss Theme, lol) Nice job!
Posted by Assault Andy 22nd January, 2005

Where art thou gameplay?
Posted by DaVince 25th January, 2005

There's an X position bug :( Sometimes The Player is at the right of the screen, where you almost can't see him!
Posted by DaVince 26th January, 2005

I can't go through level 2 :( too many bugs.
Posted by Tim* 31st January, 2005

it's great rickus!
Posted by Manji-Ichi 10th March, 2006

Now.... Thats! A game
But they are right about onething I get stuck On the second mission that sucks.
Posted by Fanotherpg 28th November, 2006

Download doesn't work...






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