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Fiction Footy
Author: Dave S. Submitted: 10th August, 2005 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 163

Edited By Dave S. on 8/11/2005

Edited By Dave S. on 8/10/2005

This program allows you to input fixtures for the English Premiership, Championship and Scottish Premiership football matches. Scores are then generated. These results are dependent on a simple equation derived from teams seedings and special (fourteen sided) die.

Fiction Footy can be used as a betting aid or just for fun. You may find the (virtual) FAQ's helpful. All intructions are on the main screen. Thanks to Michael at for hosting the program and screenshots... enjoy!

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Posted by 11th August, 2005

Looks cool
Posted by Ski 11th August, 2005

its football.... how can it be cool?
Posted by Flava 11th August, 2005

You're not one of those American's who hates football/soccer are you?
Posted by hishnak 11th August, 2005

Hahaha...I like football plenty, but American football rules(Although Americans are a little backwards on that one...It should be like, throw catch ball:P)
Posted by Willy C 11th August, 2005

soccer sucks. Everytime its some World or Europeen Championchip, all the other Programs on TV are paused.
Posted by alibaba 11th August, 2005

thats perfect!theres only rubbish on tv anyway - wont be downloading this tho, looks a bit,well,useless - sorry
Posted by Ski 11th August, 2005

no im not american, im english and i hate football because of how it affects people. listening to people talking about football matches all day long bugs me. Hockey is a better sport. tennis is more entertaining. I HATE FOOTBALL.
Posted by alibaba 12th August, 2005

get over it, talk about the 'game'- here is not the place for a footy debate :-p
Posted by Ski 12th August, 2005

Nope. football is cruddy.
Posted by Dave S. 12th August, 2005

Yeah alibaba's right... comments are meant to be about the application (good or bad) and not whether you like footy or not.
Posted by AndyUK 13th August, 2005

I like football and i'm correct in saying it's great fun to play and watch, well providing you watch your own team/country playing. I will download and comment on this app now Yeah it's pretty cool, it's a shame i saw newcastle lose to wigan 3-2 the first game i chose :( it's quite accurate theoretically most of the time though
Posted by Dave S. 15th August, 2005

Andy, thanks for trying out the application... just think of the Newcastle Wigan result as a 'one-off'.





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