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The way out
Author: Dave S. Submitted: 1st October, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 96

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Here are the instructions from the game...

Object - Negotiate your character through the cave by moving boulders out of your way. This is accomplished by changing the direction of gravity (up, down, left and right) using the arrow keys.

In play - Pick up stranded cavers (you must land directly on top of them) then exit into the next passageway. If you try to return to a previous part of the cave you will lose a turn. There are checkpoints every three rooms to help you progress.

Warning - A life is lost if your character leaves the room in any direction without first picking up cavers or if any other boulder exits the screen.

Traps - A succession of moves may lead you into a trap (either a loop or boulders exiting the screen). Pressing escape will restart the frame but will lose one of your three lives.

Anyway, give it a go. I'd be interested in the names of the levels you get stuck on, as some are a little tricky.

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Posted by Rikus 3rd October, 2010
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I tried it out but got stuck on the second level, it would have been nice to get some more lives or have things be a bit easier at first to experiment with stuff. Also the movement was kinda hardish to try to get the boxes to move. Very interesting idea for sure
Comment edited by Rikus on 10/6/2010
Posted by Dave S. 3rd October, 2010

Thanks for your comment. I tried to play it all the way through the other night but couldn't get past 'the aven' (level 9).

There is similar game to this available for the iphone called 'SpinIn' at which you might want to look at.

Believe it or not, I started working out how to code my game in 2004 and then again in 2006.

Posted by Dave S. 5th October, 2010

It turned out that 'the aven' was unsolvable. I have since edited the level. Sorry about that. It can be downloaded from the link above.
Comment edited by Dave S. on 10/5/2010
Posted by Rikus 6th October, 2010
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Thanks Dave!
Posted by Dave S. 6th October, 2010

Rikus, it was level 9 that was unsolvable and not level 2 (the one you were stuck on). I have not really had much feedback on the game so I have sent it out to people I know.
Comment edited by Dave S. on 10/6/2010
Posted by Nick of All Trades 8th October, 2010
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This game is interesting. Very puzzly. I can't get past level 14 or something though.
Posted by Dave S. 9th October, 2010

Reab, thanks for the feedback.

It is more likely to be level 15 (north duct) as I remember it to be a bit of a bastard (one of my favourite levels). I only got through once.

I think the game would have been too difficult without checkpoints.
Posted by Dave S. 13th December, 2010

Thanks for all those who voted for me. The last time I looked the game had the same amount of votes as the eventual winner.





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