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Author: Dave S. Submitted: 17th November, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 246

I first started this game way back in February 2003 but it was abandoned on more than one occasion mainly due to lots of other ideas I was messing about with at the time but I perservered and have at last finished it... hoorah!

Zoot is a sliding block puzzle game (less than 1Mb) in which four playing pieces (each represented by a playing card suit) must make their way back onto their home squares. A playing piece can move up, down, left and right and will only stop if it hits a boundary wall or another piece. Selecting which piece to move is accomplished using the tab key.

There are seven levels each consisting of four sub-levels or phases. If a level is completed in less than 100 moves the next level is unlocked. Just for the record I have completed the first level in 54 moves but then, I have played it about three million times during testing!

Although the sound is minimal and GFX uninspiring this does not detract from the gameplay and I am pleased how it has turned out. I have left the INI file unencrypted but only mess with it if you really can't progress. There is no time limit so plan your moves carefully. You can always press escape to start a level phase from scratch to try out different strategies.

Thanks to Josh (who designed one of the level phases) and Louis for testing zoot and finding a few nasty (but funny) bugs, Skn3 for his 'nifty engine trick' article, peeps who tried to answer my dumb questions in the DC boards and of course Arf at FPP games for hosting my stuff... cheers mate!

Over and out, Dave S. aka Orangery.

IMPORTANT! The INI file must be moved into the Windows directory for the game to work properly. I'm well aware that this is not the correct procedure but hey... I tried!

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Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 18th November, 2004

The game's great, if very frustrating. I'm fairly sure that the INI file problem could be fairly easily solved, though.
Posted by Dave S. 18th November, 2004

Hmm, one download and no votes... not a good start!
Posted by Joe.H 18th November, 2004

give it time.
Posted by Phredreeke 18th November, 2004

It's pretty neat. Reminds me of an old NES game called Puzznic.
Posted by Dave S. 18th November, 2004

Toni, if you have not already done so move the INI file into your Windows directory first. If the yellow cursor on the main screen is not directly on top of the blue square then this indicates that the game when launched is not reading from the INI file. Please me know how you get on, Dave S.
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 18th November, 2004

This is good, but damn hard ^^. I guess it's just me being lazy or even dumb
Posted by Saven (CrobaSoft) 18th November, 2004

I think both. :P
Posted by Yuhkaz 18th November, 2004

Wow hard game. I like it.
Posted by Dave S. 18th November, 2004

Phredreeke, was Puzznic the game where you had to match coloured blocks and was gravity based or am I getting it mixed up with something else? Thanks for your comments by the way!
Posted by Galaxy613 18th November, 2004

w00t! It's z00t!
Posted by Phredreeke 19th November, 2004

actually, after re-playing Puzznic, I noticed it's not as similar as I thought. (I'm thinking of the Gravnic portion of it) you'd move all blocks at once, and if two blocks of the same type collide they dissappear, instead of having to place a block over a specific spot (and making them stay there!)
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 19th November, 2004

Woo, front page! Good little game, this.
Posted by Kris 20th November, 2004

can't you just make it read the ini from the program folder instead of windows? you wouldnt have to move it manually then
Posted by Kris 20th November, 2004

great concept, btw
Posted by Vostail Fox 20th November, 2004

Awwww, I can't play it. I press enter, and it dosen't go anywhere. :-( But it sounds so good.
Posted by Dave S. 21st November, 2004

Icy... try moving the INI file into your Windows directory. Please let me know if this works, Dave S.
Posted by Noyb 21st November, 2004

Very fun game, but 100 moves seems a little unforgiving.





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