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Author: Dave S. Submitted: 18th September, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Puzzle Downloads: 208

Edited By Dave S. on 9/19/2006

Bottleneck is a puzzle game which uses the nineteen fixed tetromino pieces. The idea is to move the square tetromino into the neck of the bottle in the least amount of moves. This is accomplished by clicking on any piece and holding down the mouse button and dragging with it.

Pieces can be moved orthogonally and diagonally (very useful) as long as there is a vacant space for it to go. Diagonal movement is harder to spot than the traditional orthogonal move but is essential to the game. There is no time limit and an upper move limit of 999 but you should never reach it. All 20 levels are accessible from the menu. If you get stuck just click on reset to start the level again.

You may find the control method is a little odd, in that left clicking anywhere on a piece will cause the mouse pointer to automatically centralise on the tetromino. A grab hand will appear until the mouse button is released and a move recorded.

I have tried to arrange the levels in order of difficulty but there is bound to be instances of higher levels being a lot easier to complete than lower ones. Suggest you try levels three or six to start. I have also had issues with MIDI and WAV files during the making of this game so I have included a crude balance control using the up/down arrow keys on the keyboard (whilst no MIDI file is playing) to alter the 'cloink' sample when moving a piece.

Everything appears to be working ok and it has been beta tested by friends and family. IMPORTANT...The game should automatically run at 1024 x 768 (full screen) with no borders. Please let me know if you encounter any display problems or strange goings on.

Thanks to Mockers friend for hosting the game and Paul (bro), Mockers, Louis and Josh for testing... Enjoy!

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Posted by Flava 19th September, 2006

Please fix the screenshots
Posted by Dave S. 19th September, 2006

I'm sure these were working... i'll try and sort it.
Posted by Dave S. 19th September, 2006

They're fixed!
Posted by Flava 19th September, 2006

Thanks dave!
Posted by Dave S. 20th September, 2006

Tim... the blocks aren't meant to fall down... Don't confuse this game with Tetris! Think of it as a birds eye view of the bottle lying on its side if that makes any sense... similar to 'Rush Hour' (if you've ever played it).
Posted by Reno 20th September, 2006

I played it! Fun game it twas and this is pretty cool too!
Posted by Tim 22nd September, 2006

I like the graphics though, definitely a visit to photoshop

I think render>clouds for the bg was ever so slightly dull But still, fun game concept - now that I know whats going on!
Posted by Dave S. 22nd September, 2006

I used Paintshop Pro 7 for most of it. I deliberately kept the background a nuetral grey as all the pieces are in colour and is more pleasing to the eye. Thanks for trying it out.
Posted by Dave S. 25th September, 2006

... but no one seems to be voting!
Posted by Dave S. 28th September, 2006

... I take that last statement back... thanks to all those who took the trouble of downloading the game and voting for it. I'm assuming no one had any display/resolution problem with it... over and out, Dave S.





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