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Author: Nudlez Submitted: 14th March, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 158

Edited By Nudlez on 14/03/2006

This is one of my first games made with The Games Factory in many years. The objectives of Avoiblo is to avoid blocks (therefore the name)inside of a Tetris-shaped play field in one minut. After that minut have past, you will continue to the next level where the speed of the blocks has increased with 2 %. If getting hitted by a block, you will be send back to the previus level. The idea might not be very original, but keep in mind that i did this game mostly to practice my TGF-skills.

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Posted by Cecilectomy 14th March, 2006

ummmm...very.......interesting. use a better movement for this game and decrease the time for each level and add some cool music and itd be pretty nice.
Posted by Cecilectomy 14th March, 2006

i think im nuetral on this one.
Posted by Nudlez 15th March, 2006

Thanks for the tip! I think i might just do that.
Posted by Hempuli 15th March, 2006

argh, cant choose! Thumbs up, because it has nice outlook and the idea isn't that bad, but thumbs down because of the movement and level timing...! Very hard to choose... hmmm, must look at your other gaem..





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