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Author: Nudlez Submitted: 24th January, 2007 Favourites:0
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This is my final version of my ecosystem simulator screen saver: now named Heredity. This time, all graphic is uptadet to a better standard, including fake-3D environment.

I have also made the energy transfer between mother and her eggs more realistic. The mothers current energy (b-value) is split in half and half of her energy goes to her egg. Under copulation male loses some energy too, and if you see a female or male die right after copulation, well then they died from exhaustion.

I have also added a lot more statistics. Now one can follow how many mutations that has accurd, how many of them which was advantageous or disadvantageous. You can also see how many herbivores which have reach reproductive age or not. Watch how many flowers that have been eaten or not eaten, keep track on how when the present population of herbivores and flowers reach their highest number during the session.

As usual, when a population goes extinct the time it stayd alive is made into points and saved on a high score wich is visible 10 seconds before every session. The most interesting about this screen saver is still the fact that the herbivore speed is inherited (hence Heredity) from generation to generation. Via mutations the speed can therefor change over time because of natural selection. Now, when this is finally done, I would appreciate comments from you guys about what you think.

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Posted by Ganymede Graphics 25th January, 2007

I like it, its cute.
Posted by Nudlez 25th January, 2007

Posted by viva/volt 25th January, 2007

Link's Broken for me
Posted by Nudlez 26th January, 2007

Strange, it works for me. Perhaps the server was down when you tried.
Posted by Nathan Griffith 26th January, 2007

I followed the instructions, but it doesn't seem to install correctly as a screensaver.
Posted by Airflow 27th January, 2007

Posted by Nudlez 27th January, 2007

Well, I saved the file in TGF as a screen saver and if it for some reason dont work as one in some systems, I dont know what to do. Any one know what to do?





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