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Author: Nudlez Submitted: 9th February, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 152

I got bored last night, so i made this little game. The objectives is to click away all the brown blocks from the playfield before a timer reach 0. To begin you have to click on the start block and to win you have to make sure the last block you click on is the goal block. Now, the green blocks add 5 to the timer and the red blocks sub 3.

Try to click away the blocks as fast as possible. Your personal best will be saved, as seen on one of the screens. Well, thats it. Have fun.

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Posted by SoftWarewolf 12th February, 2007

i win!
err.. i suck
tip: make it fullscreen so you dont hit something outside the window
Posted by Reno 12th February, 2007

bleh I don't like mouse games :S

MY mouse is on SUPER MEGA UNTRASOURUS SPEED MODE So that I barely have to move the mouse to get it to the other side of the screen. So yes FPS are harder for me then :\
Posted by Nudlez 12th February, 2007

Hehe, my record is 15 (!) seconds. Try to beat that. The window is expandable, so it should not need to be in full screen from start.
Posted by Bibin 12th February, 2007

The counter fails to go down, and when I click the blocks nothing happens.
Posted by Nudlez 13th February, 2007

You start the counter by clicking on the start block, read the instruction.
Posted by Reno 14th February, 2007

I cannot survive 15 seconds





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