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Space Survivors
Author: Nudlez Submitted: 17th March, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 142

Edited By Nudlez on 17/03/2006

Hi! This is the third game I have finished with The Games Factory. It allows you to play with a friend or by your self due to the one and two player modes. Information from the game:

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1 Player mode:

Collect points by shooting as many gray balls as you can. If they touch the bottum, you lose one point. Try to keep the "time before death"-timer in mind; when it reaches zero you'll die. Stop that from happening by shooting gray balls, wich you make by touching the blue "force field" at your right side.

2 Player mode:

Defeat the other player by making gray balls inside of your opponents play field. This is done by moving your space ship to the other side of your play field where a blue "force field" is placed. At the same time as you try to make gray balls to kill your enemy, you must also avoid collision with those gray balls that has been made in your own play field. If they hit you, you lose one life. Beside killing each other, this game is also about collecting points. Ofcourse you gain points by shooting the gray balls that is bouncing around, but you will lose one point for every gray ball that touches the bottum of your play field. So be careful, dont spend to much time inside of your protection booth.
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Now, please download it and test it for bugs and thinks that could have been made better. One more thing, some os the sound samples are made by my firned Martin Larsson. Thanks goes to him.

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Posted by Cecilectomy 18th March, 2006

i must say. there getting better. and i dont think ive seen a game like this before. not exaclty anyway. start adding some awsome music and id say youve got yourself a good thing going.
Posted by Nudlez 18th March, 2006

Thanks. I will look into some cool midi-files to add.
Posted by Isbeorn 18th March, 2006

This is a cool idea! Keep working on it!





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