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TDC Downloads Downloader Alpha 1
Author: Keatontech! Submitted: 14th March, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 147

Err, i kinda did this in some free time that i had. But I think I proved that MMF can make apps that nobody has ever made before. Y'see, what this does is it downloads the HTML of the downloads page here on TDC and it gets rid of all the formatting and stuff and comes out with a list of the latest downloads. The even more stunning thing is on a 3Ghz processor it only takes about 4 seconds to sort through all 1371 lines to make a list (3 seconds to download the HTML). If you were writing it in Machine Code that would be nothing, but this is MMF 1.5 we're talking about! Another advantage is that it actually checks every line, so if the admins make small changes to the page it will still work!

I know this currently isn't very useful, it's more to show what MMF can do than to be entertaining or useful. If anybody wants me to make it so you can see the info and download the files right from the application i'll try, but currently I have no plans to make it any better.

Err ... so ... Enjoy, or whatever you say if it's really not that enjoyable.

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Posted by Keatontech! 15th March, 2006

Okay what?
Posted by Keatontech! 15th March, 2006

oh, well it's not supposed to be entertaining, just an example-ish type thingy.
Posted by Dalal 15th March, 2006

Whoa, that's awesome!
Posted by Flava 15th March, 2006

You say its an example of what MMF can do, but it's not that hard to do at all.. Plus TDC download page does this but better, with screenshots and a description.

So yeh okay on the fact that you made it - but a bit pointless. Although I guess you were just bored and wanted to make something
Posted by Silveraura 15th March, 2006

Pointless but at the same time, a nice little application I guess. Great way to explore your ability. Keep it up.
Posted by Keatontech! 15th March, 2006

Thanks Guys Yeah it's not that hard to do, but i've never dont it before, as far as I know nobody has. I know it's pointless, but from this "technology" you could make things that aren't pointless. Hmm, does anybody want the source, 'cause i'd gladly give it away.
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 16th March, 2006

Posted by joelr_2000 16th March, 2006

does any1 know how to get a free full version copy of mmf. come on theres gotta be some1!!
Posted by Radix 16th March, 2006

Welcome to the internets dude.
Posted by DaVince 16th March, 2006

Hey Keaton, you continue creating this yourself, please. Quicker downloads YAY!
Posted by Keatontech! 16th March, 2006

Ok, i'll try

Radix, why's ya have to put that in MY COMMENTS post thingy? I had a heck of a time closing all of the windows it popped up.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 16th March, 2006

I restarted the computer. It gave me virus'.
Posted by Radix 17th March, 2006

You guys are fun.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 18th March, 2006

I hope Joelr the pirate clicked on that link.
Posted by Keatontech! 19th March, 2006

uhh, i almost got the info and description to work, but like, the last thing it has to do just doesn't work. It's so slow that's it's not really useful anyway. Ah well, it was a nice test-ey , prove-ey, thingy.
Posted by 20th March, 2006

seems to be a simple program uses string parser and moosuck.
started make something similer with extansions a long time ago but stoped.
i'll check and post a comment again
Posted by 20th March, 2006

l, seems to be ok.
download button is really missing, even for an alpha





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