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The Daily Downloader (Beta 1)
Author: Keatontech! Submitted: 27th April, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 122

Edited By Keatontech! on 27/04/2006

Yeah, I know what you're thinking, something like "Wait a minute, this is just TDC Downloads Downloader!". Well, kinda. The Daily Downloader (TDD) is based off of the HTML engine, which is TDCDD. The difference is a much better interface and some new features that actually make it slightly usefull. As the title suggests, this is a Beta and is still a bit unstable. Some features are not incorporated yet, and a few of the downloads just don't work with it.

There are some major new features in TDD. The most important one is the ability to download the games from the list. About 10% of the downloads on the list cannot be downloaded by the software, I don't know why, but i'll talk about bugs later. Another feature is New Downloads, TDD actually gives you a list of downloads that have been submitted since you last checked with the software. Also, there is a taskbar icon but it doesn't really do much yet.

So, this is a beta so there are bugs. Here are the bugs I already know about:
- You have to restart TDD every time you download something.
- File extensions get messed up about 50% of the time.
- False Parsing Falure Alarms
- Download failures for about 10% of games on the list.
- The semi-transparency in the second frame shows the first frame
If you find any more please post them below or DC mail me. The final version will also give you the game description as seen on TDC so you're not just downloading things that sound cool. It'll also be slightly faster.

Well, I think that's it. Please give me feedback on how to improve it, and any bugs you find. Thanks for your support.

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Posted by Keatontech! 27th April, 2006

Oh yeah, and if anybody can design a better Icon that'd be great!
Posted by Flava 28th April, 2006

Yeh I agree - presentation could be better. Applications should look more professional I think..

Again good application - but completely pointless as the actual downloads list works 100% and actually shows game descriptions and stuff.
Posted by Keatontech! 28th April, 2006

@Phizzy: The final version will include the ability to turn off semi-transparency. The interface will be better, and if nobody likes transparency i'll dump it all together. Nothing is written in stone.

@Flava:I know, It's still not usefull.
Posted by Zethell 29th April, 2006

Ugh.. The layout and colours could be much better.. put some work at it man.
Posted by Isbeorn 29th April, 2006

I agree that the transparency should be dumped.
It's more of an annoyance than it is cool.
Maybe some other font for the headers too, and maybe they'd look better a little smaller?
Posted by Flava 29th April, 2006

I'm not being mean or anything, but if you're going to improve the interface and stuff - get it all done first before posting the download. Just looks a bit like your posting just to get DC points or something.. I dunno..

Just you've admitted it's useless - so I reckon you should make it better, and make a final version first and then submit that. Just this is now your 3rd TDC downloader submission.. ya know
Posted by Keatontech! 29th April, 2006

Uhh, ok, no more beta's until the release, I was just trying to get the bugs out before focusing on the GUI, and I needed to find all the bugs.

I'll dump the semi-transparency for the final release.
Posted by 30th April, 2006

Don't dump the semi tranceparency just don't make it how it starts because some poeople like semi tranceparency but dolet them choose to the degree they want if you leave it
Posted by Milo 30th April, 2006

What is the point in this program? I mean you can with less then 30 seconds more time you can go to TDC's dowload list and get: catagories descriptions and release dates and old programs (What if your looking for a strategy game? There has been one for a month) Your program has: Quick accesses,
description, release dates, old programs, catagories having to restart a lot, good.
Posted by Keatontech! 30th April, 2006

Posted by Keatontech! 30th April, 2006

Anyway, I've been having some problems and i'm not sure how reliable this can possibly be, does anybody care if I finish it or not?
Posted by Milo 30th April, 2006

I dont care about it TDC will always be better than it
Posted by Isbeorn 1st May, 2006

I enjoy browsing the downloads, so no

I'd be more interested in a program that could be set to monitor a site of your choosing, tell me when it was updated and give me download links from it.
There should be a setup screen where you tell the program what to look for/how to parse the code of the page.
That'd be more of an interesting program to me.
Posted by Keatontech! 1st May, 2006

HTML seems to be a little bit different for every single page on the web, so I haven't been able to get the engine to work on any user specified site. To do that i'd basicly have to build a simple kinda web browser in MMF, and seeing as my knowledge of HTML is limited that's not gonna happen for awhile...
Posted by DaVince 2nd May, 2006

Incorporate a few other TDC pages, maybe add your own functions in it and make the design better, and maybe I'll like it.

Funny little thing, but you barely can do anything with it.
Posted by axel 2nd May, 2006

You could maybe make it so that it gets all the latest downloads not only from TDC but all the other community sites, like Klik Academy and KlikMe. Otherwise, it's just plain useless.





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