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Animation Creator Engine (MMF Only)
Author: Keatontech! Submitted: 1st April, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 154

Edited By Pete Nattress on 02/04/2006

This engine is probably not as good as it sounds. It has an alpha channel object that you can move, resize, and change the transparency of. You can also select the image from a PNG file. You can change the size, position, and transparency, then click the add button. This will add a frame. There is no motion tween, saving and loading, imbedding the image in the EXE file, or anything like that. I was gonna make a fully fledged animation program, but I gave up pretty soon because of all the problems I had. I decided to release what I had to TDC with a hope that somebody would finish it. I was too lazy to comment the code, hopefully you people can figure out whatever you need.


Administative Note: This download has been edited as the original version contained material which the author was not authorized to distribute.

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Posted by Keatontech! 1st April, 2006

It uses the alpha channel object, but that's not all.
Posted by Jeff - Clickteam 2nd April, 2006


COX files from the bonus pack should not be distributed.

Hmmmm I hardly stop by the DC and I find this LOL!

Posted by ThePodunkian 2nd April, 2006

Posted by alastair john jack 2nd April, 2006

nice work
Posted by Keatontech! 2nd April, 2006

Good thing I uploaded just the CCA. I probably should'a checked the licence agreement on the binus pack before distributing the cox's. Oh well, i've learned my lesson.
Posted by cybertronic 4th April, 2006

where can i get MMF?

Posted by 21st April, 2006

errrm please make it a exe
Posted by kankki 31st October, 2006

Why didn't you name the buttons :]





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