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Tennis 2008 v 1.00
Author: Foo Fighter Submitted: 8th August, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 249

Edited By Fabrizzio on 8/8/2008

Tennis 2008 Version 1.00

A modern "bat and ball" game made by me.

Future version's features:
-game vs. computer(need a bat and ball AI tutorial)
-sound theme

If you know this, please make one quick and upload it on TDC. Thank you!

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Posted by Muz 9th August, 2008

Ah, the good old cliche.
Posted by Fish20 9th August, 2008
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I died at 1 left
Posted by Cecilectomy 9th August, 2008
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i have made an ai for bat and ball games. easy intermidiate and expert which is damn near impossible to beat. ill put it in mmf and upload it open source.

btw much better than the other game, not very innovative though (a bat n ball game is a bat n ball game, theres no such thing as a modern bat n ball game unless its 3d, and has more substance). nice graphics. sounds could be better, and some music added. maybe a menu and some better fonts/HUD settings.
Posted by Foo Fighter 9th August, 2008

sure ill work more
Posted by Cecilectomy 9th August, 2008
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hmm my ai was built in Basic for a pong game i made that only used 4 directions. not 32. a computer ai would be some work. and if i made it it would be using a 360 degree ball movement because its easier to calculate. just letting you know.
Posted by Foo Fighter 9th August, 2008

add me so we can talk something. i had an idea... fabrizzio_cosmin for yahoo messenger.
Posted by Marko 9th August, 2008

You stole my sequel!!!!!!
Posted by Foo Fighter 9th August, 2008

hehe, fosho. but its made by me.
Posted by Marko 17th August, 2008

I am not arrogant enough to think this was a fangame, but boy i wish it was!





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