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F.D.A.W. Demo
Author: Foo Fighter Submitted: 11th August, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 77

F.D.A.W. Demo

Its a funny platformer game. I made this because i was bored, so started to work after i finished some things at Project Half Life.

Moving: left and right arrows

Jumping: Up arrow+left or right arrow


In the full version you will have:
-game sounds
-more levels with more difficulty
-more tasks


Fab-Games thread:
first play then comment pl0x

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Posted by Zezard 12th August, 2008

Pretty graphics and an very interesting character for consisting of so few pixels.

It was a bit awkward that he couldn't jump straight upwards, without having to push right or left. I can't see why he shouldn't be able to do that.

The turns of the sprites felt a bit quick. You might want to look at the hot spots in the two directions of their animation, and see to that it refers to the same coordinate in the sprite in both directions.

With a creative new asignment for each level, I think this can become something good. Good luck!
Posted by Foo Fighter 12th August, 2008 coocking something and i wanna put it up for GOTW poll(or to be put) . I don't want to be game of the week, but i want to see how many votes i could get.

Posted by Zezard 12th August, 2008

Don't worry about it, the admins add everything that is new for the week into the gotw poll, and they are kind of dedicated too, I would just have made a bot.
Posted by Foo Fighter 12th August, 2008

good for them.
Posted by Mr_Tom 14th August, 2008

ah but they have to exclude things like demos and 'example' type uploads dont they ?

..or at least they ought to.
Comment edited by Mr_Tom on 8/14/2008
Posted by Frank M. 24th August, 2008
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Dear Mr. Dizzle,

Please give me back 5 minutes of wasted time..







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