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Lumpy's Trip[Open Source]
Author: Foo Fighter Submitted: 14th August, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 289

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Well, it's a game that i started, but seems i cannot do some things. I give the .mfa file and the sounds that you need.

If you will modify this game, and you will get something better, put it up on TDC.

This archive includes an .exe file of the game either.

GFX made by me, excluding the sprite.

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;11499554;/fil (18.36 mb )

Posted by Hempuli 15th August, 2008

Some WadF? Knytt? No?
Posted by Foo Fighter 15th August, 2008

no...i liked i made my own graphics, exept the tree leafs...the rest are mine! and the sprite belongs to Anti-Cecil.
Posted by Zezard 15th August, 2008
Rated :

Hehe, the graphics are very pretty. I didn't like the gameplay at all though. Avoiding undefined balls that seem out of place (their graphics didn't fit the rest of the game) is boring, and it was too hard as well. The story wasn't motivating enough to play this game neither.

The game menu should not be both mouse and keyboard. As the game is played with the keyboard, you should use that only.

Lumpy appears at any time during the intro if enter is pressed (even in the air) and he will contiue walking left in the air if enter is pressed again, and the conversation isn't handled differently when Lumpy is caused to walk away. Instead of fixing this, I recommend that you make it so that enter skips the intro instead.

If Lumpy is killed by a ball, he doesn's seem to respawn...

If you want to make a game like Knytt, don't aim to make platformer. Aim to create unique and detaild environments using both graphics and sound.

"01 När trollet fann ett el piano.mp3", lol, sär-skriving.
Posted by Zezard 15th August, 2008
Rated :

Of course... there were many good things in the game too, like the graphics (as I wrote). The movemnt engine was decent, much better than the built-in one, and the effort to make an intro was a good initiative.
Posted by Cecilectomy 15th August, 2008
Rated :

haha the movement engine was mine .

i gave him an old custom platform engine i made in 5 minutes to help someone on the forums a few months back. i edited it to have a double jump (as requested) and let him use it.

the game is really pretty. i didnt even notice that the trees were animated O_O

but as zezard stated. the only thing you do is dodge undefined balls. and i could barely get past the first level.

do i sense a young sprite artist? keep it up dude
Posted by Foo Fighter 15th August, 2008

i gave credits for all
Posted by Sergiocarp 4th December, 2009

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