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A Bad Day
Author: Foo Fighter Submitted: 20th August, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 187

A Bad Day
Adventure/Action platform game. Black and white graphics.

It's about a guy(noname) that had a bad day. His wife is gone in Italy, working for a PIMP.

This guy is going at work, but something happens. Those moments are a little bit comics, because the spectre that comes in the first level comes from nowhere lol.

Then when he arrives at the factory where he is working, some things goes wrong and the walls are break down by the water that the factory is using. You gotta arrive at a computer that closes some gates that stops the water.

When he is going home, he got to go by the train. Unfortunately he doesn't got any money, so he got to stay on the train. Avoid the obstacles. Do not fall from the train.

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Posted by Ricky 22nd August, 2008

This game would be better without the distasteful language.

Also, make the logo screen skippable, I don't like starring at the name of your website for 3 seconds
Comment edited by Ricky on 8/22/2008
Posted by Foo Fighter 22nd August, 2008

yo fosho nigga
Posted by alastair john jack 22nd August, 2008

Doesn't look like a black and white game to me
Posted by Foo Fighter 22nd August, 2008

can u say black and white and blue?
Posted by AndyUK 22nd August, 2008
Rated :

Well um the gameplay is almost ruined by the fact that trying to slow down a bit makes you character turn around and run into the big black circle thing...

When I died the level didn't re appear properly so I got stuck inside things i couldn't see.

I didn't really get very far I don't think many people will have the patience.
Posted by Introversity 23rd August, 2008
Rated :

The level disappears when you die. Jumping up is glitchy because sometimes you need to make it up heights you shouldn't be able to reach. The train level was pointless and tedius. The storyline should be removed. I can't tell which walls are solid and which are not since it's all black.

I did enjoy jumping around for a few minutes, though, that's why this gets any stars at all.
Posted by Foo Fighter 23rd August, 2008

all of us are uploading things to get known, i agree this is a shit material. Dunno who gave the 2 votes, cuz i havn't voted for it lol.
Posted by Frank M. 24th August, 2008
Rated :

you can't even see the backdrops 50 percent of the time.... work on this one a bit more
Comment edited by Frank M. Minichini on 8/24/2008
Posted by markno2 24th August, 2008
Rated :

I voted for it. =D

I liked the comics and the lewd backdrops in the first level.
Posted by T!m 26th August, 2008

I couldn't even get past the first few jumps. Any time I hit the side of the platform i would just hopelessly stuck to the side only to be smashed by the oncoming... black blob...
Posted by Marko 28th August, 2008
Rated :

Why do i keep getting stuck to nothing?? What a shame i cannot play this game at all, coz this game looks as though it could be really good. I will not grade it because it isn't really a game since i cannot play it! Hope you fix it and upload a better version...
Posted by Marko 22nd September, 2008
Rated :

Okay, so i was going through some old downloaded games on my hard drive and i saw this. I gave it another go. Man he did have a fucking bad day didn't he? I liked the language; it was pointless and made me laugh!

The game is still so flawed though - invisible obstacles, getting stuck to some platforms, jumps that are a little too pin-point, the first level being the hardest, the last level being the easiest... i thnk that's it.

Loved the cut-scenes though and the platforming movements are very nice - it's fun just jumping and running. I liked the animations too and the black and white graphics seemed simple yet effective.

Make more please, but make it bug-free and lose the invisible barriers. But make more definitely!





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